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I have always believed that a thriving & productive vegetable garden really starts during the previous fall when we put our gardens to bed. I start in the spring with an actual garden plan so I know what is going into my garden and where. By rotating your crops you have a better chance of protecting them from blights and diseases that tend to winter over from year to year. Also after the soil has warmed up be sure to start mulching your vegetable beds with grass clippings, shredded leaves or compost. One of the important considerations in growing successful vegetable gardens is being able to select the right location in the backyard. Several vegetable gardening tips have to be regarded before one could engage into planting. Animals (cats especially) seem to think all of the hard work you’ve put into your garden looks like a huge litter box.
I’ve looked high and low, explored the web, and have had lots of fun compiling and creating lists of stuff that I want to learn more about and share with you! This is my first year having a true garden, and so far I’m loving the time I get outside playing in the dirt and absorbing the sunshine.
Whether you like to get your hands dirty in the garden or not, it’s nice to have a few gardening tips and ideas up your sleeve. That includes cleaning all of the waste in your garden and being sure to pick up and or rake out any residual spoiled vegetables that are laying on the ground.

I also keep my plans from year to year so I can rotate my crops in the garden…this is important.
The hybrids vegetable plants that we grow at Winterberry are bred to be more vibrant, more vigorous, more productive and more disease resistant than standard varieties. So keep your garden clean, mulched, watered and well fed.
One of these is looking for the right spot where the vegetables could get plenty of sunshine in order to thrive. To keep them from pooping on your basil, strategically place a few plastic forks around your plants to deter them from destroying your fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies.
Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for your yard that I hadn’t heard of before. Especially tomatoes…because tomato blights from rotten tomatoes left in the garden will winter over and infect your new plantings for the upcoming season. It will help keep the moisture content uniform in your soil and keep your vegetables from stressing out. Being able to know what kind of vegetables to plant is also necessary since some types tend to require large spaces to grow. I thought they were all pretty clever, but then again, I’m still a rookie at this soil and seed stuff! Also be sure to keep your weeds down throughout the growing season because most veggies don’t like competition while growing.
I don’t want to win the prize for the largest squash (not there yet), but I do want a enough juicy tomatoes to last all summer long.

The latter helps in the successful growth of vegetables through the excess water it tends to drain and the warmer soil it provides, while the former contributes by reducing the weeds that weaken and kill the plants.Vegetable Garden Planning - Tips to ConsiderIn order to prevent possible problems during the growing season, vegetable garden planning has to be done prior to planting. This task generally involves proper site selection where accessibility and water availability is of prime consideration. Aside from that, crop selection and the garden layout also have to be deliberated during vegetable garden planning.
The latter takes into account the family’s general preference with consideration to how they’ll use the vegetables, while the former is focused onto deciding how large the garden area has to be. This usually involves taking a look around the location, determining shaded spots, as well as identifying the sun’s movement in order to gain optimal gardening results.Vegetable Garden Ideas - Layout DesignsSome of the basic vegetable garden ideas that help complete the area’s layout design is the incorporation of rows and blocks. Planting in straight rows normally involves placing stakes at each of the garden’s end, running a string along it for row definition, and then planning a path between every row that has been created. Blocks, on the other hand, are close rows that help gardens produce more in less area by eliminating the lanes between the rows.
The other effective vegetable garden ideas include planting in containers especially for limited green spaces.

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