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Auto shows, like NAIAS, typically showcase the latest metal in fancy displays bathed in brilliant lights and staffed with beautiful spokesmodels.
The front of the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 prior to the start of the teardown in front of an estimated audience of more than 1,000 people at the 2011 Detroit auto show. A production EcoBoost V-6 engine, serial number 448AA, was randomly selected off the assembly line at Ford’s Cleveland engine plant. The engine was then shipped to Ford's Kansas City truck plant and installed in an F-150 4X4 crew-cab pickup. The front engine cover, intake manifold and heads are removed from the engine to expose the valvetrain. From there, the truck was driven across the country to Homestead Miami Speedway, where it was hooked up to a trailer carrying two of Richard Petty’s Ford Fusion racecars, a load of 11,300 pounds, and run continuously around the track for 24 hours, averaging 82 mph and covering 1,607 miles. McCarthy said the engine’s fuel economy was so good compared with his previous V-8 engines that he was able to skip two planned fuel stops during the Baja event, which helped him win the class. After Baja, the thoroughly thrashed and raced engine was shipped back to Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Mich., and dyno-tested once again. A leakdown test was performed to measure how well the engine’s 24 intake and exhaust valves and piston rings were still able to seal the cylinders.
After the dyno, engine 448AA, which had never been opened or inspected, was shipped to the Detroit auto show where, on Saturday, it was torn down for inspection in front of a live audience of more than a thousand Ford engine enthusiasts and their families. The teardown was narrated for the audience by Jim Mazuchowski, Ford’s chief engineer for V-6 engines. The engine's four camshafts - two per cylinder bank to control intake and exhaust valve timing. As they went, the engine parts were laid out on three huge tables so that when the tear-down was complete, the engineers and the audience could take a closer look. The timing chain, which controls valve timing and synchronizes engine operation, was still within normal tolerances. We didn’t get a photo of the valves, but they had carbon deposits similar to that found (and seen in pictures) on piston combustion surfaces. Visual inspection of the cylinder heads, twin turbos, piston crowns, ring lands, rod bearings and cylinder bores by the engineers and your correspondent showed no major signs of anomalous wear after 163,000 miles of endurance testing.
Engineer Wei said each and every part would be taken back to Ford’s labs to be checked with scales, cameras, lasers, micrometers and other measuring tools to get the final details on the rich, full life of EcoBoost V-6 engine 448AA.
13% compression loss in one cylinder is not good, and there looks to be a moderate amount of carbon on those pistons. Love this test and the idea from Ford - it shows incredible confidence in their engineering department and it paid off. For the individuals that think 13% is a big problem for what this engine has seen need to get a little training in the matter. Not for arguments sake but as a point of proof, Toyota was the ONLY manufacturer to adopt SAE J2807 towing standards, and the EPA postings they print are the SAME trucks that tow 10400 pounds.
I use a block heater starting around 0 F and let the engine slowly warm up for a minumum of 5 minutes. I spent a few minutes at the show looking at the parts, they all looked pretty good for the amount of testing they've been through.
As you guys may remember running the Baja 1000 is the equivalent of 200,000 - 300,000 miles of street testing in one race!
I would much rather have the simple V8 even with less hp than all the complex and potential problems with turbos!!!!
Looks to me that Ford would warranty this even and even the others for 150,000 if they are so confident!! Ford propaganda !We all know only a Toyota product goes 8000 miles without any repairs,my 2010 Toytoa is now at 19,000 with only a bottom end knocking rod fix at Toyota ! 300 hrs at a high throttle with temperature shocks that no motor will ever see if very impressive.
