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Ornamental Garden: Stone walls replaced original railroad tie structures, with a grass path and stone stairs. The side yard plantings are designed to blend the beautiful natural landscape replete with native hardwoods and natural ferns, and to minimize lawn wherever possible. Sand tends to have large particles and the particles are solid and have no pockets where water and nutrients can hold to it. The best sandy soil amendments are ones that increase the ability of the sandy soil to retain water and increase the nutrients in the soil as well.
Soil amendment can be as simple as mixing in leaf litter or it can be as complicated as running drainage pipes. In most cases, the need for amending soil arises from having poor, compacted soil or nutrient deficient soil. Dense, hard soil may be the result of construction or simply little ones running across it constantly in play. Loosen the soil to a depth of at least 12 inches for most plants and up to 2 feet for trees and larger specimens. Garden soil preparation with these items works best if they are dug into the soil to a depth of 6 to 12 inches. Acid and alkaline soils can be amended with lime to sweeten the soil and sulfur to increase the acidity.
If you are starting a vegetable garden, or even if you have an established vegetable garden, you may wonder what is the best soil for growing vegetables. Some soil requirements for vegetable plants are the same, while others differ depending on the type of vegetable. We recommend before preparing soil for vegetables that you have your soil tested at your local extension service to see if there is something your soil is lacking in from the lists below.
Organic material – All vegetables need a healthy amount of organic material in the soil they grow in. Organic material can come from either a compost or well rotted manure, or even a combination of both.
Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium – When it comes to soil preparation for vegetable garden, these three nutrients are the basic nutrients that all plants need.
Trace nutrients – Vegetables also need a wide variety of trace minerals and nutrients to grow well.
While exact pH requirements for vegetables vary somewhat, in general, the soil in a vegetable garden should fall somewhere be 6 and 7.

Sandy is one of the sweetest women I know, and she's a copywriter for the Taunton Press, the company that publishes Fine Gardening. This area was rubble from the house building and lots of stone, probably from the backside of the glacier, and some natural ferns. Water runs out of sandy soil quickly and it can be hard for sandy soil to retain the nutrients that plants need to thrive. It has a gritty texture and when a handful of sandy soil is squeezed in your hand, it will easily fall apart when you open your hand again. Because of this, water and nutrients tend to run out, and because sandy soil lacks both water and nutrients, many plants have a difficult time surviving in this kind of soil.
Amending sandy soil with well rotted manure or compost (including grass clippings, humus and leaf mold) will help to improve the soil the fastest. While compost and manure are the best way to amend sandy soil, they contain high levels of salt that can stay in the soil and damage growing plants if the salt level builds up too high. Unless you drew the lucky card and have a garden full of black gold, you will need to know how to improve soil.
Organic matter is the best soil amendment because it breaks down naturally to release nutrients for plant uptake. Things like the right amendments and the right soil pH for vegetables can help your vegetable garden grow better. They are also known together as N-P-K and are the numbers you see on a bag of fertilizer (e.g. If your vegetable garden soil tests significantly above that, you will need to lower the pH of the soil. Sandy's been telling me about her garden for years, and she's a fan of the GPOD, so I finally convinced her to bring in some photos to share! Sandy soil amendments can help improve sandy soil so that you can grow a wider variety of plants in your garden.
You can also add vermiculite or peat as sandy soil amendments, but these amendments will only add to the soil’s ability to hold onto water and will not add much nutrient value to the sandy soil.
If your sandy soil is already high in salt, such as in a seaside garden, be sure to use plant only based compost or sphagnum peat, as these amendments have the lowest salt levels. Improving garden soil is an ongoing process as the plants leach nutrients, leaving the soil inadequate for their needs. Compact or hard soils are actually great for starting a lawn, as long as you add a little sandy topsoil if starting from seed.

If you have very deep, hard areas, you may have to rent equipment to dig it up and loosen it. Once the soil is loose, you may need to add several inches of compost or fine bark to keep it loose and workable. Cover crops provide “green manure” to work into soil in spring for an extra shot of nitrogen and increased soil percolation. If the soil in your vegetable garden tests significantly lower than 6, you will need to raise the pH of your vegetable garden soil. Whether your soil is nutrient deficient, compacted, heavy clay or any other issue, here’s a little soil amendment info to get you started. Plants like fruits and vegetables, however, need loose, nutrient rich soil with plenty of organic amendments added every year. Secondly, organic material “softens” soil and makes it so that the roots can more easily spread through the soil.
While organic material does provide these nutrients, you may have to adjust them individually depending on your individual soil. In the late 1990s we decided to build on a part of that land we had enjoyed walking through with dogs and family.
There is no rule on the best soil for gardens, but there are some basic guidelines and some easy fixes. Organic material also acts like small sponges in the soil and allows the soil in your vegetable to retain water.
It was important to us to preserve the natural beauty of the land and not turn it into a typical suburban lawn-centered landscape. All else is geared to transition into the natural landscape with hardwoods, including beeches, lots of native ferns, and rugged stone outcroppings." Gorgeous, Sandy!
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