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2015 ford -150 2014 gmc sierra 1500 - car connection, Compare the 2015 ford f-150 with 2014 gmc sierra 1500, side by side. An increasing number of SUVs are switching to lighter, car-based mostly “unibody” construction with a view to obtain greater gasoline economy numbers. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. As with the widely popular BDS 4-link conversion for ’05-14 Ford Super Duty trucks, this kit converts the factory radius arm suspension to a true 4-link for increased stability, wheel travel, and improved handling across all terrains.
In addition to the 4-link conversion, the kit includes everything needed to properly lift the new 2013 Ram 3500 trucks and clear up to 37″ tires. New heavy duty tubular upper and lower control arms reposition the front axle and adjust for proper caster and pinion angles.
Lateral recentering of the front axle is taken care of by a new heavy duty adjustable track bar. In the rear a small tapered block and new black e-coated u-bolts are used to level the stance and correct rear pinion angle.
Shocker Motorsports Bakersfield, CA – Cognito Motorsports is an industry leader when it comes to the GM Suspension Systems.
Bakersfield, California – Shocker Motorsports, Do you have worn Components on your GM Heavy Duty Steering?
This Steering Upgrade Package is what you need when rebuilding your worn out or sloppy steering components. Bakersfield, California – Shocker Motorsports turned this truck around from an old work horse into a rejuvenated truck that will now handle any rough road or hunting trip adventure all while maintaining comfort and drivability going down the highway. Not only did we rebuild the complete front suspension and steering components but we installed a quality suspension system from Cognito Motorsports. In the rear we installed a 3” block kit, a pair of Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks, and an aluminum differential cover to hold more oil and look good. Shocker Motorsports can package you a suspension system that will suite you and your trucks needs. Shocker Motorsports is a complete off road shop that specializes in drivetrain and suspension systems. When Ford unveiled the new, aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150 pickup at the 2014 Detroit auto show, it touched off a firestorm of speculation and inquiry. Repair Costs: We called the local body shop that handles many of our repairs, VCR Automotive, to see what kind of cost differential exists with aluminum versus steel.
As for extreme damage to either the cab or the bed, VCR said it would probably just replace the whole of either, as welding aluminum patch panels into, say, a pickup bed’s forward bulkhead, requires a clean room to prevent contamination of the metal. Unfortunately, just as the debate on this topic has reached its frothiest, the truth is that we won’t know how it all will shake out until a few years down the line. The 2016 Dodge Ram (formerly Dodge Truck) is a CAF US LLC (formerly Chrysler Group LLC) made full-size pickup. The 2016 Dodge Ram named Truck of the Year five times by the magazine Motor Trend, 2nd era Ram won the award in 1994, the 3rd era Ram Heavy Duty won the award in 2003, the fourth generation Ram Heavy Duty won in 2010 and the current 1500 Ram has in 2013 and 2014. The Ram comes with a standard four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, side curtain airbags, and electronic stability program ESP. It received a 5-star frontal crash test rating from the NHTSA, but under later explore ways to get an overall 3-star rating. 2016 ford -150 ram 1500 ecodiesel chevy silverado, Our ford f-150 was fitted with the top-dog 3.5-liter ecoboost turbocharged v6 and was fully loaded in platinum trim.
Ford Motor Company issued three recall notices today, but top billing goes to a sensor problem linked to the sudden downshifting (to first gear!) of certain vehicles. That safety recall involves 202,000 2011-2012 Ford F-150, 2012 Expedition, Ford Mustang and Lincoln Navigator vehicles. Tagged as big suv sales, Chart Of The Day, chevrolet tahoe, Ford Expedition, Ford Motor Company, full-size SUVs, general motors, sales charts, U.S.
2014 gmc sierra 1500 slt, Compare prices, mileage, transmissions and more, side-by-side for: 2013 ford f-150 platinum, 2014 gmc sierra 1500 slt. 2016 gmc sierra 1500: compare reviews, Compare the 2016 ford f-150 and the 2016 gmc sierra 1500. The heart of the Zone Offroad 5 inch 2011-15 HD lift kit is a pair of one piece ? inch steel crossmembers combined with the CNC machined steering knuckles to create OE geometry for a quality ride. In addition to their existing lift and leveling kit options, BDS is excited to announce the release of a 4″ 4-link conversion kit to dramatically improve the ride quality and performance of late model 2013+ RAM 3500 4WD trucks equipped with factory front radius arms and rear leaf springs. The 4-link design limits caster change to less than 1-degree of change throughout wheel travel for better handling, steering control, and overall driveability. The additional height comes from a pair of specially designed progressive rate ProRide coil springs. Your choice of vehicle specific BDS-5500 hydraulic or Fox 2.0 performance gas shocks are used at all 4 corners to improve dampening performance on the late model 2013 Ram 1-Tons.

