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Most people have had the unfortunate experience of a timing belt breaking on their vehicle.
Most timing belts call for around a 60,000 mile (100,000km) change interval and water pumps commonly fail around 80,000 miles (130,000km).
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A stronger, more dynamic pony badge with defined edges and crisper forms in a subtly toned tinted-chrome finish will charge across the grilles of the V-6 and GT versions of the 2010 Mustang.
Senior Designer Rick Howard spent hours researching images of horses and understanding their appearance in natural, wild settings. Like the Mustang itself, which was revealed at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, the Mustang emblem has a proud heritage. When it does it usually costs a tow and causes expensive internal engine damage as well as loss of their vehicle for several days.
I have included an engine cutaway animation depicting what happens inside an engine while it is running. Since most of the labor to replace a water pump is the same as doing a timing belt do you feel it would be wise to replace a water pump when doing a timing belt?

For the first time, a black-chrome version of the Mustang pony badge will accent the new GT grille. That effort, along with his personal riding experience, helped bring forward the design of the Mustang pony badge. This first image is from a four cylinder engine with 2 camshafts commonly known as a dual overhead cam engine.
The Mustang logo then was refined for the Mustang II in 1974 by Charles Keresztes, a former member of Hungary’s Olympic equestrian team.
The crankshaft is the large shaft at the bottom of the engine which is connected to a piston moving up and down.
There are companies that provide timing kits consisting of the timing belt, guide pulleys and water pump usually at reduced prices compared to purchasing the pieces separately. Like the upcoming restyled Mustang, the new pony is more defined, more muscular and sure to catch the eye of Mustang enthusiasts. The cam shafts are depicted by the 2 bright green small oblong shafts at the top of the engine. Ford hat Stunden damit verbracht um Fotos von Pferden zu studieren und das Logo noch realistischer zu machen.

A failure of the water pump or any of the guide pulleys has the same result as a failed belt. The crankshaft is what delivers the power from the engine to your vehicles wheels via the drivetrain.
Should the timing belt fail the camshafts will stop turning (very rapidly) and some of the valves will be stuck in an open position occupying space where a piston is going to be. The crankshaft will NOT stop right away especially while connected to your vehicle’s wheels. The pistons will keep going up and down and they are going to lay a good smack down on those open valves and that is the expensive part.

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