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Ford Middle East hosted a three-day public event dubbed Can-A-Car at the end of July at the Dubai Autodrome. Hospitality aside, the day comprised of four events in various Ford cars, thereby ensuring that every participant would get a feel of what the latest American Fords have to offer.
The first couple of events were track runs , which included two laps each in a 2012 Ford Edge and a 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0. The next car which awaited us was the all-new 2012 Ford Explorer, and the experience was an off-road one rather than a track run – obviously as part of Ford’s intentions to emphasise the new crossover’s off-road abilities. After the Explorer, we were greeted by a couple of white Ford Taurus sedans for our next event; but more than the Taurus, what excited us was the event itself, which was a competition against every participant for the day, in an autocross course with the Taurus.
Among a few cars on display, we spotted a Ford Taurus SHO Ecoboost, which hints at the availability of the Ecoboost range in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and rest of the GCC shortly.
Novo Ford Edge 2016 chega trazendo novidades em sua nova versao se voce ainda nao conferiu as novidades desse veiculo veja mais informacoes sobre o Novo Ford Edge 2016 no post de hoje. A Ford tem forte representa no mercado automobilistico brasileiro, a marca vende muito bem e esse modelo de carro e um dos mais elogiados. O grande destaque do veiculo e o seu design, tanto interno quanto externo, alem disso, o veiculo apresenta bastante tecnologia deixando ele um dos mais modernos ja lancados pela marca. Vamos ver o que a marca trouxe de diferente para o mercado, e quais foram as inovacoes nesse veiculo. Pela ficha tecnica do Novo Ford Edge 2016 e possivel verificar que se trata de um veiculo muito completo, muito moderno e surpreendente.
As funcionalidades descritas acima sao referentes a versao de entrada, a versao mais completa do veiculo possui mais acessorios e mais recursos tecnologicos. Ja e de se imaginar que como o novo Golf 2016, o preco do Novo Ford Edge 2016 nao e nada acessivel, e realmente nao e. Conforme voce viu acima esse e o valor da versao inicial, e a marca tambem trouxe uma versao limitada, que esta ainda mais cara.
O consumo do veiculo e bastante alto, e verificando potencia do motor possivel entender o por que. Esse carro e o mais bonito dentro do seu segmento, vou fazer uma visita na concessionaria e ver o quanto dao em meu lancer 13!!!
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Driven web series 2014 - mazda 3 toyota corolla altis, We’ve settled malaysia’s super-popular b-segment (honda city vs toyota vios vs nissan almera) and d-segment (nissan teana vs honda accord vs kia optima k5. 2016 kia sorento - invoice price, dealer cost, incentives, Compare 2015 dodge journey vs 2016 kia sorento. New kia gt concept price, specs, review - reviews, news, price, specifications, galleries and videos.. The event was aimed at publicising Ford’s latest American line-up, including the all-new 2012 Ford Explorer.
However, it was not a full-fledged off-road experience as the track consisted of only a hill with a 30-degree incline and a 45-degree descend. The autocross course seemed to be made for the novices, with the only tricky bit being manoeuvring the boat-like Taurus which sported infinite blind spots. Procure montar o veiculo seja na concessionaria ou site e veja quanto ficaria o preco final do veiculo com detalhes que voce deseja.

Por ser um veiculo muito completo o preco final ficou alto, por isso ele e considerado um veiculo de luxo.
Um veiculo caro mas muito completo, sem contar que o design nao deixa a desejar, pois foi muito bem planejado e desenhado.
And a fair number of visitors to the event happened to be our regular readers, though all of them showed up at different times on different days.
While the Ford Edge cars had a Ford Fusion of all things as a pace car, the pacer for the Mustang GT cars happened to be a Ford Edge. It turned out to be just a test to show off the vehicle’s hill-descent control function and its approach and departure angles; and the Explorer went through it all with no evidence of stress. From what we saw of the cars we drove, Ford seems to be making giant leaps in terms of interior appointments, overall quality and design. My only concern was the reliability of all the high end electronics and gadgets used in the new explorer.
Though I must admit that the Mustang GT was fun, it was rather a sad scenario as the Ford Edge seemed to make the Mustang GT sweat in the bends. On the way to the off-road course, the instructor had attempted to demonstrate the Park Assist feature in the new Explorer – a feature which detects parallel parking slots and parks the car automatically. However, I did manage to keep the instructor entertained by coercing him to push his Edge against all mercy as I enjoyed tailgating him in my Mustang GT all the way, even ignoring the understeer at one point resulting from the intervention of the electronic stability control.
However due to some software or technical glitch, the system failed to initiate and displayed an error message on the screen instead. In spite of this being my first autocross experience, I managed going through the course without knocking any cones in the timed run, though not with the best time.
The power delivery from the new engine, steering precision and interior quality were all commendable about the Mustang. On our way back though, we were lucky to see this feature in action as we hopped into a different Explorer, which was also present at the off-road course and did not face this issue.
As for the all-wheel-drive Edge, despite some body-roll, it seemed to have very good limits for a crossover.

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