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Discussion in 'Heating, Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems' started by rmanick1, Apr 10, 2012.
I tried to include a link to the part, but it would not accept it because I am a new member. Thanks for the quick reply, but the three items in the fuse box are the high speed, low speed and master fuse relays and is not the part I am looking for.
Thanks again for your replys and your help, but I don't think that is the part I am looking for. The problem is that neither of the cooling fans will turn on, even if I put the air conditioner on.

That $3.00 fuse was the cause of my fan not going into high speed and overheating and now warped heads on my 98 Lincoln. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
If you search for the part on e-bay using my description you will find a picture of the part and that item is not in the fuse box. I know the fans are both operational because I ran pawer directly to the fans and they both work.
There should be, if my memory serves me correctly, a high speed relay, low speed relay, a 15 amp fuse that is hot when the ignition is on, and a 40 amp fuse that is always hot. If you are looking for a friendly community to hang out with other Ford owners you can look no further than our forums here!

Look at a wiring diagram and you may also find that the cooling fans are also run through the powertrain control module, and maybe through the GEM (generic electronic module).
The GEM moduule has numerous relays that are elecrtronic relays controlled by an internal micro-processor (computer). Go to a wiring diagram and trace all of the wires from the cooling fans back, and test for power or continuity as you go. I went to a Ford Dealer and confirmed that part existed and that it was installed on a 2009 Escape.

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