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The first few minutes of a medical emergency are always critical, but nearly two thirds of us admit we wouldn’t know what to do. First aid is something we should all know how to give – so familiarise yourself with these simple steps and you could make the difference between life and death. DO apply firm pressure with a clean cloth and raise their arm above their heart to reduce the bleeding.
DO cool the burn under cold running tap water for at least 10 minutes, advises Clive James. DO remove all potential hazards from the immediate area and put something soft under the person’s head so they can’t hurt themselves. DO carry them out, still face-down, with their head slightly lower than their chest to allow water to drain from the airway – and ask someone to call 999.“Check ABC and, if necessary, begin CPR.
This was found over at Armament Services International, a place that deals in NFA-regulated firearms. Cuts and Other Minor Wounds Need to Be Treated Promptly if a cut or abrasion looks small, it still needs to be cleaned quickly.
For people with existing medical conditions, having a medical kit on hand becomes even more important. As you can see, having a medical kit can be just as important as any other safety item you own. While it may have seemed silly before, hopefully you have now realized how important having a home medical kit can be.
This article was written on behalf of The First Aid Zone, a leading online retailer of medical supplies and first aid kits. DIY FIRST AID KITYou can make between 7 and 9 first aid kits for $1, plus the cost of the zip lock bags. Would you believe me if I told you I made the rug in the picture, and it only took about two hours?
I am blogging at  Sunshine and Melody today, sharing our Temple Dedication themed Activity Days! My husband and I had decided our kids were only going to have birthday parties every other year.
May 18, 2016 by Rachel · Leave a Comment When travelling to certain destinations around the world, we recommend packing a sterile needle kit. Sterile needle kits contain a selection of needles and syringes, which can be handed to a medical professional should you need emergency medical treatment when travelling. In many African and Asian countries, the risk of HIV and Hepatitis B means that you should always travel with a sterile needle kit. The more comprehensive sterile needle kits would most likely be used on longer trips or if you were admitted to hospital when travelling. As toothache and dental complaints are so common, you’ll probably find you’re more likely to have a dental issue when travelling than need an injection or blood transfusion!
Scenario 2: You fall ill during your trip and have an undiagnosed illness, the Doctor wants to perform a blood test to determine the cause.
In remote areas and villages, where medical supplies may be limited or of a questionable quality.
If this doesn’t remove the obstruction and they can’t speak, breathe or are going blue, they’re being deprived of oxygen.Bend them over and slap sharply between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand up to five times.

Carefully remove jewellery or clothing from the affected area, unless it is stuck to the skin.After cooling, cover the burn with a clean, non-fluffy dressing (a clean tea towel or freezer bag will do). Airway – Ensuring there’s nothing in their mouth, lay them on their back, tilt their head backwards and lift their chin to open the airway.Breathing – listen for breaths and look to see if their chest is moving.
Alarms, safes, extra door locks, and anti theft systems are all common safety items in peoples homes. If cuts are cleaned improperly, or not cleaned at all, the cut person can contract a serious infection that can severely damage their health. For example, people with diabetes should keep their insulin and testing supplies on hand in their kit.
You should always have one available, not just one stored in your bathroom cupboard, make sure you have on in each vehicle also. Sterile needle kits are designed to be used by trained medical professionals and should be on your packing list if you’re travelling to developing countries and remote areas. Having your own sterile needles and syringes to hand to a doctor will prevent you being treated with contaminated equipment and contracting diseases such as HIV through the use of contaminated needles. The basic needle kits normally contain a selection of colour coded hypodermic needles, a couple of syringes and some pre-injection swabs to clean and sterilise the area before injections. Dental needle kits are another option for travellers and contain items such as dental needles, clove oil, syringes and temporary filling cement.
You may need to be hooked up to an IV drip and syringes may be used to administer medication. If that doesn’t work, try abdominal thrusts.Stand behind them and place your fist between their navel and the bottom of their ribcage. Any burn or scald bigger than a postage stamp needs medical attention.DON’T attempt to break blisters or apply adhesive dressings. Then tilt their chin up to keep their airway open.DON’T try to restrain them or put anything in their mouth. Always call an ambulance, as they may suffer from “secondary drowning”, which occurs when the air passages swell up. However one very important safety item that is often missing in peoples homes is a good first aid kit. To prevent this make sure to have some alcohol cleansing wipes on hand in your kit to take care of any cuts or abrasions. Having the proper medical equipment to treat bee stings, falls and tumbles, cuts and bruises, allergic reactions and burns can really help to ease your mind. This way, if their blood sugar levels start to reach unsafe levels they can fix them before they get worse. Having a kit will help you to treats wounds promptly, help keep you calm, and will help keep people with existing medical conditions prepared. Go to the shop and purchase a first aid kit today, or make your own containing everything you would need for a minor medical emergency. I blog to connect with the world and remind myself of who I am aside from someone’s mom – travel, style, fashion, kids, family, interiors, photography, inspiration! I used standard sandwich size, and small bags found in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby.This is another super easy project!!!

In these destinations sterile medical equipment may be hard to come by or the quality of the medical equipment in may be questionable. The needles in sterile needle kits use a globally recognised colour coding system, so medical professionals all around the world will know which type of needle to use.
You’d be most likely to use these in an outpatient capacity, for injections, blood tests and dental work. You also tend to get more of the larger sized syringes included, as these can be used for administering larger quantities of medication. These can be handed to a dentist abroad to ensure you’re treated with sterile equipment should you require dental treatment when travelling.
Grasp your fist with your other hand and forcefully press inward and upward.Repeat up to five times. It could block the airway or damage their teeth and, if the jaw spasms, you could get bitten.
Depress the chest by one third of its depth, then release.Repeat 30 times at a rate of two compressions per second, then give two “rescue breaths”. While it may seem silly and unnecessary to some people, a medical kit should be a mandatory safety item kept in not only your home, but also in all of your vehicles.
Knowing you won’t have to run around in a panic trying to find what you need can really put your mind at ease, and stay calm throughout the entire situation.
Another example is someone who needs to take regular medication, such as someone with seizures or a heart condition. Comprehensive sterile kits can also contain other medical equipment such as a scalpel, dental needles, wound closure strips and an IV Cannula for administering fluids, medication and blood, should you require an emergency blood tranfusion. While on the run or on holiday they should store extra medication in their kit to prevent forgetting them, which can be very life threatening. Sutures are often included too, which help to ensure that a clean and sterile needle is used should you require stitches during your trip. When their chest rises, remove your lips and repeat.Continue with 30 compressions followed by two rescue breaths until they start breathing or help arrives. If they are conscious and have chest pain, sit them up with their back and knees supported in a comfortable position and reassure them until the ambulance arrives.DON’T lie them down if you think they’re suffering from a heart attack – it makes it harder to breathe. If you don't mind the bags hanging over the sides of the re-usable shopping bag, you will be able to get 9 out of one bag, but if you prefer they be covered, you will be able to get 7. I currently use a worm drive saw and it is particularly not fond of cutting on the other side because of its heft. Something else to keep in mind for the tube idea (I like the built in clamps if possible) is that the body of the saw will need to most likely ride over the straight edge part of it and it can limit the height of the straight edge unless you are pretty regularly cutting only thinner materials. I am thinking if the girls don't feel they need a first aid kit after the fact, they can use them for a travel bag.

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