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In the East (China, Taiwan and Hong Kong) we believe we have a natural remedy that will make women’s breasts larger. Chinese food therapy (aka nutrition therapy) is the practice of using natural foods to heal your body as well as maintain good health. Chinese food therapy has been around for thousands of years and is also used on pets to heal their ailments. The basic idea behind Chinese food therapy is that all foods have a yin or yang property or hot or cold property.
Ideally you would want to have a balanced diet of both hot and cold foods for optimal health but when healing an issue, you would focus on increasing one type and trying to limit the other type. When it comes to Natural Breast Enlargement, you want to increase the yin foods in your diet and limit yang foods. There are many women in Taiwan reporting success with just using Chinese Food Therapy + massage + pressure points. Get the latest Articles, News about Gadget, Technology, Automotive, Health, Beauty, Travel, Parenting and about everything at BestUpNow. Breasts begin to develop at puberty and the hormone responsible for their development is oestrogen. Some natural ways like massaging the breasts with a massage oil or cream should be added to your routine. Read previous post:How to Control Hair FallHair fall is the common problem that everyone faces in their daily life.
Tofu is a source of isoflavones, the estrogen-like compounds that can affect the hormones in the human body. All dairy products contain reproductive hormones that are identical to those found in the human body. NIH reported that licorice root can raise levels of estrogen and prolactin, two hormones associated with lactation and breast growth. Although there is no term studies on the efficacy of breast enlarging foods, but some women have turned to estrogenic foods as a cheap and natural alternative to cosmetic surgery. The enzymes and vitamin A found in green papaya is also believed to stimulate the secretion of female hormones estrogen and prolactin which can assist in breast development. It is recommended that you eat plenty of proteins like nuts, milk or meats while eating green papaya so you can reap the full benefits of the protein breaking enzymes found in this fruit. Both of these are considered good boobie recipes because they include a good amount of protein from the milk or yogurt. MilkyG is popular in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Malaysia but it can be purchased online through the MilkyG website.

Dice the papaya and for the carrots you can use a ring cutter to cut it into a flower shape (if you wish to do so).Put the papaya into the pot and cook with the ribs until the papaya has softened.
Breasts are made up of fat, so foods containing higher amount of fat will surely enhance their size. Besides surgery, there are some natural ways that can enlarge the breasts, one of them is by consuming the right foods. National Institutes of Health (NIH) recognizes the theoretical use of soy to increase breast size, but the use is based entirely in the tradition and theory. Cow’s milk contains natural estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, which is important for milk production in mammals. According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, fennel contain photoanethole and dianethole, which can alter levels of estrogen in the human body. Ask almost any NBE’er in China what their number one tip for breast growth is and most will say to eat green papaya and drink green papaya milk (more on that later).
We personally don’t believe that eating papaya alone will increase breast size but eating green papaya can be a great add-on to any breast enlargement routine. Apparently green papaya is high in enzymes and enzymes can break down the proteins and help the body to absorb these proteins which is good for breast enlargement. Big breasts have become a symbol of beauty and every woman wants to possess this symbol to look beautiful.
Some foods contain phytoestrogens, that get converted into oestrogens and help in breast enlargement. There are many herbal products available in the markets that claim to give you good and required results.
Some foods can increase the levels of hormones such as estrogen and prolactin, which can directly increase the size and shape of the breast tissue. Trace amounts of hormones found in milk is unlikely to bring radical changes in the human body, but at least it can contribute to the growth of breast tissue.
They break down proteins (another must in a good boobie diet) which promotes the body’s absorption of these proteins. But if you are having a hard time locating green papaya, you can always purchase fresh green papaya from Amazon. Here are two simple green papaya recipes that women in China recommend you should consume daily as part of any breast enlargement program. As I’m not medically trained I won’t want to promise you that if you try this recipe you will definitely grow your breasts bigger but there is no harm in having some delicious and healthy soup everyday. Females with smaller breasts are always on a look out for ways to enhance the size of their assets.

Besides being used as a spice in cooking, there is also traditionally used to stimulate milk flow in nursing mothers. Consult with your doctor before dramatically changing the diet, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
Another thing is you really want to try this soup or the purpose of growing your breasts do it when you are still “growing” as a teen or preteen. Remember to wash the pot as well. Put the ribs back into the pot along with the ginger and around 2 litres of cold water and boil it.
It’s going to be pretty hard for your breasts to grow when you are age 30 or 40 and don’t even mention 50. I know in some cultures people even believe eating green papaya can help mothers who are breastfeeding to produce more breast milk. Other food items like— cinnamon, nutmeg should be added to your daily meals to help you get better results.
So add these simple and easily available foods to your diet and be ready for that model figure you always yearned for, and an enhanced self confidence in you.
Green papaya contains up to twice as much of these protein breaking enzymes compared to ripe papayas.
I tried this before when my daughter was born but I think it only helped me a little bit but as I said before there’s no harm in drinking this delicious soup often. There are a few other health benefits about green papaya. Green papaya is high in potassium. Eating high potassium food can lower the risk of having a stroke and develop heart disease.
You may know the once fruit is ripe it’s health benefits start to deplete.There is papain found in green papaya.
Papain is a type of protein-digesting enzyme that is usually used by people to soften meat. This is because green papaya can help to contract the muscles in your womb. Although there are so many health benefits from green papaya as mentioned before, green papaya can also help to contact the muscles in your womb so please avoid consuming green papaya during pregnancy.
Western soup usually quite thick but Chinese soup is more liquidity and you can see ingredients in dice, piece or julienne shapes.

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