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There are business careers to suit almost any need and aptitude, and education programs to match.
Early in the search process, it is helpful to determine what you want and need from a business career. Of course, that order isn’t graven in stone; it is really just a way of relating your needs to the career’s opportunities.
Generally, companies promote to senior management employees who have proven themselves in sales or production. One can get started in sales ($30,000 – $51,000) with a high school diploma and a strong desire to sell. Ultimately, with considerable experience, the promotion-conscious employee aims to be Chief Executive Officer ($100,000 – $300,000, $150,000 to start for contract work). Because a business exists to make money, fields like sales ($30,000 – $51,000) and production ($20,000 – $35,000), which depend on measurable results, feature low starting salaries but high—and negotiable—achievement-based rewards. Some job categories, like Labor Relations Specialist ($48,000 – $79,000), are better rewarded because they involve stress. Similarly, the Occupational Health and Safety Specialist ($38,000 – $63,000, Bachelors) and the Occupational Health and Safety Technician ($38,000 – $46,000, Bachelors) enable companies to fulfil legal requirements for health and safety in all economic weather. Convention Coordinator ($29,000 – $46,000, up to $60,000 for high performance) pays little better than Billing Clerk (between $28,000 and $40,000 annually). For some employees, regular working hours and benefits are critical due to other responsibilities at home or in class. Some jobs, such as Office Machine Repair ($31,000 – $59,000, electronics background) or Meeting Planning ($45,000 – $63,000,Bachelors an asset) are well suited to juggling responsibilities through freelancing. Because the business field is so broad, the key to success is identifying the career that meets your specific needs by using your skills.
Today a B.Tech graduate has a promising career in a relatively lesser known field “Intellectual Property Rights”.
These days, virtually every second global product is protected under various sub-divisions of the law.
Such has been the increasingly important role of Intellectual property rights in today’s rapidly changing business scenario. One thing that’s very common among young entrepreneurs is the dilemma of whether to choose business or books, degree or dropout, lectures or business meetings, exams or project deadlines. While many of us feel obligated to follow the traditional path of completing higher education, the number of young dropouts-turned-successful-entrepreneurs continues to rise. Although it may seem glamorous and exciting to forgo the diploma in exchange for success on your own terms, but is it the right choice for you? Top Universities give you knowledge about starting and running a company. College also acts as a perfect place to meet like-minded people.
On the contrary, there are many who believe that Entrepreneurs don’t need a college degree to leave their mark on the world.
The report, Skills Beyond School, published earlier last week, compares the vocational training systems in 20 European countries. Almost one quarter of the European workforce have the qualifications necessary for these technical positions, with almost 75% of overall employment growth in the European Union expected to be in the “technicians and associate professionals” sector. The report also discusses the need to expand higher level vocational programs, suggesting that it would be beneficial for people with industry experience to become teachers for these programs. The report was described by Simon Field, lead researcher for vocational education at the OECD, as “one of the broadest and most systematic studies of training and education systems internationally ever undertaken”. New College Durham principal John Widdowson will be the next president of the Association of Colleges (AoC), it was announced today.
Mr Widdowson, who has been a college principal for 16 years and has served on the AoC board and Higher Education Funding Council for England (Hefce), will take over the role from Exeter College principal Richard Atkins in August.
Mr Widdowson said he wanted to help the AoC “secure a positive future” for FE, “confronting the practical issues we face and sustaining the values and vision that colleges represent”.

He added: “Whatever government is elected in May, AoC must reinforce colleges’ position as essential to the UK’s economic recovery and making education accessible to all regardless of their background.
Born into a family of mill workers and growing up in Lancashire, Mr Widdowson fell into the education world by accident after taking a job at a local college for some extra cash after graduated with a law degree from Durham University. He joined New College Durham as principal in 1998, having been vice-principal at Cambridge Regional College for 10 years.
Martin Doel (pictured right), chief executive of the AoC, said: “John brings a wealth of experience to the role of president at a time when further education is looking towards a challenging future but one in which colleges must have a central role.
Richard Atkins said: “John has many years of experience in running a college, as well as experience on the political stage, and I know he will work tirelessly to get the best deal for colleges and their students. It is true that some enterprising individuals have made a fortune in business with very little education. Consider five goals: promotion, income, stable employment, interesting work, and accommodation of family or other interests.
But a Bachelors or Associates degree in Marketing (how the market works and how to influence it) is an investment in learning the bigger picture — and in letting prospective employers know that you aspire to grow with the firm. A student with a strong mathematics background might consider being a Statistician ($50,000 – $93,000), analyzing and organizing data for businesses.
