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The new Edge SUV is looking to steal sales from BMW and Audi, but has it got enough of an edge to make that happen? What if it offered more space, more equipment and better refinement, all for a sensible price?
Most customers are expected to go for Sport trim though, with the more powerful engine we’re testing here.
What's it like?The Edge is a decent plodder for daily use, but even in this most powerful form it’s not quick.
What’s probably more pertinent to most prospective buyers is how much space the Edge offers; more than its rivals is the answer.
The Edge uses the same basic interior layout as an S-Max, so it’s easy to use with loads of useful storage.
Should I buy one?If we said the Edge is a barnstorming five-star car, would you rush to your nearest Ford dealer to order one? However, I might have been tempted to pay for ?36,750 for it new if it had the, a) the VinegarGelato badge, b) tasteful pincushion leather seats, and c) a 3 x 5 area of the dealership reserved for posh people - heaven forbid any riffraff enter my 3 x 5 area and drink my coffee.
Sometimes I'm not sure if Autocar is a motoring or a marketing magazine there's more talk about brand image rather than a car's merits. I remember a fair few years ago when me and my family were in Boston to see relatives and we had an original Ford Edge as a hire are. We had a 2007 model in 'Limited' trim which was nice but, it had a 3.5 V6 with about 270bhp and it was surprisingly fast. Compared to one of Europe's most popular SUV's, a XC60 R-Design Nav D4 AWD Automatic would cost ?36,975. I just don't get it - I'd take a car "sat on tiny alloys" overs something on blingy, 19" or 20" rims any day - better for secondary ride comfort due to the higher sidewalls, better for primary ride comfort due to the lower unsprung mass, better roadholding on typically bumpy UK roads for the same reason, and cheaper tyres when you come to replace them. That the Ford comes with 20" wheels for the price of an Audi on 16" wheels for me is a good reason to buy the Audi. Now if only Audi could use the Ford's suspension settings to take some advantage from those smaller wheels.
Grand touring version of McLaren's mightily impressive 570S Sports Series model lives up to high expectations on UK roads.
The 2016 Ford Edge integrates power, performance and handling with innovative technology to inspire confidence behind the wheel. What is it?The Ford Edge is the final piece in the Blue Oval's SUV puzzle, but as the head of the range it has been given the difficult remit of squaring up to the BMW X3 and Audi Q5.
We have some idea of what to expect from the Edge, as we have already been a passenger off-road and driven it on its chief rivals' patch, and on both occasions we were impressed.
To move this near two-tonne SUV, every Edge comes with four-wheel drive and a 2.0-litre diesel engine. Ford believes that 50% of Edge sales will be top-spec Sport models, with an estimated 60% opting for the bi-turbo engine and the dual-clutch auto ’box.
What's it like?Well, it isn't especially quick on faster stretches of road, but bearing in mind that the Edge weighs nearly two tonnes and is marginally longer than a Volkswagen Touareg, that's not really surprising. Out on the open road the 177bhp engine needs to be worked quite hard to build up momentum, but at least the slick six-speed manual gearbox gives you the flexibility to do so. Even so, we'd say that the 207bhp diesel engine is easier to live with on a day-to-day basis, giving the extra poke needed to ensure the Edge has the added urgency for overtaking. The Sport's suspension is largely quiet and comfortable, although over particularly bad broken surfaces it does allow vibrations to reverberate around the cabin, while bigger potholes and drain covers cause a sizeable thud.
The suspension feels happier at higher speeds, at which it is better able to dampen the road's imperfections. The amount of space inside will never be a problem for Edge owners, and using the S-Max’s blueprint means it can gain some valuable points back from the X3 and Q5.
There is plenty of space up front and making it easy to get settled and comfortable, while the rear seats come with plenty of leg and head room adn will accomodate two adults, although if you opt for the panoramic sunroof then expect head room to be compromised slightly.
Should I buy one?By attempting to break the monopoly that Audi and BMW have built up, Ford has given itself a tough task with the Edge. The question is can theEdge lure buyers away from Audi and BMW dealerships? That depends on your version of premium. The Edge will struggle in such a competative SUV market unless it is nothing short of brilliant.
I found the Probe sporty yet comfortable and gorgeous - better looking than the much loved Capri. Once again a manufacturer having only diesels in a market shortly to abandon the filthy fuel.
Well at least you would have am SUV which didn't sound like a delivery van and capable of actually towing something! I wouldn't buy any SUV which didn't AT LEAST have a decent V6 petrol, and preferably a Petrol V8. Fair enough 289 and I agree an SUV with a big petrol engine is more satisfying than a diesel. In the Edge hierarchy, the Sport is the top of the line, bringing a 2.7-litre turbocharged “EcoBoost” V6 engine to the table. On the road, the 2.7-litre EcoBoost was an absolute hoot, and most would never expect a CUV to have this much get-up-and-go. In terms of fuel economy, the inclusion of modern direct injection technology means that turbocharging and regular grade fuel can be used together. As a crossover with increased ride height over a regular car, the Edge still managed to handle reasonably well.