And if you have to take your brand new truck in at 19,000 miles because you already have a knock is NOT a good thing, that's bad. For all you nay sayers out there, I also have a 1997 Taurus with the Duratec DOHC engine with 160,000 miles, which I bought new. Perhaps not, but this point is moot, since no other manufacturer has the balls to do such things to a brand new engine - or hell, even a current one. Sure, but what incentive did they have to produce something new when the ol' 5.4 consistently outsold everything else on the road? The only real world fact that I find hilarious is looking at all the haters that are obviously Chevy guys complaining on how the EcoBoost is too complicated and just trying to be a fake V-8. John Viera has made a name for himself as a pioneer for the green movement within the automotive industry. According to Viera, Ford’s first all-electric vehicle, the Transit Connect, is coming out in 2010. Viera remains unfazed by competition in the EV and PHEV arena from nimble start-ups like Fisker and Tesla. Ford’s vast reach means its steps toward sustainability will likely be imitated by other Detroit automakers. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The real genius of EcoBoost is not the direct injection (many other engines have this), but the turbochargers. Canadian auto sales reached record highs in 2015, a third consecutive year of record sales volume for the industry.
Pour les motorisations diesel OK, Ford pourrait se servire de moteur essence 2L de 245 a 250 ch avec boite auto 8 a 9 vitesses puisque vous avez ces produits,cela nous permettrais une economie d'essence. Pour cela, rien de plus simple, inscrivez vous sur L' et imprimer cet article dans un format optimise pour la lecture. En poursuivant votre navigation sur L', vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des contenus et services adaptes a vos centres d'interets.
If you hit your Ford F-150 or Super Duty's brake pedal and it goes to the floor, stop the vehicle and don’t drive it until you find a solution to this problem. If your brake pedal doesn't feel the same way it used to feel, it may be time to change your brake booster. If you notice a leak coming from any part of your Ford F-150 or F-250 Super Duty's brakes, here is what you need to do.

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They’re about as far as you can get from the garages that all cars and trucks will eventually require a visit to for service and maintenance.
The dual-overhead-cam power plant was shipped to dynamometer cell 36B in the Ford Dearborn engine labs and run for 300 hours to replicate the equivalent of 150,000 customer miles, including repeated temperature-shock runs when the engine was cooled to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit and then heated to 235 degrees. It was found to produce 364 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque, just one horsepower less than its rating and exactly the same output as its nominal torque rating, according to Ford. One cylinder was found to have a cautionary 13 percent air loss past the combustion chamber’s seals, while all other cylinders were acceptable with single digits of air leakage.
Powertrain engineer Phil Fabien explained the advantages of things like turbocharging, direct fuel injection and twin independent variable cam timing while engine technicians Chris Brown on the right bank and Chris Rahill on the left bank took the engine apart using a pair of air wrenches and hand tools. With age, a timing belt loses tension, and a hydraulically operated timing chain tensioner is used to compensate for slack. Maybe a little heavy one the carbon buildup, but they were also using conventional oil as opposed to synthetic. Now i REALLY wonder why they STILL aren't forthcoming with economy ratings on the truck.
As reported on this site, SAE procedures have not been finalized but Ford is ready for it regardless. Would any of you guys pump -20F Fluid into your engine after running it at WOT until it was red hot? So believe it or not this EcoBoost engine has anywhere from 370,000 to 470,000 miles on it!
Meaning that I would prefer to buy a Ford over anything else comparable unless the competition offered something vastly superior and or more proven and even then I would have a hard time not buying a Ford.
And for those of you complaining about how Ford advertises mileage for a certain axle ratio, step back and see how your favorite manufacturer advertises its mileage - you may be surprised at the asterisks and fine print you find. Ford introduced the EcoBoost at a great time - CAFE standards will soon require mileage improvements in half-tons. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post. As Ford Motor Company‘s Director of Sustainable Business Strategies, he has been building a new base for the Big Three manufacturer to flourish in a sustainable way.
The company’s EcoBoost technology, which involves direct-injecting gas into car cylinders, is being rolled out in select Ford vehicles right now.
Though Forte volume is up 40 percent, the Rio a€“ Kiaa€™s former top seller a€“ is down 28 percent, Soul sales are down 17 percent, and the Kia Sorento, Kia Canadaa€™s most popular model, lost nearly 700 sales over the three-month span.
The Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country combined to outsell the Toyota Sienna by more than three-to-one in the first quarter. The Malibu ranked sixth among midsize cars in calendar year 2015, seventh in 2014, and tenth in 2013. The Dodge Journey remains popular a€“ it wouldna€™t be in this group otherwise a€“ but Dodge is on track for the lowest-volume Journey sales year since 2009 if the current pace holds.
