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Physicians classify the different kinds of hypertension based on their causes and characteristics. As its name implies, secondary hypertension arises from some other, often treatable, condition. This 14-page booklet will help patients to understand if they have normal, are at risk for, or have high blood pressure and what they can do to achieve normal blood pressure. We are pleased to offer the first order of PCNA patient education materials to all health care providers at no charge. Disclaimer: This and other PCNA educational materials are for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice or diagnose or treat health problems.
We have a range of leaflets, posters and booklets designed for use in your surgery, clinic or at health events.
Our full range of resources can be seen on an order form which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. Designed for waiting rooms and health awareness stands, this poster promotes awareness of high blood pressure as a serious problem and highlights 5 key lifestyle changes that will help to lower blood pressure and heart and stroke risk.Order this through our online shop. This small leaflet provides a quick overview of high blood pressure and its importance, together with the key lifestyle changes that people who do not currently have high blood pressure can make to avoid developing it. A pad of 50 tear-off sheets that answer the top 10 questions that people who have been newly diagnosed with high blood pressure are likely to ask. This A5 booklet gives basic information about blood pressure and living with high blood pressure. This A5 booklet gives practical tips on how to make healthy changes to eating and drinking habits to lower blood pressure.
This A5 booklet is a useful guide to the physical aspects of controlling blood pressure - from increasing daily activity to keeping to a healthy weight.Order these through our online shop.

This A5 booklet answers the most common questions people ask about their blood pressure medicines.
This poster is designed to address the African Caribbean community with basic blood pressure awareness messages. Click to download an order form allowing to order our complete range of professional resources. The following page sections include static unchanging site components such as the page banner, useful links and copyright information. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a real threat, affecting about one in three Americans. It is important to monitor your blood pressure to make certain that it does not creep into the hypertension range. Your blood pressure rises with each heartbeat and falls when your heart relaxes between beats. This booklet was written in easy-to-understand language and includes charts, checklists, and quizzes to help patients track their progress in lowering their blood pressure.
We anticipate that these recommendations will be incorporated into a new iteration of our patient education materials.
All our information is reviewed by specialists in high blood pressure to ensure that it reflects current best practice and medical understanding.
The answers reinforce key lifestyle and clinical messages to encourage people to make active changes to lower their blood pressure.
It seeks to reassure and to reinforce key messages about the medical treatment of high blood pressure.
It covers how to choose an accurate monitor, how to use the machine correctly at home and when to measure.Order these at our online shop.

Many people are genetically disposed to high blood pressure and won’t be able to prevent it from happening.
Remember to keep your blood pressure under control to prevent your risk of heart attack or stroke.
Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers—the systolic pressure (as the heart beats) over the diastolic pressure (as the heart relaxes between beats). However, for most people, changing your diet and exercising regularly can lower your risk of developing high blood pressure. Talk with your doctor about implementing lifestyle changes that will make you happier and healthier. The measurement is written one above or before the other, with the systolic number on top and the diastolic number on the bottom. You can take steps to control your blood pressure and reduce your risk of disease, however. If your doctor has prescribed medication for you, take it exactly as prescribed for as long as the doctor tells you to take it.
In fact, over 360,000 deaths occurred in 2010 with high blood pressure as the primary or contributing cause.

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