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Hebe pinguifolia - Cultivation NotesThis compact low spreading Hebe is suited to alpine or front of border planting in a well drained soil in full sun.
Cordyline australis - Cultivation NotesPlant in spring in any fertile moist yet well drained soil.
Heuchera - Cultivation NotesThis low growing flowering perennial is ideal for planting in half sun, but will tolerate full sun or dappled shade. Strengths of Juniperus squamata:Sun loving drought tolerant plantSpiney growth can deter unwanted visitors!

Hebe x franciscana - Cultivation NotesThis variegated Hebe is an attractive and versatile shrub that tolerates a variety of soils just as long as they are not to wet.
This an attractive and versatile shrub that will tolerate a variety of soils just as long as it is well drained. Fork in plenty of compost on planting and occasionally mulch and plant in groups to create swathes of colourful ground cover. Don't be put off by the ubiquity of these no fuss shrubs; the reason gardeners like Hebes is because they are reliable and they look great.

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