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The art of desert landscaping utilizes drought tolerant plants in a way that mimics or emulates a desert environment.
Some native desert landscape plants in your palette can provide a backbone for fleshing out with other drought tolerant plants such as succulents with their excellent drought smart strategies. ShowMe™ and Garden and Home bring you some of this magazine’s top notch content right here on our site.
Extremely popular are the antiques and collectables sections and the food features which concentrate on how foodies entertain at home. Zirkia Swart specialises in unusual medicinal and culinary herbs at her farm in the Magaliesberg. Mountain Herb Estate has a garden that tempts you in and then keeps you entertained for hours. When Zirkia Swart and her husband Dawid, both qualified teachers, bought this undeveloped piece of land near Hartbeespoort Dam in 2007 there was nothing on it but veld grass.
We got good results but realised it would be too expensive an operation and we didn’t have enough land.
With no formal landscape training, Zirkia creatively makes use of various garden layouts, from patchwork and wagon-wheel patterns to a herb spiral culminating in a central pergola. Large swathes of plantings fill the estate, resulting in a beautiful yet functional garden. Most herbs need to be planted in full sun or a spot that receives sunshine for at least half the day. To enhance growth, prune your herbs when the plants start to get leggy or when all the flowers are spent. Sign up for the Weekly Newsletter to receive all the new recipes, DIY projects, and tips straight to your inbox each week! Here are more Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids that you can combine with your pool noodle hurdles. You can find more ideas for frugal summer fun for kids here as we share frugal summer activities to keep the kids busy all summer!
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Ditches speed transport of water, sediment and pollution to streams and rivers, and are especially vulnerable to erosion after they’ve been scraped. Drought in California, Texas and the Southeast has highlighted how these changing patterns affect drinking water supplies, crop and livestock production, ecosystem health and the very fabric of our society. In the Northeast, we are already experiencing an increase in the magnitude and frequency of high-intensity rainfall events. While progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions moves at a snail’s pace, government officials at the federal level and in most states are recognizing the need to develop adaptation strategies to better manage water resources and increase the resiliency of communities to flood and drought. Researchers at Cornell have identified roadside ditch networks as a critical driver of these adaptation strategies. Over the past decade, I have led a research team that has documented the critical role of roadside ditches in sustainable water resource management.

This discharge increases the magnitude of peak stream heights and contributes directly to flooding in the small- to mid-sized catchments that make up the majority of each larger watershed. Gravel and rocks tumbling along ditches during storms are deposited as deltas where ditches meet streams, redirecting stream flow and causing chronic scour and erosion along the stream banks. Routing runoff from ditches into constructed wetlands slows water flow, captures sediment and recharges groundwater. Disconnect ditches from streams and reroute ditch flow through under-road drains or into constructed wetlands or infiltration basins.
Adopting these Best Management Practices (BMP) is essential for reducing erosion, improving water quality in streams and lakes, and ensuring good infiltration and groundwater recharge to maintain water tables and avoid summer dry-outs in homeowner wells. Through the Cornell Local Roads Program, our team has given presentations, distributed factsheets and posters, and engaged nearly 2,800 town highway staff and local government officials across New York State in discussions on roadside ditch management.
Private property ownership complicates management, restricting options for ditch modification that are available to highway staff.
Highway superintendents may be unwilling to use alternative management approaches that might anger the voters who elect them.
Design and installation of agricultural tile drains are often overseen by Soil and Water Conservation Districts, which work independently of local governments.
In urban areas, infiltration basins can decrease runoff from parking lots and other hardscaping. This sluggishness is somewhat surprising given that EPA Phase II Stormwater Regulations have increased the top-down pressure on smaller communities, and federal funding is increasingly available for green infrastructure projects.
Since most grants require matching funds, towns with limited budgets and skepticism about practices are unlikely to take risks and default to traditional practices.
The traditional approaches to potential flooding under high intensity events has been to shunt rainwater out of the watershed through roadside ditches, drain wetlands which would store floods, build levees along rivers to prevent rising waters from reaching floodplains, and straighten and deepen the rivers, ultimately turning them into concrete sluiceways that race fresh rain water down to the sea. A more sustainable approach is to capture this excess rainfall and store it in underground aquifers or aboveground, in ponds, wetlands, and reservoirs.
Rebecca Schneider is an associate professor in the Department of Natural Resources, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University. Garden and Home is one of South Africa’s most popular home and gardening magazines and features predominantly South African homes and gardens with classic, timeless style. Masses of pink, white and yellow echinacea jostle in the spiralling pathways while a violet cloud of Russian sage forms a backdrop to luscious orange daylilies.
The plants they sell are well-established, hardy, used to the sun and can be planted immediately.
Whether you create jumps as part of an obstacle course or create hurdles simply for the fun of it, these pool noodle hurdles provide hours of entertainment for children.
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. But there is growing recognition of the potentially more serious impacts from changes in precipitation patterns.
Meanwhile, the northern Mississippi basin has been alternating between extreme floods and droughts for the past decade. These downpours bring more flooding, soil erosion and movement of sediment that pollutes our streams and rivers.

Rapid shunting of surface runoff leads to less groundwater recharge and falling water tables.
This is especially true when highway departments routinely scrape the ditches and leave miles of bare substrate vulnerable to erosion.
Fecal coliform bacteria from manure spread on headwater farm fields, as well nutrients from manure, fertilizers, leaking septic fields and other sources can reduce the quality of downstream drinking water supply systems and sometimes force closing of swimming areas. Ditches are a mundane element of our landscape and their role in water resource management is mostly overlooked. State or federal mandates or incentives may be necessary to change these long-used practices. They also hinder adoption of other green infrastructure strategies, such as green roofs, bioswales, and rain gardens. A few studies have documented that key limitations are the paucity of data proving effectiveness of these strategies combined with a lack of guidance and training on how to construct them. Good demonstrations, more research documenting their effectiveness, and widespread training programs should help catalyze changes.
These practices will reduce flood-potential right at the headwaters while also improving future drought resilience.
Even if we quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will still need sustainable approaches to capture more rainfall in aquifers, ponds, wetlands and underground reservoirs.
With every purchase, Zirkia includes a leaflet with useful information on both growing and using the herb. No articles or images may be used without written permission.Custom Design by Pixel Me Designs. If we rethink how we manage these ditches, we can reduce flooding and pollution, recharge groundwater, and buffer our communities from the impacts of climate change. The ditches then rapidly shunt that water downstream and discharge it like a high-velocity faucet directly into streams. Headwater streams now routinely dry out as a result of the diversion of surface runoff and reduced baseflow between storms. It is equally important to identify stakeholders and overcome hurdles preventing the adoption of these practices. Fortunately, studies now show that targeting resources to “high capacity” towns with strong leadership and experience at collaborative partnerships can have strong ripple effects to neighboring communities.
Re-plumbing our watersheds can play a key role in buffering the impacts of climate change on humans and ecosystems alike. The air is filled with the buzz of thousands of bees and the scents of anise, hyssop, tarragon and thyme.

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