With the top level Sport trim starting at $44,649, standard features include include 10-way power driver and passenger seats, a power liftgate, remote start, leather seating surfaces, as well as a reverse sensing system.
For $2,000, the Canadian Touring Package adds voice-activated navigation, as well as a large panoramic sunroof. With respect to multimedia, Ford’s new Sync3 system (reviewed in detail here) is leaps and bounds over the older MyFord Touch setup.
The exterior styling, big wheels, and powertrain on the 2016 Ford Edge Sport come together to create a personality that’s been popular amongst the Canadian car-buying public since the original Edge’s introduction. Take, for example, the noise-cancelling software, which uses microphones dotted around the cabin to sample the engine’s thrum before producing opposing sound waves, played through the cabin’s speakers to make the engine sound smoother. That’s about ?4000 cheaper than a basic X3 but it comes with 19in alloys, a rear-view camera and a heated windscreen. At ?36,750 it's pricier than the X3 or Q5, but you get that dual-clutch auto, front and rear parking sensors, a powered tailgate and sat-nav.
You need to really wind it up if you want to overtake on a country road, and give yourself a healthy gap. Is that thanks to the trick noise-cancelling software, a naturally refined diesel, or the acoustic glass that also comes on this Sport model?
Okay, in the main our German test route was smooth, but there were patchy sections that the Edge pattered over without a crash or thud. My six-foot-plus frame fitted with room to spare on the comfortable front seats, while in the rear there’s plenty of leg room and space to fit three abreast, although the optional panoramic roof makes head room a little tight. Some of you may, but many would still pop to Audi or BMW to sample their coffee and sales patter. In my mind the large Audi Crossovers are nothing more than glorified VW's not even built in Germany the Q5 is soon to be built in Mexico & the Q7 in Slovakia.
Keep in mind it was the first generation model in America at the time so the interior was a bit plasticky and generally flawed.
The new model looks so much better as far as the interior goes by and I just wish we had the new 2.7 turbo V6 as a performance rival to the likes of the SQ5 and the X4 M40i. Visit any identikit new-build housing estate and all you will see is a display of keeping up with the Joneses; driveways littered with bog standard bottom-of-the-range X3s and Q5s sat on tiny alloys. An SUV isn't a track-day car - it doesn't need low profile tyres for maximum steering response. Loaded with the features and capabilities necessary to help you multi-task your way through lifea€™s challenges, the Edge offers the right amount of attitude, and craftsmanship inside and out.
Now the big Ford has the chance to make a lasting impression as it tackles UK roads - specifically those in the Scottish Highlands. There are two different power outputs and a choice between a six-speed manual and six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearboxes.
But in and around town the engine feels more than sprightly enough to keep up with traffic. Surprisingly that's not to the detriment of cabin noise, but whether that's down to Ford’s clever noise-cancelling software, which produces opposing sound waves from the speakers, the double-glazing or good old hard engineering is hard to say. Off-road on loose gravel tracks it remains relatively composed, and even with its sport-tuned suspension the Edge doesn't crash and bang from rut to rut quite as you may imagine. Despite steering being weighty and direct, the Edge does lean heavily in the corners, although its all-wheel drive system ensures everything is kept in check. Cabin and boot space both outstrip the Edge’s German rivals and it is filled with useful and different-shaped cubby-holes. The interior is well laid out and appointed, but it doesn’t quite have the premium feel offered by its closest rivals.
It's a valiant effort, with a practical interior, space in abundance and distinctive styling. But Ford has been pushing for motorists to unlearn what they know, and with the Edge expected to have strong residuals and low PCP payments compared to its nearest rivals, we certainly think it's deserving of your attention.
The Probe, Cougar, Explorer and(maybe)the Mustang all suffered from bad build quality, and big depreciation. You've got me worked out - reasonable economy is my driver hence an SUV wouldn't be for me.
Built on regular car-like platforms, these “cute utes” provide a little extra ground clearance and a truck-like stance, without the ride quality and fuel economy penalties of a full-sizer built on a conventional truck frame. With 315 horsepower at 4,750 rpm and a stout 350 lb-ft of torque at 2,750 rpm, this powerplant features an engine block made from compacted graphite iron, which deviates from not only other V6 EcoBoost units, but from a large portion of the automotive industry as well.
Highway merging and passing could only be described as a slingshot operation, with minimal turbo lag and a flat torque curve helping to make the Edge reasonably fun to drive.
While the rated horsepower numbers are achieved with 93 octane, the Edge will be perfectly happy with 87 octane with slightly reduced power output.
On the outside, Sport models get LED exterior signature lighting, body-colour fascia and cladding treatments, as well as a piano black grille.
Materials and touch points appear modern and are of high quality, and the button layouts were fairly intuitive.