If you want to improve off-road trail performance without sacrificing on-road drivability this system is designed for you allowing you to install up to 35 inch tires. Gas vehicles utilize single rate coils for improved ride quality while the diesel trucks feature the newly released dual rate coil springs for impressive performance across all terrains. The arms feature durometer specific polyurethane bushings with greasable ends to long lasting performance.
The links utilize a stud eliminator to convert the failure prone factory stem style links to a eye-to-eye for increased strength and improved range of motion.
The kit includes BDS-5500 shocks or upgrade to Fox 2.0 gas shocks for improved dampening capabilities.
This 10-12 inch lift kit comes with front suspension brackets to relocate the IFS (Independent Front Suspension) 10 to 12 inches. Their first kit released was a system which utilized a torsion bar drop bracket to relocate the torsion bars into the correct position. 2.5 Series Piggy Back shocks, tubular uni-ball upper control arms which increases suspension travel almost 50%, CV front drive shaft, and steel braided brake lines. Shocker Motorsports uses quality replacement parts to replace the worn components on vehicles in their shop and so should you. The Pro Comp Tires and wheels really set this truck up to cruse down the highway in comfort and going off road on the trails. Project Rebuild is a testament not to give up but to see the potential in what you’re working on or driving. But Ford could decide to sell the parts at cost—or even at a loss—in order to meet its claim, or perhaps cost parity will be achieved simply due to the sheer number of pieces Ford will produce.
We called Allstate Insurance Company to find out whether it had run the numbers yet on the new F-150, but it it couldn’t yet speak to the impact of the steel-to-aluminum switch on the F-150, telling us that general data regarding aluminum repairs is thin. Aluminum F-150 replacement parts and repair costs may slightly increase from today’s figures, although the numbers—as well as insurance costs—remain nebulous.
The RAM is currently in the truck assembly Saltillo built in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and Warren Truck Assembly in Warren, Michigan, USA. Since 2014, the Dodge Ram Truck Series in the US, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and the Middle East LHD available. In Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IHS) crash tests, the Ram received a Good overall score in the frontal crash test, and the points Marginal in the side impact test, and test the strength of the roof.
In the side pole test was given a one-star rating, because of the forces of the thoracic region. This was the same year the Explorer finally cracked 400,000 units, the vast majority of them XLT trim or above, and each one carrying a healthy markup over the Rangers from which they were unashamedly derived. In fact, during my year at the dealership, I only saw two brand-new Broncos come on the lot. And now we’ve got another bounty of information about upcoming engines, transmissions and other technology for the new F-Series trucks and their full-size SUVs. Also included is a laser cut differential skid plate, differential support brackets, torsion bar brackets, sway bar links, offset rear 3 inch lift blocks, stainless steel brake lines and custom valved shocks. The heart of the system are a pair of massive frame-mounted brackets precision welded and engineered to locate the new upper and lower control arms to create the optimal suspension geometry for late model RAM trucks. These arms are finished in a durable textured black powder coating and use grease fittings for easy servicing.
The coils have been engineered and tested to improve the ride quality and performance across all terrains while holding up to the rigors that 1-ton truck owners demand.
The rear is lifted with 4 inch Deaver leaf springs and a 3 inch block kit with new u-bolts. Now ICON has available, a second style of kit that keeps the torsion bars in the factory position utilizing the ICON Vehicle Dynamics TRS System (Torsion Relocation System). Professional installation and alignment is available at Shocker Motorsports in Bakersfield, California.
They completely stripped down the old work out front suspension and steering components to start the rebuild process. Contact us, We look forward in working with you and helping you get to your next adventurer.
How insuring and repairing a truck made from the lightweight material might affect the wallets of the hundreds of thousands of annual F-150 buyers. Hartwig pointed out that the portion of most drivers’ insurance premiums devoted to collision repair is rather small, with the majority given to liability coverage.
