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With an overall score of 9.2, Pakistan higher education system ranked 50 as compared to India which ranked 24.
Pakistan has the world’s weakest higher education system while US and UK have the strongest.
Pakistan has been ranked 50, with an overall score of 9.2 by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a British ranking agency.
The United States received the top spot on the table with an overall score off 100 points, followed by the United Kingdom (98.5 points).
The QS higher education system strength rankings is divided into four categories: system strength, access, flagship institution and economic context. Varsities under this category are ranked according to the number of places available at internationally ranked universities. The ‘flagship’ category assesses the performance of the country’s leading institution within global rankings.
Taking all four categories into consideration, Pakistan has been ranked at the bottom of the table as compared to Canada 5, France 6, China 8, Saudi Arabia 36 and Turkey 39 among several other countries.
No surprises, the money meant to be spend on education and healthcare is used to buy F-16s that too on subsidy. Are you not satisfied that we’ve been listed at the bottom, despite there being India, Kazakhastan, Lebanon, Estonia and even freaking Ukrain in the list?
Do you want a separate article with Pakistan being compared to Uganda, Nairobi, Syria and Afghanistan?
Dont agree with it as I think we have good universities in Pakistan how did QS came up with the rankings ???
The priority of our current leaders is mega ‘construction’ projects where massive amounts of steel and cement are consumed and we all know who produces these ! It would be interesting if someone takes time to find out the prices at which these items are supplied to the mega projects compared to their prevailing market prices. But Pakistan has applied for NSG membership as China wants Pakistan to give shoulder to hold their guns. Nonsense, I am the product of same education system and taught in top 100 universities of world. When State provides free health, education and good income, every mother, daughter and son will stand in front of our enemy like a Iron Clad.
Atleast our erstwhile brothers can take refuge in the fact that Osama Bin Laden preferred to teach in Pakistan.
We should grab the bull by its Horns, strong economy could solve lots of Pakistani people issues, for instance education, health, employment and social security. Sir you are related to PMLN group, ( Panama leaks group ) the great Khan has done a lot for Pakistan.
Since most US public school students are poor getting poor quality education, they will not enjoy these US universities.
Why don’t we self-assess our system of education and compare the results with the report from the QS. Meet Po-Shen Loh, the professor at Carnegie Mellon University and head coach for Team USA, who paved the way for the U.S.
I was born in California, but my family moved to Madison, Wisconsin 6 months later, and I grew up there.
This is your second year leading a winning team in the International Mathematical Olympiad. The International Mathematical Olympiad is the most prestigious math contest for pre-college students in the world.
The USA won in 2016 for the second year in a row, definitively breaking a 21-year period of no wins. Rather than adding and subtracting numbers, your definition of math relates to the world around us. When I became the national coach for the USA Math Olympiad team, I decided I wanted to focus not only on the very top students, but on raising the baseline across the country (and world, as collateral damage). Expii Solve is another branch of the site, where I release a set of 5 interesting challenges each week, which I curate myself. This was inspired by my frequent travels across the country, where I would give math talks to student audiences, showing how math was interesting, fun, and very relevant. What areas of the math curriculum do you believe can be pulled out because they are no longer effective? The reason why math requires 1-to-1 is because the concepts in math are linked in long chains of pre-requisites. In classrooms, the pace must then be set so that it captures a large fraction of the student body, or else everyone will start getting lost, and then be permanently lost because they have holes in their knowledge, upon which future concepts cannot build. This does not mean, however, that if people aren’t interested in math at an early age, they will never be good at math.
Math is difficult when one tries to rote-memorize too many techniques, because then the conceptual fabric is lost.
What suggestions would you give to an 8th grader struggling to retain and remember mathematical concepts? I’d recommend trying some interesting mathematical challenges in a no-stress environment.

