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Have you ever encountered a situation at home, in your surroundings, in your neighborhood or else where, when someone was in a need of First Aid but you were not able to help him out?
First Aid is emergency care given to a victim of an illness or injury before a professional medical rescuer’s help arrives.
Nose bleeds are usually connected the summer season, and are fairly common in people who are hypertensive. Fainting is a brief loss of consciousness OR a short period of unresponsiveness caused by temporary reduction of blood flow to the brain.
If the muscles are stretched beyond their normal limits, it causes a tear in them and leads to strain whereas; sprain is an injury to a ligament.

A well stocked First Aid kit is a basic essential in every household, especially one where little kids reside. The First Aid kit should be kept out of children’s reach and should be restocked regularly, replacing used or expired items. The aims of First Aid are to conserve life, to prevent the casualties’ condition from deteriorating and to promote early recovery.
If there is an object in the wound, apply pressure around the object, not directly over it.
Before fainting the victim usually complains of double vision, pale or blue skin, profuse sweating, asphyxiation etc.

It should also accompany you when you go on trips where injuries are likely to occur, for example, camping and picnics etc.

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