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The biggest problem with the E-brake cables is getting the old front cable's outter housing to release from the frame crossmember. The parking brake pedal is removed as an assembly, it's held in place by three nuts, one at the lower part of the dash and two studs that go through the firewall.
A couple of tips, first you'll see the shoes have two different lengths of lining on them, on two shoes the lining will be longer than on the other two.

When working on drum brakes don't think in terms of right and left, this will get you mixed up. The front cable is routed through the front cab mount and into the cab, again usually not a problem.
If something is on the right side of one brake, it won't be on the right onthe other, it'll be on the left. If a part is facing the rear on the right side, it'll also be facing the rear on the left side.

Seeing as you're replacing them even this won't be too much of a problem because you don't need to worry about damaging them.

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