But ita€™s been a long time since the Equinox wasna€™t GM Canadaa€™s major utility vehicle. Toyota Camry volume is not what it once was in Canadaa€”more than 28,000 were sold in 2007; fewer than 17,000 last year.
Now, with Volkswagena€™s self-inflicted diesel wounds and their inability to legally sell Jetta TDIs in Canada, sales are falling further, faster. FCA intends to introduce an additional Wrangler variant with the new model, and that pickup will enhance the need for more capacity. Jetta, Passat, and Touareg sales, for example, are down 39 percent, 29 percent, and 47 percent, respectively.
But those 2015 results included a period in which Hyundai was still selling the older, smaller, less refined second-generation Tucson. Sales of the CX-5, which produces 36 percent of Mazda Canadaa€™s sales, are up by more than 450 units this year as Mazda also managed to modestly increase CX-9 volume and add 2,017 sales of the new CX-3, which doesna€™t appear to be slowing down the CX-5. Together, the Santa Fe Sport, XL, and Tucson are up 10 percent this year, but Hyundaia€™s cars are down six percent, prompting a modest decline for the brand overall.
Not only are two rivals outselling the Ford, but the Escape is nearly 1,400 sales back of the top-ranked Toyota RAV4. The CR-V is a very popular vehicle in Canada, as well, but outselling the Ford Escape over the course of a full calendar year has proven impossible. Ita€™s a race typically won by the Ford Escape, but after record RAV4 sales in calendar year 2015, the Canadian RAV4 sales explosion continues unabated in early 2016. But thata€™s happened before, and GM Canada strengthened their full-size truck sales throughout the course of the remaining three quarters.
If Hyundai can hold this level of growth throughout the remaining nine months of the year, 2016 will be the best year ever for the Elantra in Canada, a stunning turnaround after two consecutive years of decline. Potentially making a 19th consecutive year all the more likely is the presence in 2016 of an all-new, tenth-generation Civic.
Through the first-quarter of 2016, the industrya€™s rate of growth has only accelerated, with sales in January, February, and March climbing nine percent, year-over-year.
Jusqu'alors reserve au marche americain, ce grand SUV haut de gamme sera desormais commercialise en Europe en 2015. Mais grosse deception il arrive avec une boite auto 6 rapports!!!??????tout les autres constructeurs ont deja des bva 8 ou 9 rapports..!!!! Check each wheel individually to see if the brake is in place and the cylinder is functioning properly.
If your Ford F-150 or Super Duty doesn't have the stopping power it once did, it might need new calipers.
But for an hour Saturday, Ford turned part of its spotless blue and white display space inside Detroit’s Cobo Hall into a service bay for the last chapter of the F-150 EcoBoost torture test. I'd be curious to hear the measurements on turbo shaft play, as the turbo is usually one of the first major components to require replacement.
I think it should be pointed out again that the carbon build up probably got much worse during the rally.
In the report to include compression testing, turbo condition (measurements on turbo shaft play) , valve wear, etc. The carbon build-up on the pistons is also amazing showing how well the fuel is mixed with the direct port injection.

People complaining about the carbon spots on the pistons, after 150K+ miles on it, I think they are damn clean IMHO.
Besides, what does it matter - Ford did these tests to show the vulnerabilities of their new engine (of which there are few), and what does that tell me? We here at Inhabitat were lucky enough to have the opportunity to pick the brain of Viera, who spoke to us about a number of topics, including Ford’s future in plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and electric vehicles (EV).
In contrast, the Fiskers and the Teslas of the world are working on high-end vehicles with small distribution networks.
While Viera acknowledges hydrogen-powered cars aren’t economically feasible at the moment, he says Ford wants to remain prepared for improvements in the field.
With direct injection, cars run more efficiently with fewer cylinders; an EcoBoost V6 engine (a V engine with 6 cylinders), for example, works as well as a normal V8 engine. If a vehicle line runs solely on electric power but uses petroleum-based materials in its seats, it’s not nearly as environmentally friendly as it could be. But while sales of the top-ranked Grand Caravan continue to decline and the Grand Caravan brings the minivan segment down with it, Sienna volume reached an 11-year high in 2015. But Canadian Grand Cherokee sales exploded in the first-quarter of 2016, rising by nearly 1,200 units in only three months. But the Nissan Sentra is further proof, along with the new Civic and Elantra and Cruze, that Canadaa€™s compact market is far from dead. But in a falling car market in early 2016, the Camry is rising as overall midsize car volume declines.
