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Onion – Onion contains blood cleansing properties which are helpful in detoxifying body. Cranberry Juice – Cranberry Juice is a good source of minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium that balance the proper fluid level in the body. Garlic – Chew a couple of garlic cloves every morning or add garlic to broths, soups, stir fries and gravies. Swelling simply refers to the enlargement of a body part, which occurs when fluid accumulates in the tissues.
Swelling, also called edema or, when it is very serious, anasarca, happens in two different ways. Causes of localized swelling can include an injury to the bone or muscle, such as a twisted or sprained wrist or ankle, tendonitis, which results from small tears around the tendon, or bursitis, which is the swelling of the sac that cushions the joints. Causes of generalized swelling include eating too much salt or sodium, which causes your body to retain water.
Swelling of either sort can be caused by the fluctuation of hormones within the body, such as that experienced by women during pregnancy or before menstruation. This swelling is normal unless is occurs very suddenly in the face and hands, and then it may be a sign of preeclampsia, or high blood pressure.
In most cases, the treatment will focus upon the underlying condition that is causing the swelling in the first place. In some cases, though, swelling can be a sign of a serious problem and must be addressed immediately. In some cases, it is not possible to determine the severity or threat of the swelling without a medical evaluation.
It’s hardest on the kidsMore than half of all mothers on welfare had their first child as a teenager. Whether you choose to have sex or not, it is important to be able to talk about it with your partner. Preeclampsia after delivery otherwise known as Postpartum Preeclampsia is a medical condition that develops after the childbirth or delivery.
The task force reviewed systematically the harms and benefits of Low-dose Aspirin for the prevention of the mortality and morbidity of pre eclampsia.

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Preeclampsia is a pregnancy condition in which high blood pressure and protein in the urine develop after the 20th week (late 2nd or 3rd trimester) of pregnancy. Causes The exact cause of preeclampsia is not known. It is a condition where excess fluid gets trapped under the body tissues that causes swelling in the body and particularly it affect the ankles, hands, legs and feet. Drink lemon juice once a day for a week and a teaspoon of honey can also be added to sweeten it. Regular consumption of a cup of cranberry juice is helpful in accelerating the healing process. Try to fill ice cubes in a plastic bag with a zipper seal, wrap a light towel around the bag, and place it on to the affected area for five to ten minutes.
The anti-inflammatory properties of these seeds help reduce swelling and also improve circulation. In pregnancy, swelling occurs around the ankles, feet, hands and face due to the higher levels of blood and other fluids produced by the body during this time. Having direct conversations about sex can be difficult or embarrassing, but if you are confident about your facts and able to express openly how you feel it should be easier.
Unplanned teenage pregnancies can lead to higher high school dropout rates, higher rates of single parenthood, and lowering scores in math and reading. Medical scientists believe part of the disease process must have started during the pregnancy, but produced no signs or symptoms, until after the delivery of the baby.
Sip 2-3 cups of solution of boiled water containing mixture of raw onions and bit of salt every day until feel relieved. Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of coriander seeds in a water and boil it, try to drink the solution 2 times a day. Swelling in pregnancy happens due to high temperatures in the summertime, standing for long periods of time, long periods of activity with no rest, too little potassium in the diet, or too much caffeine or sodium in the blood. Prenatal care screens for medical problems in both mother and baby, monitors the baby's growth, and deals quickly with any complications that arise. Stopping teenage pregnancy requires a hands-on connection between parents and children, a good educational foundation, and unbiased resources.

Weirdly enough, almost 50% of teens have never thought about how a pregnancy would affect their lives even though having a baby could be one of the most life-changing things to happen to them. It may be helpful to talk these decisions over with a close friend, parent, doctor, or other trusted adult before you talk to your partner.
When you are clear about your own feelings, it will be easier to communicate them to someone else. This is a dangerous medical condition that combines high blood pressure with excess protein in the urine, swelling of a mother's hands and face, and organ damage. Tests to monitor the baby's well-being include pregnancy ultrasound, non-stress test, and a biophysical profile. You may receive different treatments to help trigger labor, or you may need a c-section. If your baby is not fully developed and you have mild preeclampsia, the disease can often be managed at home until your baby has a good chance of surviving after delivery. The further along you are in the pregnancy before you deliver, the better it is for your baby. The severity of the preeclampsia.
However, sometimes the high blood pressure will get worse in the first several days after delivery. A woman with a history of preeclampsia is at risk for the condition again during future pregnancies. The infant's risk of death depends on the severity of the preeclampsia and how prematurely the baby is born. Possible Complications Preeclampsia can develop into eclampsia if the mother has seizures. This allows the health care provider to find and treat conditions such as preeclampsia early. Proper prenatal care is essential. At each pregnancy checkup, yor health care provider will check your weight, blood pressure, and urine (through a urine dipstick test) to screen you for preeclampsia. As with any pregnancy, a good prenatal diet full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and the basic food groups is important. Cutting back on processed foods, refined sugars, and cutting out caffeine, alcohol, and any medication not prescribed by a doctor is essential.

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