New for 2016, the feel of the interface is not too far off Chrysler’s excellent UConnect, which isn’t a surprise considering that BlackBerry subsidiary QNX is behind both systems. No discredit to the great marque, but it’s an edgy decision choosing the new Edge over more premium SUV rivals such as the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. And there’s the optional active steering, which uses an electric motor in the steering wheel hub to add or reduce the lock that you apply through the column.
You also get safety systems such as emergency city braking, lane assist and traffic sign recognition that are pricey options on its rivals.

Add in 20in alloys, heated seats and that fancy adaptive steering system, and you've got a compelling package.
The gearbox doesn’t help, hampered by its six ratios – an X3 has eight – and a lazy bent compared to other dual-clutch designs. A bit of each, probably, but the upshot is that if you’re pottering around town or cruising on the motorway you barely notice the engine, and there’s little road noise on 20in wheels, and there’s hardly any wind noise for that matter. The Edge felt heavy and less happy to change direction than an X3 – at nearly two tonnes it’s no lightweight - but it steered directly and wasn’t obviously wallowy through the bends. And it’s not just a cheap alternative: objectively it’s bigger, more refined and better equipped than its rivals. The sheer thought of driving a Ford would make Mrs Suburbia shiver in her Jack Wills cardigan.
Some dumb sod will buy one then 2 or 3 years down the road they'll be at much more sensible money.
We have already driven the 207bhp bi-turbo Edge, and now it’s the turn of the single-turbo 177bhp version. Probably a combination of all three, but the upshot is that you barely notice the engine whether you're in slow traffic or cruising on the motorway. And on this evidence it's understandable why Ford believes most will opt for the more powerful diesel engine, because it gives the greater flexibility. As the latest trend in the automotive industry, crossover SUV sales are growing year over year, cutting into territory occupied by four-door sedans.
For the last twenty years, aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads became the norm, offering significant weight advantages without sacrificing too much in terms of durability.
Backing the beefy EcoBoost engine is a six-speed automatic transmission that fires off shifts confidently under most conditions.
While they look great, expect tire replacement costs to be considerably higher than average. With this feature, the steering ratio is surprisingly fast at low speeds, requiring only two turns from lock to lock when engaging in parking maneuvers.
With the use of buttons on the centre stack as opposed to capacitive touch points, ergonomics remain good, and drivers won’t have to take their eyes off the road to adjust simple parameters like climate control.
Overall, it’s intuitive, simple, and allows users to access all the main functions in a quick and easy manner.
Built in Oakville, Ontario, it represents a solid car-buying choice that also happens to support local jobs in the Canadian manufacturing sector.
Would you be willing to swap four sparkly silver rings or the blue and white roundel for Ford's blue oval on the front of your coveted new SUV?
However, unlike the old-school cast iron, the 2.7-litre uses compacted graphite iron, which is lighter and yet more durable. When using the paddle shifters for manual override, things do get a little clunky, especially on downshifts and at lower speeds. For lead footed drivers, expect the Edge Sport to be quite thirsty at the pump, as the fuelling demands of engines at full boost are extremely high. In any case, the wide tires maintained ample traction at full tilt when combined with Ford’s all-wheel drive system.
Also included are items such as a heated steering wheel, heated and cooled seats, all-weather floor mats, and a 110-volt AC power outlet. With the final total coming in at $52,899, expect the Edge to compete against the likes of the Lexus NX (reviewed here), as well as a fully loaded Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot (reviewed here). The sporty leather-suede seats offered great support and bolstering, without becoming uncomfortable on longer trips. The Gracenote album art system worked well for Bluetooth music streaming, and the premium Sony audio provided enough kick to satisfy most eardrums. Even if not considering the powerful Sport model, the lower-priced SE, SEL, and Titanium trim levels are an even better value for the money. Finished in a rather bright Electric Spice Metallic, The five-seater 2016 Ford Edge Sport is amongst the latest in CUVs for the American automaker. Compared to its aluminum counterparts, expect the iron to be able to withstand more boost pressure, which is a potential forecast for long term reliability.
However, it doesn’t dampen the fact that the powertrain is one of the main highlights of the Edge Sport. Even with a bias towards front-wheel drive, torque steer is kept at bay, and the Edge got up to speed without any awkward tugs at the steering wheel. The latter two offer more utility and a third row of seats, but aren’t nearly as sporty as the Edge. In front of the driver, the gauge cluster is comprised of two screens that flank the speedometer; the left screen can be configured to display tachometer, fuel economy, and trip functions, and the right screen can be used for navigation and media information. Bottom line – what used to be a crippling deal breaker for Ford has now become a competitive advantage. They offer enough variation in features to let buyers pick an Edge to best suit their needs. While the conspicuously orange Edge was very charming, would it stack up and remain as a favourite amongst the Canadian consumer? As a whole, the sum of the parts come together to create a fun, fast (in Sport trim) crossover that’s also well equipped.

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