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Bear Grylls tools and Survival Kits come with a good reputation and ideal for those of you who will be needing these tools for camping or going away with the scouts etc. DescriptionWG0702: Deluxe Survival KitUltimate Survival The Deluxe Survival Kit contains some of the world's finest outdoor tools.
ComponentsBlastMatch Fire Starter (Black): Simply put it is the world's finest one-handed fire starter! Due to this manufacturer's corporate policy we are unable to ship this product internationally.

We have the item in our warehouse and will ship it out immediately or within 1 business day. The Bear Grylls survival tools are all well priced and are useful tools to have as you never know what you are going to come across in the outdoors. On day 30 we will charge 50% of the remaining balance, followed by the final payment on day 60.
Whatever you do outside, these premier recreational, safety and survival tools can simplify your life every day, and can help save your life on the worst days.

Sometimes we get it the very next day, but typically it will ship out within 5-7 business days..
You can hear JetScream's amazing 122Db ear-piercing shriek, above most natural or man-made noises.

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