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HID Xenon + 07-10 Ford Edge Halo & LED DRL Projector Headlights - ChromeThis is a pair of Euro style projector headlights with pre-installed HID kit for 2007-2010 Ford Edge. This is a pair of 07-11 Ford Edge Projector Headlights with Halo LED Bar in Glossy Black housing. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
Check out these awesome new Projector Headlights and LED Tail Lights we just received from Spyder and Spec-D Tuning!  Some of these headlights feature unique LED strips and halo rings as seen on many newer vehicles. LED tail lights are a great way of replacing your dull, boring factory tail lights and improving your vehicle’s looks.
Fear not, the Edge Sport is actually sporty – if you can call a CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) “sporty.” It kinda helps with those big honkin’ 22 inch wheels and the body colored lower cladding – that makes it look sporty enough – but how does it drive?
The new Edge Sport model is aimed at customers who want a sportier look and a personalized vehicle. The Edge Sport comes with standard 20-inch premium painted wheels, or you can get the optional and highly recommended 22-inch polished aluminum wheels to really give it a unique look. Everything looks just like a regular Edge – not a bad thing I might add, because the Edge certainly has a very nice interior anyway.
With the optional 20 cm (8”) Sat-Nav screen placed high on the centre stack, it’s conveniently sized for both front occupants to read it – and thankfully now it allows the passenger to operate while the vehicle is in motion.  Even though the screen shared space with the audio system and the climate control info, it was still very useful. The ride quality of the Edge Sport was exceptional, with a nice firm suspension that is very compliant over potholes and rail road tracks. As with the front, the rear seats are easy to get in and out of thanks to large wide doors.
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These 07-11 Ford Edge Projector Headlights come with the latest design, and will give your Ford Edge a very modern look. Angel eye headlights are a great way to customize your vehicle and give it that unique look.  If you looking to get the best combination of style and light output, you can pair up your projector headlights with a XenonDepot HID kit for improved viability. LEDs draw significantly less power than standard filament bulbs and will put less strain on your vehicle’s battery and wiring.  Not only are LED Tail Lights stylish but they are also functional as they provide a brighter light and will last longer compared. I wasn’t really setting out to request another road test with it, but Ford suggested I give the Edge Sport a try.

Making the Sport look completely different from the run of the mill Edge, it has an eight-piece body kit that includes a unique front air dam, side skirts, lower door caps and a rear skirt, all finished in body color, instead of the usual dark lower finish on other Edge models. Also new, was an ambient lighting package offering numerous color options of soft lighting to illuminate the vehicle’s foot wells and cup holders. Up front there are two power points along with an MP3 audio jack and a power point inside the centre console.
Diving into sharp corners, the Sport barely leaned – this is definitely a lot more sporty than I’d expected. It had that one thing going for it … the designation “Sport” or “GT” … that always grabs my attention regardless of the vehicle – save a Hummer. Ford has come up with the first factory-customized crossover, with class-exclusive 22-inch wheels mounted on 40-series Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires and a tasteful body. With only 1,100 kms on the odometer the Edge Sport is as new as possible, so no one’s had an opportunity to abuse it yet. The oversized front panel provides open-air touring and is surprisingly quiet when traveling at highway speeds. An additional power outlet is in the rear cargo area beside the power rear seat folding button. I’d previously experienced it in the Flex and completely ignored it in the F-150, so I thought I’d give it another go this time round.
On one particular S-bend that I frequent it’s quite hard to find a car that can take it at 80 kph or more without feeling like you’ll end up crossing the centre line, but the Edge Sport had no problem going around it with no body roll whatsoever – and in the rain to boot! Rear seating is very generous for two, with plenty of foot space under the front seats, and provides plenty of knee, leg, hip and shoulder room, however the middle seat is extremely narrow. Painted in the “Sport Blue” of the test vehicle along with the optional 22” tires – it’s stunning to look at. Performance tuned shocks, springs and steering components deliver stunning handling.” Usually the media garb is overly exaggerated or in the odd case complete lies. I’m always skeptical when a manufacturer labels a vehicle with Sport, because for me it has to really stand out and I expect more than just nice wheels and a body kit – it has to impress me. The enormous skylights allow plenty of natural light into the cabin and give the vehicle a very open and airy feel – almost as good as a convertible without the wind.
It’s pretty much as useless as giving Stephen Hawking a tennis racket, or Daffy duck a pair of shoes.

Fuel consumption is a little higher than I would have liked, but it is AWD and also in line with the competition. Looking at the interior of the Edge Sport for the first time, the black leather-trimmed seats with Alcantara suede inserts look very smart and certainly more up-market from the usual Edge. Twin power-operated cloth shades can be closed simultaneously to block 100 percent of ultra-violet rays.
One omission is that the rear seats don’t slide fore and aft to offer more leg room or more cargo room – many of the competition’s CUV’s offer this feature. With the second-row seat folded it provides a level load floor and a large 1,954 litres (69 cu.ft) cargo area. With partial power and manual seat adjustments I get into my sweet spot instantly and it’s a pretty comfortable seat – firm but comfortable – just the way I like it. Well I loaded up my 2 GB jump drive with a combination of wav and mp3 song – just in case it wouldn’t accept one or the other… it acknowledged the files but wouldn’t play them and certainly wouldn’t allow me to transfer them onto the 10 GB hard drive.
With the available fold-flat front passenger seat, the Edge can transport items as long as 2.44 m (8’). Each rear seat can be folded manually using a single-hand release or automatically with a power release in the rear cargo area – which have now they’ve been clearly marked – hooray! Conveniently placed passenger grab handles have been added, as have cargo hooks, tie-downs and a cargo net – all standard. So that means you have to carry a fist full of regular audio CD’s into the vehicle and spent time ripping them. I measured 900 cm (35” x 48”) with the seats up and 1.9 m (75”) in length when the seats are folded flat. I can understand the system not allowing me to rip a CD and then download it off the hard drive – but this is just plain stupid!!

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