Usually, a Bachelors degree in business, administration, finances, or management is expected. However, some jobs have highly portable skill sets anchored in knowledge of the task, not the industry. Yet it increasingly requires a Masters degree and the clerk usually only needs a high school diploma. Positions that don’t usually require late hours or major stress include Office Reception ($23,000 – $36,000, high school diploma), Order Clerk ($26,000 – $41,000,high school diploma) and Posting Clerk ($24,000 – $30,000, high school diploma). The paper also revealed that recruitments at the campus have gone down by 40 percent in the year of 2012. A report in Economic Times had pointed out that almost two-thirds of the graduates from B schools are struggling to find meaningful employment.
Even after completing their post graduation with decent grades students compete with their B.Tech. Intellectual Property, as the name suggests, is rights related to the conception and conclusion or end-result of any thought of human mind and intelligence. In simple words, intellectual property rights are mechanism to grant exclusive right of certain creative ideas or business concepts to any individual or business entity. While the demand for IPR specialists is growing unfortunately the supply has been relatively stagnant. Before you apply for the job vacancy, it is important for you to know the information about Canadian University Dubai (CUD).
Just because Zuckerberg, Jobs and Gates created empires without degrees does not make a college education worthless.
By refining your ideas in college, with teachers acting as your mentors, you can avoid costly failures when you begin your start-up. Whilst you still have time to decide between starting a business or completing higher education, why not start working on the idea. During his career he has also led sector bodies such as the Further Education National Consortium and the Mixed Economy Group, a group of 44 colleges which offer higher education in an FE setting. But the right school choice speeds up the learning curve for most of us because it offers better contacts and opportunities, faster promotion and higher pay. You can also get started in production ($20,000 – $35,000) with only a high school diploma, but a degree in Applied Management or Business Leadership, for example, shows that you aim for more responsibility and the rewards that accompany it.
Generally, a business-oriented degree in the expertise area (fashion, real estate, sports, for example), would be valuable. Sometimes these jobs are recession-proof, because businesses (or government) need the function whether the economic climate is good or bad. While a majority end up spending anything between Rs 5-9 lakh on an MBA course, the starting salaries are in the range of Rs 3-4 lakh only, with Tier II B-schools managing to place only 30-40 percent of the students at just Rs 12,000-18,000 a month. Science and Engineering graduates today are largely not aware of the promising career in the fields of Intellectual Property Rights and Patents.

Bellow is the info of the company as well as the available job vacancies, we hope that this information will help and good luck on your career. Despite of the absence of a university degree the four are some of the greatest innovators. Don’t be tempted to leave your classrooms just because you see the overwhelming success of a few who diverted away from the college campus.
Degree or Dropout, think through it before you decide anything. It’s difficult to debate the benefits of real-life experience versus classroom training, but in the end, if you are determined, you will make it.
Life as an entrepreneur is very challenging, it is always a good idea to start working on the business idea as early as possible. A Bill Collector, with a high school diploma, gets about $25,000 – $38,000 per year, with limited prospect of advancement. Interpreter (up to $55,000 yearly, 2009 median $47,000) and Translator ($35,000 – $50,000 a year) for languages widely used in business are examples.
The pay structure probably reflects the fact that conventions and events are more interesting than bookkeeping, and many people choose a job they love over higher income.
Short term courses in IPR not only gives a jumpstart in your career but its 100% placement record in top MNCs associates your very first job with reputed corporate brands. About Canadian University Dubai (CUD) The Canadian University Dubai (CUD) was created in 2006 to give high quality undergraduate, graduate, continuing and corporate instruction in the UAE, and to provide a gateway for students to pursue higher education opportunities in Canada.
At times it looks like entrepreneurial success is the norm for college dropouts, but how true is that? We all know that college is the perfect place to meet smart, motivated individuals with goals and ideas, just like you. However, the position might provide a suitable applicant with the funds to finance a degree that leads to better income and advancement. CUD is situated in the center of downtown Dubai and each of our academic programs is situated on Canadian program and instruction principles. This gives pupils the chance to to get a Canadian instruction while experiencing the unique culture and worth of the United Arab Emirates. With over 100 distinct nationalities that call our University dwelling, our diverse student community is constructing bridges across cultures and continents in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.
Our aim is to transfer each person forward as a well rounded, lifelong student and a good international citizen. To attain this, emphasis is placed not only on academic accomplishment, but also on extracurricular participation. Our energetic student life provides something for everybody, from sports to concerts, and various international excursions in between. Pupils are also involved in numerous kinds of social activities, including community fundraising, team building, and networking events.
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