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Using your outdoor storage shed as a toybox is not overly difficult either, but you will want to organize it a bit so you can make the most of the room you have, and so the kids will know where their outdoor toys properly go.
Now the first thing you’ll want to do when organizing your toy shed, is to designate various zones inside. Put pool safety equipment in locations of their own though, and make them easily reachable. Putting up shelves in your shed is another excellent way to help organize smaller items, or those toys reserved for adults or the larger children.

Nets, clubs and rackets can be organized easily by hanging them either on the wall, or from the ceiling in the corners.
Using a storage shed as an outdoor toybox though, is a wonderful way to help keep your yard clean and clutter free, and it also teaches the children from young ages to pick up after themselves.
You could separate these by child if you’d like, and put a name on each one so everyone has their own space. Arm floats and safety vests for smaller children for instance, can be hung on the wall right by the door, or put into an easily reachable container all their own.

Yard and lawn games and supplies can go on these shelves for instance, such as golf tees and balls, ping pong equipment, and badminton supplies.
Be sure not to pile things on or around the wheeled toys, otherwise someone could get hurt when trying to navigate the area.

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