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The ghostly legends that exist in New Brunswick, date back to the early days of Canada, when the wilds were being tamed and ships were coming with settlers. The Algonquin’s tower has been closed for years, but a light has been noticed there and also a woman dressed in white.
The Dungarvon Whooper haunts this Dungarvon River, which runs in Miramichi near the Bartholomew River. There are numerous reports of apparitional and mysterious noises inside this school on this Native reservation, as well as the area surrounding it. When this building was operating as a movie theatre a girl fell down the stairs and lost her life.
Apparitional former patients and staff members are seen by witnesses walking through the park surrounding this old hospital. This was a 16th-century ship of forty Portuguese settlers that was set on fire by a British army. There is a myth about a 16-year-old girl named Rebecca Lutes who apparently died in 1876 when the city of Moncton found her guilty for sorcery. An apparitional girl named Lily, who committed suicide in the building after finding her mother dead after coming home, wanders the halls and apartments. The paranormal activities are disembodied voices on the stairway to the second floor, an apparitional girl in the basement bathroom who apparently disappears once you look in the mirror, sounds of children laughing can be heard in the gym in the basement, a ghostly little girl and boy wandering on the first floor, disembodied voices of children and a nun screaming throughout this building. Legend has it that a female employee in the building was murdered and dragged down three flights of stairs to the basement.
Most famous of the ghosts is a wagon master who rides through town pulling a wagon seeking for workers to go on a ride with him. Passersby have reported feeling like they were being watched, while screams have been recorded on the 4th floor, which was once home to psych ward. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, doors slamming, disembodied voices, shadow figures and a general feeling of anxiety. Among the many ghosts which roam this building, the most notable are an elderly man who still sits in his room, smoking his pipe and listening to his victrola. Many male convicts were hanged at the Northwest Mounted Police outpost on this historic site in May 1923, but only one woman. When this museum was a hospital, a man lost his life in an accident inside the elevator in 1933 while being wheeled to the operating room for a routine appendectomy. Fishing is OK, spin fishing seems to produce better for some reason (I hate that I have to admit that).
There’s an old man who helps guests to their room as he tells them about the hotel and the town. The paranormal activity, reported by faculty members, starts underneath the trapdoor in the stage leading to a basement space.

It is a terrifying apparition, involving a young Irishman named Ryan who was working as a cook in a lumber camp at the time of his murder. When she was buried, they apparently threw her corpse in upside down so she would not dig herself out.
Multiple accounts have been reported by visitors about poltergeist-like activity in the bathrooms. It is said that you can see the flickering of her lantern still, after she went out into a snowstorm. People claim that a white mustang’s apparition has been seen by visitors on the shores. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, spooky footsteps, disembodied voices and glimpses of apparitions.
Paranormal activities include shadowy figures, apparitional footsteps, disembodied voices, feeling of being watched by Aboriginal specters and a general feeling of unease.
Experts have also identified the ghost of a teenage girl who has torn all of her fingernails out.
In the study area, there is an anonymous female figure usually shows up in pictures taken there, often in the middle of the bookcase. Apparitional footsteps of a man in slippers have since been heard by patrons and museum staff members walking through the halls at night.
The visitors have to leave tips at the desk because the bellhop disappears before he can take the money. Other strange occurrences are items that go missing on the fourth floor and door knobs that turn by themselves on the second floor. There are reports about powerful feelings of not being wanted, unease and of being watched. According to the tale, Ryan’s ghost makes a loud whooping and yelling noise each night in the forest at the location of his death. There are reports of a strange feeling as if they are sinking into the floor in this school’s gymnasium. A volunteer firefighter whose name was Alexander Lindsay lost his life in 1924 when the main stage fell on him while fighting a fire.
Other paranormal activities include disembodied voices and whispers, infants crying in the area that was formerly the infant and children’s facility.
Some of those witnesses who have dared to get closer have seen the ship and the actual settlers burning. In another story, two sailors cut off her head after she refused to divulge the location of a treasure. The original furnace is still in use and the sound of her head banging on the floor down three flights of stairs can be heard by patrons at night.

He has been known by visitors to develop chilly breezes, help people up the stairs, turn lights on and off, move props, play the piano and create apparitional footsteps. There is also a report about a spectral First Nations warrior who wanders the lake edge still looking for skulls left over from a major battle between two tribes long ago in this area. Other activity includes spectral footsteps are heard in the hallways, patients still cry for help from their rooms, general feeling of unease and numerous light anomalies.
Traces of tobacco smoke and drops of blood are among the many remnants of these tortured departed spirits. There’s also reports from the rest of the provincial park or strange noises and shadows. The elevator has also been known by patrons to mysteriously open when a living person walks nearby. Any young person from Blackville, or the surrounding area is likely to have been told the story, either to simply scare them or perhaps to scare them away from going deep into the dense forests that surround Blackville, for their own safety. His apparition sits in one of the seats in the auditorium and he is known for causing cool breezes to blow through this theatre.
There are also paranormal reports to the media about feelings of unease, fear, being watched and not being alone, electronic objects malfunctioning, light anomalies and mysterious mists.
Paranormal activities include cold spots and the feeling of being watched by witnesses have been reported frequently here by citizens. This haunting story holds that Sister Marie’s head was never found, resulting in her ghost forever roaming the area in search of it.
A report by from staff members echoed throughout the net states every possible sort of paranormal activity is present at this location and that there are possibly one hundred ghosts. This ghost would bang pipes and open windows, and women giving birth in one particular room, always had a difficult labour that ended in c-section.
Guests have heard a former night watchman walking up the back staircase and clanging his keys on the railing as he makes his rounds. There is an apparitional hostile male that is said by witnesses to been seen carrying a piece of rope.
Paranormal activities include objects moving by themselves, disembodied voices are heard, and apparitional men walking all over the beach looking for answers.

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