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When the interstate goes in, road builders slice away hills and mountains, leaving walls of soil and rock assembled over millions of years.
The CX-7 is a sexy-looking ride, a gracefully curvaceous shape that’s decidedly feminine and appealing, almost a relief compared with the hard-edged and challenging forms of the Dodge. The ride is firm; road impacts send shivers into the structure, particularly the steering column.
In fact, this Mazda is the lightest of the five at 3946 pounds, more than 500 fewer pounds than the heaviest here, the Ford Edge.

The CX-7 is clearly louder than the others at freeway speeds, and the engine sends four-cylinder tingles through the body. Geologist and author Wayne Ranney joined our trek in Flagstaff, Arizona, as we headed west on Interstate 40.
Rear passengers sit low with little thigh support, and everything they touch is hard and confining, another way of saying sporty rather than luxurious. Hesnicked his seatbelt and began reading the cuts panning by the side windows as if they were ancient billboards.

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