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Sow seed of annuals in situ, seed of tender succulents when ripe, and seed of hardy perennials when ripe or in spring. Breaking through the usual glass and the  metal designs, you can plant these tamed shrubs in a pattern. Ever so easy to tame and sculpt, boxwood can be bent into the  arches to help you redefine your personal style. This innovative will touch to your wild rose garden or to your medley of colourful flowers will make you look like an artist.
This easily retained design will help you distinguish or separate the path way from the garden. This design is a combination of a boxwood hedge which acts as a pathway leading you to the pond and the backdoor.

Succulents in a symphony of colors, shapes, sizes and textures make this a stunning landscape design near a pool or any outdoor space that can sustain succulents.
If located in a spot where it gets full sun, the ordinarily green Aloe cameronii will turn this lovely shade of cranberry red.
This pattern retains the contemporary look, and also lets you experiment more as you can sculpt. The linear short hedges are easy to trim and add on to the minimalistic touch of your setup of garden. You're more likely to find residential swimming pools in arid and warm-weather areas like Arizona, California, Florida and regions that enjoy Mediterranean-style climates. Boxwood is also called as Box (Britain and countries where native language is English) or Boxwood (North America).

The frames add symmetry and the triangle shaped sculpts out of the boxwood add more variety to the routine box shaped patterns. Succulents are perfect for areas that experience low rainfall or drought, as they have low irrigation requirements.That show-stopping red succulent in the center, foreground, is Aloe cameronii. These are shrubs that exhibit a growth pattern that is slower than other plants and are easy to maintain.

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