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UK Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has said that Britain is a Christian country, and therefore schools have the right to teach established religions to the exclusion of atheism. The guidance states that teachers are not obligated to cover atheism during GCSE Religious Studies courses, which is not considered a core academic subject of the new English Baccalaureate qualification. There is no obligation on any school to cover the teaching of non-religious world views (or any other particular aspect of the RE curriculum) in key stage 4 specifically. Established major religions like Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Sikhism will continue to be taught. The statement comes in reply to a High Court statement supporting the stance that Morgan had unlawfully excluded atheism from curricula.
Nicky Morgan is reportedly concerned about a snowball effect that might occur if atheism is taught in Religious Studies courses, leading to the prioritizing of atheism over other religions against the wishes of parents.
According to Sky News, the court’s ruling is further supported by a two-year study by the Commission on Religion and Belief in Public Life. However, the government seems to disagree, writes the Daily Mail, and Prime Minister David Cameron emphasized in his Christmas speech that the UK is a Christian country. The new guidance is endorsed by both the Church of England and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Each year some 250,000 – 300,000 overseas students come to UK to study programes ranging from English language courses to university degrees. According to the times higher education world university rankings (2014), UK is home to seven out of the top 10 universities in Europe. Majority of universities in UK have modern infrastructure and resources which enhances the learning experience of students and help them to develop skills as per international standards.
The MB BS 5-year programe in Medicine is designed to equip you with a fundamental knowledge and understanding of medicine, and to develop the skills and attitudes you need in order to apply that knowledge in practice. With support from tutors, students are encouraged to develop an independent attitude to learning, such as making decisions about how to tackle key subjects and researching and discussing them with fellow students.

For those applicants with international qualifications, we would expect the inclusion of the core subjects of English, Maths and Sciences (to include Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Keeping in mind all the difficulties faced to achieve an MBBS in India, we provide step to step guidance in achieving these dreams with cost effective facilities given to the students who are willing to pursue their MBBS and Work abroad. We provide assistance to our candidates while we follow and pay absolute attention to MCI (Medical Council of India) guidelines so that, our candidates gets proper consultation. We provide full guidance to candidates in order to successfully obtain NOC (No objection Certificate) from MCI to apply for MBBS in abroad.
This newly-enacted policy is in opposition to a recent court ruling that excluding atheism is counterproductive to educational goals, and a two-year study that found that the UK is no longer mostly Christian. Rather it is for schools to determine how they meet their wider obligations across the key stages.
Three families, backed by the British Humanist Association, won the case, according to Steven Swinford of the Telegraph.
The commission, chaired by the former senior judge Baroness Butler-Sloss, has found that Britain is no longer a Christian country and should drop policies based on that assumption, reports Jess Staufenberg of the Independent. And the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London (imperial college) are ranked among the top 10 in the world! This approach prepares you well for life as a qualified doctor, when you will take responsibility for keeping your knowledge up-to-date through continuing professional development.
Making easy for students to take up MBBS overseas with World Health organization (WHO) recognition and Medical Council of India (MCI) approved universities.
According to its proponents, attention to atheism can be paid outside of Religious Studies courses. Religious leaders of a variety of faiths were involved and together concluded that Britain should acknowledge itself to be a multi-faith nation.
Although UK has only 1% of the world’s population, it undertakes 5% of the world’s scientific research and produces 14% of the world’s most highly cited academic papers.

Students get to participate in rigorous research programs which help them to implement their knowledge in real life and at times derive something significant out of their research. With regular grooming sessions I developed confidence and knowledge about international work culture. While studying I came across many faculties and seniors who have shared their experience of working in foreign countries with reputed hotels.
These people inspired me to think about applying for professional training in hospitality in abroad especially in USA. After few months of process I got to appear for 2-3 interviews followed by visa application.
Pintu Kumar - USA I had no pre-determined objective to travel abroad, but, after seeing some of my friends doing well in foreign countries I got inspired to try my luck. I had absolutely no idea about the formalities and process involved in visa or work applications. Though I had been interviewed several times and there was a time when I was losing hope but, they kept me motivated and finally the result was fruitful. It was a very smooth and efficient processing of my application along with detailed training being provided to me related to all possible aspects of USA J1 Internships. AMIT SAHA Being hotel management student it was always my dream to travel abroad to develop my skills upto international standards.

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