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Home > Backyard Projects > DIY Garden ProjectsDIY Garden ProjectsFrom cute containers to compost bins, these garden art projects and practical DIYs will enhance any backyard.
An old bowling pin can metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly with this striking pair of wings made from plywood.
Repurpose old license plates, a chair leg and some old keys into funky DIY garden art for your backyard.
Let your imagination take off with this DIY yard art project that turns copper wire and beads into cute critters for your garden.
This wreath project uses copper tubing and a DIY papier-mache bird to create a new decoration for your front door. Time-strapped gardeners can complete these quick and easy garden ideas before the sun goes down. Use slices cut from a fallen limb or tree trunk to create DIY garden signs or plant markers.
This surprisingly easy garden project combines stacked garden planters with a solar-powered DIY fountain.
Learn how to decorate flower pots to suit any style with this surprisingly easy garden craft project. Every picnic can be on a carpet of cool green grass when you grow your own with this DIY picnic table project! Recycled crafts are all the rage, and our DIY rain chain project using old spoons is practical and fun! Use a ready-made peat moss wreath or make your own to create this living DIY herb garden crafts project.
This garden craft idea dresses up a plain window box with scalloped lead sheeting for a rustic look. Add clay pots to a wooden garden trellis, and you can switch out the plants to suit the seasons!
This garden craft creates DIY plant markers using clay and letter stamps that are perfect for seed starting time. Recycle an old bowling ball into a ladybug (or three!) with a little paint and a few supplies. The good news is that many policymakers, urban planners and homeowners are beginning to agree.
For the bird survey, dozens of researchers have spent the past eight summers monitoring avian abundance and diversity at 132 census points scattered around the metro area. Because native insects did not evolve with nonnative plants, most lack the ability to overcome the plants’ chemical defenses so cannot eat them. In a large, multiyear study published in Ecosphere, Tallamy and several colleagues compared the number of caterpillars found in Delaware and Pennsylvania gardens dominated by native plants with the number found in gardens containing more nonnatives. Another study, published in Conservation Biology, demonstrates the connection between native plants, caterpillars and birds.
Help us reach our goal of supplying 75,000 trees to National Wildlife Week planting events across the country. Dove Cottage Nursery and Garden in West Yorkshire. The cottage garden at Dove Cottage has been featured in several magazines and on Gardeners’ World in 2006 and occassionally opens as part of the NGS. Autumn leaves are very evocative in their colours - they look warm when it's actually getting cold.
The leaves of this Sorbus tree in the garden behind the garage take their time in fall to change colour. Initially this Maple tree was in trouble - these trees are known to dislike wind, and the Dog-Path Garden was typically windy. An autumn leaf fell in my driveway and caught my eye - what beautiful sunny colours it has!
Look at the intricate detail and absolute symmetry of this Autumn oak tree leaf, with green flax leaves in the background.
In early Autumn the Scarlet Oak trees in the Moosey Garden turn brilliant shades of red - as their name would suggest! In early Autimn the leaves of the Cercis Forest Pansy turn the most beautiful shades of red tinged with orange. FEW BIOLOGISTS KNOW as much about sperm whale social behavior as Shane Gero, a doctoral candidate in biology at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

Seeking that meaning lies behind both Cole and Gero’s work with whales, as the images show and as Gero reveals in this interview. Both genders are sexually mature in their early teens, which is when many males leave their natal social unit. Sperm whales use echolocation to find their way around the dark depths of the ocean, just as bats do in the darkness of night. Gero: Whaling, which continued until the 1980s, reduced the worldwide population of sperm whales to about a third or a quarter of what it once was. For more than 40 years, Sharon McGukin (Mac-Goo-kin) AIFD, AAF, PFCI has been teaching others to ‘celebrate life with flowers’. Sharon is available for interviews, book signings and hands-on floral design presentations. Sign up to learn about the latest floral design inspirations, product news and promotions and how-to floral tips and videos with IDEA Mail from OASIS Floral Products. Reuse odds and ends (you may already have around the house) with these recycled garden ideas! This DIY Squirrel Feeder provides an unusually clear view of the squirrels that frequent it, because the bold critters actually climb inside the feed jar to eat! This space saving gardening project will have you growing a vertical herb garden in no time! Learn how to make a mini garden just for them, a garden craft sure to delight the young and young at heart! Like conservationists, many biologists have treated cities and suburbs as lost causes unworthy of their attention.
Depending on how closely related exotics were to natives, the researchers discovered a 50 to 75 percent decrease in caterpillar abundance and diversity in the nonnative plots. For the past 13 years, he has run the Smithsonian’s Neighborhood Nestwatch program, a citizen-science project with more than 250 families helping researchers band and track the life spans and reproductive success of eight common backyard birds, including northern cardinals, gray catbirds, American robins and house wrens.
To mark the milestone, the Federation will be ramping up the program in an effort to expand the number and diversity of participants in the nation’s cities and suburbs.
Planted with unusual perennials and flowering grasses, it has a natural and romantic feel to it and is at its flowering best during August. But now I'm glad to say that the shelter trees have grown well, and two bright red Maples in this garden are thriving.
He and Dalhousie research professor Hal Whitehead, who has studied whales for more than 30 years, initiated an ongoing study of sperm whales off the Caribbean island of Dominica in 2005. Following are his responses, accompanied by images of the whales made by Brandon Cole, a Washington-based underwater photographer who spent four weeks in the Caribbean with the massive animals. Males spend the next 15 years wandering, generally moving to colder and colder waters; they range from pole to pole.
These animals range from Grenada to Guadeloupe and likely much farther, so the population covers much of the eastern Caribbean.
We have identified more than 20 sperm whale families off Dominica, with an average size of seven individuals—half the size of social units in the Pacific.
When communicating with each other, they use codas—short patterns of clicks that sound roughly like Morse code. Their echolocation clicks, which are as loud as a jet engine, are used for navigation and for finding prey.
An entertaining and informative speaker, Sharon is known nationally for her floral expertise, southern charm and energetic connection with audiences.
She is the author of ‘Flowers of the Heart: a Bride’s Guide to Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding’ and is currently working on a second one. Upon request, Sharon often contributes articles or design tips for industry and lifestyle magazines, national newspapers or blogs. They enjoy a busy life filled with grandbabies, grandpuppies, gardening, and large, noisy southern meal time gatherings of family and friends.
If you're craving extra space at home and have the ability and budget to extend out into your garden, go for it!
After wintering thousands of miles south in Mexico or Central America, Baltimore orioles will soon show up in parks and backyards not only in Baltimore but across the eastern and central part of the country, where they breed and rear their young during summer.
Part of a larger NSF-sponsored project called the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES), the Baltimore bird survey is a notable exception.