But we suspect that the introduction of the all-aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 won’t end up being the financial apocalypse for owners that many are making it out to be. Although the transmission has nothing in common with the original TorqueFlite Chrysler building.
We live on the north side of the city and own a six-month-old 2015 Ford Expedition EL that has been outside its whole life (it doesn’t fit in the garage). The dealership has only had it a day but hasn’t been able to figure out the source of the leak.

This could be improved, especially when paying +2K for a set a headlights, the expectation should be perfection. Due to the unique factory coil mount design on the new radius arm equipped trucks, BDS has developed left and right side-specific coils to improve performance and eliminate coil bowing. Included are extended stainless steel braided brake lines and their patented pitman and idler support kit.
This heavy duty relocation bracket mounts at the front side of the torsion bar, and allows the factory torsion bar to stay tucked up under the chassis, giving you optimum ground clearance.
When Pat Gerber owner of Shocker Motorsports first looked at this truck he was amazed that it drove into the shop. To control this truck when driving on rough roads and down the highway Pat suggested that the Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks be installed.
Shocker Motorsports will be launching apparel as well as other merchandise featuring the ZAP character.
We spoke with Dent Wizard, a national paintless dent-repair company, and were told that if an aluminum panel could be repaired (and not all can be), customers are levied a 25-percent upcharge for the effort. Robert Hartwig, President and Economist at the Insurance Information Institute, and asked him to illuminate what kind of cost impact aluminum-bodied vehicles have to consumers. Given that comprehensive and collision typically makes up about a third of a premium, any increase in repair costs won’t drastically affect overall premium rates, which are affected by a multitude of other factors.
Was used for the first time, designed the name in 1981 to the Ram and after retirement and rebadging Dodge truck of the series D and the B-Series pickup trucks. It has seen much heavier rain than we had this weekend, but not a storm that lasted so long. You can only reach them via email, which is problematic if you want to have a more in depth two-way conversation.
Removal of the factory radius arm brackets is not required allow the brackets to stay intact to speed up the installation time.
Also up front, a heavy duty fabricated front track bar bracket to recenter the front axle as well as a forged drop pitman arm and black e-coated brake line relocation hardware are included to reposition all steering and brake components.
Choosing between systems can be tough but this kit will lean more toward the avid off-roader that needs the additional ground clearance while in the off road or in the back woods, to make sure they do not get hung up going over large obstacles or hill like terrain.
The Fox Shocks are custom valved by Cognito and have been proven to be a great off road shock that improves both the on and off road handling. To find out, we consulted Ford’s own parts site, queried local repair shops, and even bugged an insurance think-tank. However anecdotal, Ford has seemingly already been able to take some cost out of aluminum stuff already. It was also stated that, in cases such as this one, in which a vehicle adopts new, pricier materials, insurers need time to gather more data before determining any adjustments to collision insurance costs relative to previous models. The 2016 Dodge Ram is for the Ram hood ornament that appeared on vehicles in 1933, the Dodge Ram Truck is named by the fourth generation of the 2009 model year. When I did reach out for support, I was told it must be my truck or I did something wrong; of which neither was the case. This is all controlled by the Fox Performance shocks which have been custom valved for Cognito suspension system to ensure a great ride and handling. Upgrading some of the factory components are a must along the way like replacing the factory wimpy tie rods for the Cognito Alloy Series tie rods which will handle the larger tires and road conditions.
One could reasonably assume that there are more newer F-150s on the road, however, which would require producing more inventory, thereby lowering costs. So we’re going to have to wait for the next-generation F-150 to hit the road—and for truck owners to start hitting stuff—before we learn whether an insurance penalty exists. Standard features include a alternator 220 amp and 800 amp battery to help Start-stop system. The Shocker crew went to replace the steering gear with one of the best rebuilt boxes by Red-Head, brakes, rotors, CV axle shafts, hub assemblies, as well as the factory pitman and idler arms.
We were also told that insurance companies often try to pressure body shops into cheaper repairs, which means, if it’s possible, merely filling in the dent and then sanding and repainting the panel. The upper control arms had worn bushings and ball joints so Pat suggested that the customer replace and upgrade them with the Tubular Cognito UCA Kit which features a bolt in ball joint and poly bushings. This is a one or two man operation that builds these lights with limited support and uncertainty on how long they will be around..

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