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Aside from our beloved plastic playhouse, our small suburban garden is full of natural loose parts and I’m constantly looking for ways to develop it into an inspiring, open-ended, natural play area. Tree stumps are useful for walking on, turning into seating for impromptu fairy tea parties, using as a base for bridges or tables. We live near a children’s museum with a large-scale spiral tree stump path that will entertain my kids for hours.
Ever since I first discovered this neighborhood treasure, I’ve been on the hunt for some tree stumps of our own. I asked them if they would be so kind as to share a few pieces with my stump-loving kids, and they said yes. I got these beauties home and my kids wanted to play with them right away (notice the tap shoes — ha! I think I have a good spot for them now, in the dirt and under a tree, and I’ll share more of our natural play scape ideas as it comes together. We had a neighbor cut down a tree a couple weeks ago and I stared at them from our window for a good 30 minutes before working up the courage to go ask for some of the stumps! Hi Michelle, We still have them (in fact, I was walking on them just this afternoon), but they don’t look as pristine as they did when we first got them.

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A natural playground is an outdoor play area that’s landscaped with materials such as logs, dirt, grassy hills, sand, natural bridges, and streams instead of plastic playground equipment.
The stumps are of various heights that challenge children to climb, crawl, skip, walk, and jump.
It does look like a cool product and maybe a good way to keep our stumps healthy and rot-free.
When they bump up against each other, as they move in opposite directions, they have to negotiate the space and make concessions. We don’t own a chain saw, our trees never get trimmed, and I had no idea where I could find these beauties. I was on the lookout for tree trimmers, and lucked out that my trunk was empty and these guys were generous with their time and muscles. I put the stumps in our front yard until we could find a good place for them, and of course our next door neighbor friends wanted to come over and play too.
While looking for inspiration on pinterest in order to make one for my kids, I thought I shall make a post and share it with you !

I would caution you that trees can be infested with termites or other dreadful bugs and diseases, so it could pay to secure your stumps at a cost from a local lumber yard. These stumps appeared to come from a healthy tree that was getting trimmed away from a power line, but I’m no tree expert. The impact of playground design on the play behaviors of children with differing levels of physical competence. I also wanted to build a mud kitchen for my children but become overwhelmed-analysis paralysis?- when looking at all the beautifully-designed kitchens. Reply Pingback: Go Adventure Mom Beat the heat - Go Adventure Mom Add Comment Cancel reply Yes, add me to your mailing list.

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