In fact, no vehicle on this list of Canadaa€™s 30 most popular autos is tumbling more rapidly. The Volkswagen Golf has now taken over from the aging Jetta as Volkswagen Canadaa€™s best-selling model, accounting for more than one-third of the branda€™s sales. This new model has been very well received by the Canadian public, and it would be a shock if Hyundai didna€™t smash the companya€™s one-year-old Tucson Canadian sales record in 2016.
Ita€™s against that backdrop that now, with the second-generation Edge firmly entrenched, volume has more than doubled to 4,598 units, a pace likely to result in the best Edge sales year since 2012, if not the best Edge sales year in the nameplatea€™s decade-long history. Sales are down by 2,189 units already this year, and the 3 may not be Mazdaa€™s best seller for long.
Record Jeep volume has been achieved largely on the strength of this model, sales of which grew by 2,536 units in 2016a€™s first three months at a brand which added 4,863 sales in total. Now, with the CR-V 520 units ahead of the Escape through three months, another utility vehicle has surpassed the CR-V to claim top spot in the first-quarter. Consistently, GM Canada relies on the GMC variant for the bulk of Canadian full-size truck sales, a curious difference between the two markets, but one that clarifies the importance of GMC. Bested by the Hyundai Elantra in February, the Civic still holds a 941-unit lead through the first-quarter. In 2016a€™s first three months, sales have grown by 1,686 units compared with the same period one year ago. In Canada, the F-Series accounts for 62 percent of Ford brand light truck sales, 54 percent of Ford brand sales, and 52 percent of overall Ford Canada sales, outselling the whole Lincoln division by 20 to 1.
A full 64 percent of all new vehicles sold in Canada so far this year are accounted for on this list of the 30 top-selling nameplates. If you are stuck on the side of the road, there are some aspects to consider yourself, and because brakes are a closed hydraulic system, it is easy to determine the cause of the failure. Inspect further for leaks along the lines, at the wheels, and below the master cylinder on the fire wall.
If they don’t, your master cylinder most likely is not pushing fluid out to the slave cylinders. Inspect the brake system regularly, especially after encountering obstacles on and off the road. You ahve to admit, and by doing so doesn;t mean no one else makes a good truck, just means Ford made a good drivetrain in their truck.
Although seven of its direct rivals sell more often, the Sentra continues to gradually move closer and closer to the top of the leaderboard. 51 percent of the minivan segment has gone Dodgea€™s way so far this year, down from 56 percent in the first-quarter of 2015. Certes, sur le marche nord americain, les moteurs V6 3,5 l et 3,7 l sont presents, mais aussi, depuis peu, on y decouvre le fameux 2 l ecoboost turbo developpant 245 cv. Remember to leave calipers and drums in place when depressing the brake pedal to avoid any over extension. Look for brake line clearance after any modification, especially to the suspension or exhaust. When I tear down turbo engines the amount of carbon build up is like a layer of paint on the pistons.
They should make a lower set for those folks that would like to see an increase in FE at the expense of a little towing capability.
Les consommations sont bien en dessous des V6 3,5 et les nord americains commencent a le preferer de plus en plus aux V6 .
If leaks are eliminated as the problem, then the actual cause is most likely due to failure within the system itself. As always, it’s better to discover a potential problem in your garage than to have it occur when on route.
I also think that IF they want to REALLY prove something then they should change their tow ratings to SAE J2807 ratings.
If they really wanted to impress you guys they could have used E85 the whole time and went faster, more powerful, and left the engine looking brand new. The test of them pulling the race cars for 24hr is pretty impressive and simulates more towing stress than probably 99% owners ever would, all be it it is in 24 hrs and not over 5 years. That being said, this engine has been out long enough that I would buy one in a second especially if people can beat the EPA ratings in 4x4.

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