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It’s funny (and tragic) how it sometimes takes national bodies to draw attention to local institutions, but I found that this was the case with The Lingnan (10582 104 Street). Food Network Canada chose the family behind The Lingnan to feature on their upcoming season of Family Restaurant, to begin airing January 2009.
The Lingnan, while offering nothing out of the ordinary in terms of solid Western Chinese dishes, does so in a clean environment and efficient manner.
Now that I see they have a custom brew from Alley Kat, I might just have to make a point of actually having a meal in the restaurant.
After we went back to the Legislature and then to West Edmonton Mall (no, it was only one visit to WEM, I am narrating things slightly out of sequence), some of Trinh’s friends were having dinner and they were very gracious to let me join them.
This time, we ended up sharing a scoop of sorbet and tofulati, a gelato made with soy milk rather than, well, regular milk.
Finally, for the rest of the afternoon, we decided to take a small road trip… But, by mistake, we went the wrong way!
Scott Parker, the restaurant’s Pastry Chef, has an affinity for great desserts that have stood the test of time.
Below are the options we were given for our three-course meals, along with my selections and a brief overview. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Granted, I might not be the best person to qualify Chinese food, given I wasn’t raised in China. Moving to the vegetables (hey, you have to have some!), this is a case of a vegetable that I know its Chinese name but I do not know its English name. Kijiji Alerts are an email notification service where Kijiji users can have the newest Ads sent to your email address. I saw the article in the Journal earlier this year, and noting the connection between the restaurant and Chicken for Lunch (Amy’s sons run the joint), convinced Mack to join me there for dinner on a random weekday. The upstanding sign atop the building, eye-catching even two streets away, draws one’s attention to an area where a Chinese restaurant is a little unexpected, situated across from a dated business facility and behind an emergency response team office. I found it pleasing enough – a decent beef-to-batter ratio and a tangy sauce that was slightly spicy. It contains a lot of pictures and, as a result, I have broken it in part 1 and this part 2). But, what surprised me was that I myself chose to accept some really unusual drinks mixed (like the one seen at the beginning of the post). Afterwards, I did a solo walk through around the Old Strathcona area, specifically Whyte Avenue.
In the end, we semi-randomly used a backup plan, which ended up being the Devonian Botanical Garden.

I will have to admit I had almost no expectations but, in the end, I was really glad I went.
Without it, I might have ended spending three days in West Edmonton Mall and ended up having that not-so-high opinion of your city.
As a promotion for their new Tieless Tuesday events, which include an evening of jazz and half-price bottles of wine, the restaurant offered our group of bloggers a complimentary three-course meal. The spiced scallops were my favourite and, as YEGFoodie pointed out, there were a number of unique textures combined in this dish. The lamb was cooked perfectly and had a nice flavour on its own, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the herb and mustard crust. The service was attentive, the Samurai Caesars (made with sake) were fabulous, and the company was top notch.
Worth checking out, if only for a great atmosphere, soothing jazz, and a half-price bottle of wine. Aside from food blogging, Cheryl is also a Marketing and Communications Manager, the Editor in Chief of The Pulp magazine, and an avid cosplayer.
Even worst was the fact we were in a Szechuan restaurant (as the name suggest) rather than a Cantonese one. It is pretty obvious it has seen better days but, if you have read this blog long enough, visuals is not among my priorities. Now, it still had some minor details here and there and while comparison to a lot of (fancier?) Chinese restaurants in Richmond, BC, would be an unfair one, at the same time, for food only perspective, it can hold ground of its own. Once through the (slightly shady looking) door, we were greeted by a cool, lush interior that we could not have predicted from the outside.
The chow mein was fine as well, with a reasonable quantity of shrimp included, and enough fried, crispy noodles to quash my craving. Not worth a drive out, but if you’re in the area and are craving Western interpretations of Chinese food, go for it.
The person cooking (“L”) is a food blogger who drove from Calgary to cook the dinner! Well, take some lettuce, put some of this pancake mixture, wrap it with some herbs and dip in a fish sauce mix (in this case, Trinh suggested some chili sauce). If I were to compare it to the one we had in City Temple of Shanghai, I would have to say these are different beast but with the additional note that I prefer the one here over CToS. All rights reserved.Google, Google Play, YouTube and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc. Everything from the mirrored walls to the paneled ceiling was beautiful, even if slightly over-the-top. I guess I needed some instruction on reading the menu as it was exactly what I had in mind.

Mack didn’t like the soggy noodles in the centre of the dish, but I love the textural contrast and their sauce-laden goodness. While it is no Robson Street or Gastown or Yaletown (drawing some comparison to Vancouver), I thought it had some character of it’s own.
After seeing how this was prepared, eaten and how much I liked it, I am really tempted to prepare some myself.
As for my wildcard in the visit to a Szechuan restaurant… According to my mom, she grew up not far from the Szechuan region and, as a result, if she wanted to, she can really crank up the heat. The high ceiling and open dining room made the space seem larger than it actually was, and afforded diners (amounting to about ten tables by the end of the evening) a sense of privacy. While initially I didn’t have any expectations as to what to eat or where to eat, this time, I made a selfish request: Can we try a Chinese restaurant? Alas, I couldn’t really see what they ordered but what I did notice was that they enjoyed their food. On the other side, the broth wasn’t as thick and, the interesting note, was that, rather than having a peanut taste (as in CToS), it had a sesame-y taste.
So, if you are watching your daily calorie consumption, this dish is definitely NOT for you.
In fact, if it wasn’t because I was quite full by then, I might have had fought with K on the remaining pieces! Although the restaurant is very obviously geared towards Western sensibilities (much like Blue Willow), I didn’t mind it because of their earnest, well-intentioned approach.
But, there was a really good reason for me to go to Whyte: it is where Furusato is located and the place were I was going to meet no other than Chris of Eating is a Hard Part and Sarah of Shinning Happy Photos! At that point, it made me think… Does authenticity matter, when you see a person smiling, enjoying the food and having fun with their dining companions?
I have met Chris on-line for quite some time already with both of us commenting in each other blogs. After drinking some of the broth, I had no option but to go to the washroom to wipe off some sweat!
In a funny way, I told him that, next time he is in Vancouver, I would invite him to a sushi place of his choice (in his case, Shiro).
One part that might throw people off, partially because they expect it, was the absence of minced meat. The one part I feel guilty about was that Chris ended up paying for the bill… So, Chris, when you come to Vancouver, I promise I will more than make up for that one!

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