February 22, 2012 by W.G Support Leave a Comment Goal setting for an employee in specific work situations is very important. According to its name, this goal setting theory was developed by Professor Edwin A Locke, an American psychologist. Professor Edwin A Locke has been pioneering an analysis that can be advancing and enriching our understanding of employee motivation and achievement. Locke’s goal setting theory also describes that the goal and intention of many people who understand this is primary determinant of behavior.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Abingdon on Wednesday. The aim is to give an overall indication of each country’s standing in the global ranking tables,” the website stated. You start with the tag line of Pakistan having weakest higher education in the world when only 50 countries (almost 90% from developed world) are part of the ranking.
Why are we not asking questions about it as how they came up with this rank and how they evaluated us? If only useless people will stay in Pakistan higher education, why do you expect a good output from Higher Education system? And where is the list of ranking for Madrasah education where Pakistan will be the first in ranking? It is clear that the money is spent elsewhere because if our government begins investing the education sector then the masses will get mobilized and will become more aware of their rights hence requiring the government to be more accountable to the people who elected it.
Those who do not agree with the QS report should undertake such a study and convince the nation that Pakistan is doing better. Can you tell us about the competition and what this means to the world on an international scale?
The United States takes a distinctive approach to Math Olympiad training, in which the national-level training camp focuses not on IMO problems, but on math in general. At first, it may appear counter-intuitive, but ultimately the wins demonstrate that the long-term focus and collaborative atmosphere contribute great value. The value of math is therefore in providing the analytical framework which one can use to fully understand and believe why the truth is correct. They show a face of math which is often unseen, scaling up from approachable-but-surprising to seriously difficult. Each talk, unfortunately, only reached about a 100-person audience, and so I decided to scale up the endeavor by sharing the interesting topics over the Internet. I think that the reason why math feels overwhelming is because right now, instruction is not personalized.
I believe that most of the students on our team love math because the creative insights are really beautiful, elegant, and thrilling to come up with. Quite the contrary: it shows that from the moment one decides to pursue math, it only takes a few years to become amazing. It seems math is reinvented over and over; it was much easier to learn the way we did years ago. The most interesting math puzzles are those which actually will build creativity, spark conversation, and ultimately develop problem solving skills that confer great advantage later in life. While tackling a non-standard mathematical puzzle, learners will develop the standard skills along the way, and also pick up additional creativity. The Edwin Locke goal setting theory could be the most widely respected theory in industrial psychology. As we already aware that individual behavior can continue till it reaches the amount of the behavior of higher performance. We don’t want anything else like rest of selfish world, stupidly spending on education, health, transportation, polio, poverty eradication, manufacturing and jobs. When institutions will consider themselves important over education than this is exactly what will happen.
Maybe in the selected group of countries, it might be true but it cannot be the weaker than a lot of other African or Asian countries.
Math as my favorite subject because it was the one where if I did something wrong, I could learn the source of my error, and work towards improvement.
The questions are then of course extremely difficult, far beyond what one typically sees in high school, because they need to challenge and distinguish between the best in the world. Instructors are mostly between 20-30 years old, and are former Math Olympiad contestants from many different countries who are now studying or working in the United States, in mathematics or related disciplines. It now provides free personalized learning to anyone in the world, where it dynamically customizes an educational experience to achieve any desired learning goal. Each week, I create them by meditating on a subject of common interest (for example this week is on the Olympics), and discovering what interesting math may be embedded deeply in the fabric of reality. Cost is the major barrier, as we can only afford to have 1 teacher for every 30 students, not 1-to-1. Before you can do certain parts of algebra, you need to know how to add fractions, and so on.
With free personalized learning technology, learning can go at one’s own pace, and I predict that this will cause everyone to be able to learn far more. I think that it is never too late to take up math (even as an adult), and indeed, one of the best ways to develop mathematical interest in kids is for the parents to explore challenging math puzzles alongside them!

I think that if one tries to work on challenges, and learns from the solutions, one will soon find that math homework problems are much easier than they appeared before. I have heard that the Common Core seeks to promote conceptual understanding, which would be excellent! Nobody is grading you on the results, and they’re just for you to learn through something that makes you feel good (for yourself) when you crack a challenge.
Therefore, that employee can achieve their careers from entry level staff or team member to even a top level management position. Due to this theory can give real contribution for company for example to achieve their target and get higher revenue. In line with this theory, the performance can rely on the extent of goal issue, goal of detail, and commitment to the goal.
I always chased after challenge, and I enjoyed a domain in which I could keep setting higher challenges, and work my way toward them.
They put high school Olympiad mathematics in context with topics which will be encountered after high school.
I then share these observations by sorting the resulting challenges in order of difficulty, and posting them on Expii Solve. I think math actually has fewer concepts than, say, history, but the concepts in history are less deeply ordered. What are your thoughts about this concern, and do you have any suggestions on how to best support these ongoing changes?
Actually, many motivation theories were designed and developed to explain correlations between employee, motivation, and achievement. Two year later, He received his MA in Industrial Psychology and Experimental Psychology, and received PhD in Industrial Psychology in 1964. Basically, Locke in goal-setting theory said that specific goals can generates higher performance than more general goals. As a conclusion, Edwin Locke goal setting theory can be presented well by five steps that are Environmental Stimuli,Cognition, Evaluation, Intentions or Goal Setting and Performance.
At the moment, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, China, South Korea, Japan are among those countries which are controlling the major resources of the world because they have better management to do so. In middle school, I first encountered the MATHCOUNTS competition, which provided a pyramid of challenges leading all the way to the National Finals. The entire program also has a strongly non-competitive atmosphere, as all IMO team selection is conducted prior to the camp, and guest students from many other countries are also invited to the USA training camp, free of charge.
The first problem in each set is approachable by an advanced middle school student, but its answer often surprises adults.
For example, even if you do not know the details of World War II, you will generally not be lost when the teacher is explaining the Vietnam War. It may take longer to build up a base of mathematical concepts this way at first, but you can do this at your own pace, without having to chase after a class.
Let say, there are Abraham Maslow with his hierarchy of needs theory, Frederick Herzberg motivator hygiene theory, and of course Edwin Locke goal setting theory.
Further, in 1968 Professor Edwin A Locke begin to developed a theory, then called as goal setting theory. As well as hard to achieve goals, will also give a linear contribution to better performance. That inspired me to keep driving upward until I ultimately finished 3rd in the country in 1996.
The competition itself consisted of a total of 9 hours, during which contestants each were presented with 6 questions to work on individually.
This year, 10 out of the 44 gold medalists at IMO 2016, had been at the USA program (from USA, Singapore, and Canada), as well as a silver medalist and 3 bronze medalists. In school, students learn the formulas which are the great triumphs of historical mathematics. On that goal setting theory, Professor Edwin A Locke try to explain human actions in specific work situations.
I stayed in the competition circuit in high school, playing in the Mathematical Association of America’s Competitions, which ultimately landed a spot on the 1999 International Math Olympiad team for USA. Next year, the USA program will invite 30 international guests, creating the largest scale internationalized training program for the Math Olympiad in the world.
The goal should be to learn to appreciate why those facts are true, as opposed to memorizing them.
Every middle school or high school student in the county would benefit from the puzzles, as they share with a general audience why math matters. By understanding why, people will be better equipped to make their own creative and original new deductions, to solve the new challenges that face the future generations.
It was later in life (in college and graduate school) where I developed a fuller appreciation for mathematical theory, which brought me to my strongest interest in the subject now.

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