So far, they have recorded 80 species that regularly reproduce in Baltimore (including the red-bellied woodpecker, above)—more than half the breeding bird species found within the region. Birds such as chickadees and warblers rely specifically on caterpillars for 90 percent of their diet during the breeding season.
The native-plant properties nurtured more individual birds as well as more species, including eight times more species of regional conservation concern.
Since then, using photographs of tails, the Dominica Sperm Whale Project has identified more than 400 whales, creating an unprecedented opportunity to study the animals at the individual level.
It seems that most don’t start making fluke-up dives [lifting their tails out of the water, the sign of a long foraging dive] until at least 3, but some calves we have followed still rarely lift their tails when they are 7 years old. They do form loose bachelor groups, but little is known about why these form or what role they serve. Sperm whale social units have different repertoires or dialects, showing different usage patterns of specific codas. Having started her career as a small town florist, Sharon’s floral adventures have taken her around the world.
A stunning outdoor room can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, providing a tranquil bolt hole from day-to-day life. Much of the blunt head, which can account for a third of body length, is filled with a waxy, oily substance called spermaceti, once used for machine lubrication and for fueling lamps.
An adult female sperm whale will spend over 60 percent of her life feeding in the deep ocean. Sometime around his 30th birthday a male will start making trips to warmer waters, where he’ll rove between units of females to breed. In the Caribbean, we commonly hear the 1+1+3 coda [click-pause-click-pause-click-click-click], but it has never been recorded outside the Caribbean. We think the first few clicks whales make after diving are used to pick up the bottom.
While harpooning sperm whales has largely stopped, humans still pose major threats to all whales.
From consulting in Asia for the home decor industry and presenting flower demonstrations or tracking floral trends across the US, Canada, and Europe, to decorating floats at the Rose Bowl Parade and designing flowers in the White House. It also has the potential to add value to your property.Our guide on how to choose the ideal garden room or garden office, showcases a variety of beautiful spaces that will inspire you, and with the help of a designer, you'll be able to create your dream garden room, complete with a streamlined layout perfectly suited to your space and everyday living needs.Do you dream of owning an ultra-modern glass box conservatory bathed in natural light with panoramic garden views?
The species was hunted for centuries for this oil and was especially beleaguered from the end of World War II until 1986, when an International Whaling Commission treaty virtually stopped commercial sperm whale hunting.
On average, she will spend only about 10 to 15 minutes of every hour in the part of the ocean that sunlight touches. Using hydrophones [underwater microphones], we can hear whales from the surface more than 3 miles away. Chemicals and heavy metals are found in whale tissues from around the world, including those as far away as Antarctica, and whales can become entangled in fishing gear, including longlines and gill nets.
Ocean noise, produced by our use of the oceans, is increasingly being seen as a major threat to cetaceans around the world. They'll also complement a rustic decorating scheme as they're made from tightly-woven pine reeds.
When it comes to furnishing your outdoor room, really consider the look you want to achieve. Rattan and wooden conservatory furniture, and floral-print textiles create an informal feel, which is perfectly suited to country-style garden rooms. In a contemporary glass box conservatory, minimal furniture such as a simple hi-gloss dining set, is best, and lets the garden view beyond be the main focus.Classic conservatoryAn extra room looking on to the garden is a traditional choice for many country homes.
Hardwood will last for years with little more maintenance than repainting.Bespoke hardwood conservatoryVale Garden HousesLooking for more ways to transform your garden?

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