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This BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Graphic Arts Merit Badge book is in excellent condition for its age. For some injuries, however, this isn't possible and the only option is to tie the broken limb to the body. A simple fracture is one where the bone is broken and both broken ends are beneath the surface of the skin. A compound fracture is one where the bone is broken and one or both broken ends are sticking out of the skin.

To splint the upper leg, use long pieces of rigid material that will reach from the ankle to the armpit. If there is enough material, tie a "pig's tail" in the end to keep the victim's elbow from falling out.
First Aid merit badge 6A: If a sick or injured person must be moved, tell how you would determine the best method. First Aid merit badge 6B: With helpers under your supervision, improvise a stretcher and move an unconscious person.

Techniques for moving a person depends on your surroundings and the person's consciousness.
Show first-aid procedures for handling fractures, including open (compound) fractures of the forearm, wrist, upper leg, and lower leg using improvised materials.

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