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The world’s most well-known garden is described in the Old Testament as a place of perfection — one in which God is said to have placed Adam and Eve. Now, despite ongoing violence in the region, NewScientist is reporting that the “‘Garden of Eden’ has been saved.” The country’s Council of Ministers recently approved its first national park, restoring Mesopotamian marshes in Iraqi’s southern region.
The name of the new park, according to Nature of Iraq, the group that advocated for its creation, is the Central Marshes of Iraq.
This vast wetland of reed beds and waterways, home of the Ma’dan Marsh Arabs, is widely held to be the home of the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden, the paradise where Adam and Eve were created and from which they were subsequently expelled. After the Gulf war in 1991, Iraq’s president, Saddam Hussain, used dykes, sluices and diversions to cut off the country’s two major rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates. Earlier this year, The New York Times, too, reported that Bible scholars consider this land to be where the Garden of Eden once stood. Certainly, no one can be sure the area really is the Biblical home of Adam and Eve, but there is one profound fact worth noting.
Not all of the land came back to vibrancy, though, as surrounding nations like Syria, Iran and Turkey are still restricting water from the Tigris and Euphrates, NewScientist reports.
Nature Iraq also said that international agreement over water supplies will be essential to ensuring that the marsh comes fully back to life. The Eden Project in Cornwall is an ambitious project intended to educate people about man's dependence on plants.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and giveaways by email. My fingers are still tender from working on my DIY bunny rabbit topiary made from a repurposed tomato cage and floral netting!
After trying six different design approaches for the bunny topiary, I finally settled on using a tomato cage as a support. You can't beat the 2 dollar price tag and the small tomato cage frame is the perfect size to fit a 1 or 5 gallon size plant. And so, I presented my design on the Home and Family show on the Hallmark channel where I appear as the garden design expert. I love the challenge of coming up with new ideas and garden design projects every week for the show.
The bunny topiary was a challenge because it had to be easy enough for most people to do, use inexpensive materials, and be structurally viable.
I was excited when I finally thought of using a tomato cage and estatic when I put it together and it actually looked kind of cute! Buy compact varieties of these plants for small topiaries and regular growing varieties for large landscape topiaries. Check  that your inverted tomato cage fits over your plant and sits on the soil of the container. Remove your tomato cage from plant and wrap with floral netting, securing with floral wire beginning at the base of cage and work your way up.
Reuse the cut metal stakes to secure the cage to the planter by bending them in half and inserting in soil. Cristina Ferrare is a happy Foodie Gardener in her edible garden designed by Shirley Bovshow for Home & Family Show!

When I'm not eating or growing my own food, I'm busy designing gardens and producing garden TV shows! Enter your email address to subscribe to FOODIE GARDENER and receive notifications of NEW POSTS & EXCITING GIVEAWAYS by email! One of the most significant projects my design partners at Southern California Landscape and I proposed for our clients, the Grinbaum family of Calabasas, California was the complete renovation of their  pool and deck areas. Before- My clients did not like the formal style of  the pool so we came up with a design plan to modify the shape and look of it. The pool looked fine but it was not the free flowing natural style that my clients favored. The deck  felt cramped and seemed to be squeezed between the house and the hillside retaining wall behind the pool. In order to expand the deck, we were  going to have to move a mountain for the Grinbaums and with the help of some heavy machinery, we did! Homeowner, Joe Grinbaum gives me a taste of my own medicine as he photographs me photographing him in front of the newly cut hillside. Watch this short video for more great before and after photos of this extreme pool makeover! We replaced the pavers with three-inch-thick, over sized flagstones that were set in mortar and fashioned steps from them.
The flagstone deck will feature crevice plantings to encourage storm water to percolate through the soil instead of running  off into the street. We played it safe and dragged out the patio furniture that will be used on the deck to ensure generous traffic ways and room for the furniture. Design Tip: Set pavers, flagstone and brick in sand instead of a cement slab to discourage water runoff. The new flagstone deck is large enough to accommodate lounge chairs, a dining table and some beautiful pots! After- The Grinbaums now have a beautiful, "almost new" natural-style pool of their dreams! I can't wait to plant, but I have to wait for the rest of the construction to be completed. After- Soft, billowy ornamental grasses and well-behaved trees ( no aggressive roots) were planted along the perimeter of the pool to soften the edges and compliment the natural style. This question can’t be answered definitely, but it’s certainly worth exploring, especially in light of the ongoing news surrounding the first Iraqi national park. For those who believe in its literal existence, Eden has been a focus of debate, particularly surrounding where it was located.
Despite the marsh’s disappearance for years, all 278 species that were recorded on the land survived, finding the few spots that had water and sustaining themselves there. It was supposedly a picture of perfection, as it  had all that mankind would need to survive.
In the grounds outside the biomes, plants that are useful to man, particularly food crops, are grown in wonderfully attractive geometric plantings.
There are many different varieties of stone available, so look for local stone for best price and to keep the look of your landscape consistent with the surrounding area.

The above elements must be thick enough to withstand foot traffic and pressure from weather changes so that they do not crack. Grass generally does not do well planted in small strips and dries out easily from the radiant heat of the flagstone. Since I’ve been servicing Calabasas with carpet cleaning for over 15 years, I’ve gotten the chance to visit lots of amazing looking homes with extremely eccentric pools!
This unusual take on the familiar vegetable garden is just one example of the creativity and visual excitement. Anyone have an answer?Re: Christians:What Fruit Did Adam And Eve Eat Inside The Garden Of Eden? Reason being that the word 'apple' in Middle English, is used to refer to fruits and nuts in general. Just wondering if there is a source to this and I mean facts?Re: Christians:What Fruit Did Adam And Eve Eat Inside The Garden Of Eden? It was the fruit that came from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and most likely didn't have any seed in it. But I see with pain that some people still think the earth is the center of the universe and that sex is satanic. It could mean that Adam reached out for knowledge, tried to change his circumstance, experimented with the forbidden.
Remember the story of the Greek individual who stole "fire" from the gods and gave it to mankind?
The name of the fruit is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil 1 Like Re: Christians:What Fruit Did Adam And Eve Eat Inside The Garden Of Eden?
The name of the fruit is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil And they surely had choices to make. The name of the fruit is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thank you bro. I don't know why some people thinks this to be sex or in metaphor.If it was sex,i think the bible will make it clear to us.
That verses are even clear for everyone to understand as this brother had explained.Why sugesting or adding what is not written in Bible? If you say the tree of knowledge of good and evil is in metaphor and connote sex ,then what do the tree of life connotes? I think it wrong to sugest what is not writting in bible.Let take words in the bible as they are.
He slept with Eve and had a child by her before Adam got to her.However it takes revelation to see it.
Can give you further scriptures that bring this out clearlyRe: Christians:What Fruit Did Adam And Eve Eat Inside The Garden Of Eden? Can give you further scriptures that bring this out clearly Dude drop scripture jorRe: Christians:What Fruit Did Adam And Eve Eat Inside The Garden Of Eden?

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