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Heavy Equipment Operators move construction materials such as dirt, rocks and heavy materials often found in construction sites, road work, demolition and oil and gas production.
For students who are specifically seeking employment with smaller construction companies or some municipal public works departments, we might suggest our Earthmoving Operator program. We offer a 10-week program that includes extensive worksite experience and hands on training in 4 pieces of heavy equipment, Backhoe, Dozer, Loader and Excavator.
This program is ideal for students who have an interest in working in the local construction industry or the oil and gas industry in Alberta.
A. The Heavy Equipment course meets the safety and training requirements of most employers in the Oil and Gas industry in Western Canada. A. The program provides two weeks of in class instruction and 120 hours of operation over eight weeks in the field. A. Students are responsible to provide their own Personal Protective Equipment while on site.
In their first year of training successful students will be certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau for their certification in welding in the four positions.
The program is designed to bring students to a level where they can confidently apply for some of the most available welding positions in Canada. Welding is in such demand that the Government of Canada is encouraging immigrants with welding skills to emigrate to Canada. In the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that welders have a bright job outlook in coming years, projecting a 15 percent growth rate in the number of welder positions between 2010 and 2020. Graduates of the Combined Basic Welding and High Pressure Pipe Welding programs can be credited with the first two blocks of their Nova Scotia Welding Apprenticeship.
Students enrolled in the High Pressure Pipe diploma program will be given the opportunity to test for their Nova Scotia High pressure pipe certification.
Applicants must possess a minimum high school diploma, mature student status, or equivalent. The McKenzie College curriculum for English as a foreign language attempts to develop the use of English for three major purposes: social interaction, academic achievement, and cultural enrichment. Enabling students to communicate effectively in different situations and settings with native and non-native speakers alike using authentic, appropriate, and correct linguistic forms. Equipping students with the requisite linguistic skills for pursuing university education in their fields of specialization. Our program includes a CAEL assessment and provides each student with an independent assessment of their current progress. View one of our trainings as delivered to an industrial facility's ERT, as part of their emergency action plan. American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) Emergency Medical Response course is designed to provide non-EMS responders including government, corporate, law enforcement, corrections personnel, executive protection professionals and industrial emergency response teams with a level of training comparable to NREMT Emergency Medical Responder. Health and Safety Sciencesa€™ ASHI Emergency Medical Responder program is fully mobile and can be delivered at any location your organization requests.
A chemical release requires a decisive and proactive response to save lives, stabilize the incident and prevent harm to property and the environment. Should your organization have operational needs for additional training in port security diving, underwater crime scenes, police diving or reconnaissance swimming, please feel free to ask for additional details. HSS provides competent person, qualification and certification classes for occupational health, safety, emergency response teams and first aid applications. Royal Canadian Mounted Police assigned to a Marine Security Emergency Response Team debark from the HMCS Ville de Quebec (FFH 332) to conduct boarding operations during Exercise Frontier Sentinel 2012 May 8, 2012 at sea off Sydney, Nova Scotia. This 48-hour course is consistent with national EMS curriculum requirements and educations standards; however, it is not the intent of the ASHI Emergency Medical Response program to cross the EMS scope of practice threshold.
Training cadre members are real world industrial responders that have extinguished out of control fires and performed damage control to prevent industrial loss.
By using comprehensive, hands-on instructional methods, HSS trains your emergency response team members using likely spill scenarios at your facilities. The training cadre comes from fire service, law enforcement, emergency management and military backgrounds. Custom training modules can be added to the base PSD Level 1 program to enhance team member training and overall team ability. We have experience in all facets of safety response a€“ from incident management to post incident investigations; from water borne operations to high angle operations and all that falls in between.
Should the release find an ignition source and become involved with flame, responders need an expert understanding of the high BTU yield of the ignited fuel and the exposure issue that will result.
This course involves strenuous physical activity in a high-pressure environments a€“ HSS is proud to boast that we build responders one skill at a time. The exercise is designed to continue to develop and validate the existing plans, treaties and standard operation procedures for a bilateral response to maritime homeland defense and security threats. Michael Farrell was only eighteen years old when he joined the army during World War II, becoming a North Nova Scotia Highlander.
My Grand Uncle Daniel McIntosh was a soldier and served during the entire WW2, enlisting as a young man on September 4th 1939 and remained in active service until August 23, 1943.
William 'Bill' James Orlando MooreServed during the First World War from 1916 - 1919 Regimental #901398 with the 4th overseas Pioneer Battalion CEF Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force.
Bombardier Adam Boutilier received his sacrifice medal from his unit 2RCHA in Petawawa, Ont. Bombardiers Adam Boutilier and Jordon Kyle Martin, MCpl Kenny Craig, MCpl Tom Cameron all from Cape Breton serving in Afghanistan in 2007.

Johnny McKeigan (deceased) served in the Second World War with the Cape Breton Highlanders remaining in England for one year following the war. Robbie Patrick lines up with his school mates to thank Veteran Ron Clarke at a Sydney Academy event for students prior to Remembrance Day about the physical and emotional cost of war. Ron Clarke, Veteran, Kevin Deveaux, SA Principal, Don Gardner, Veteran at a Sydney Academy event for students prior to Remembrance Day about the physical and emotional cost of war.
Veteran Don Gardner, Sydney Academy Remembrance Coordinator Neeta Kumar-Britten, Veteran Ron Clarke, at a Sydney Academy event for students prior to Remembrance Day about the physical and emotional cost of war.
Hi, does anyone have contact details for Brad Gillespie who submitted the picture of three veterans including Wm Macaulay. Heavy equipment operation is a job that is in good demand province wide in Nova Scotia and across the country, specifically the oils sand development in Alberta and hydroelectric power development in Newfoundland. Equipment such as bulldozers, backhoe’s, excavators and front end loaders are among the most commonly used equipment on a construction site. Compare our program in-seat equipment hours and operational time to other programs across the Maritimes.
Most employers in Western Canada give preference to employees who have some Oil Patch Experience, so prospective employees who have limited resume’s and employment backgrounds, without Oil Patch experience, might be asked about there prior work experience.
In their second year, students will train and test for their certification for high pressure pipe welding with the NS Department of Labour. The two year program provides students with two full blocks of apprenticeship recognition  by the  Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Board.
Welders and Related Machine Operators are on the list of 29 eligible occupations under the Federal Skilled Worker program. We believe that the most effective way to achieve these purposes is through the adoption of an integrated, content- based approach to teaching and learning. This is the only English Program on Cape Breton Island that offers CAEL assessment as part of the program and allow students the option of considering enrolment in the university of their choice based on their CAEL assessment. Health and Safety Sciences, LLC (HSS) provides world class confined space safety teams to industrial, municipal, and governmental organizations worldwide. Talon Groupa€™s Emergency Medical Response training cadre members are real medical responders that have provided emergency medical care in urban and industrial environments for years.
Health and Safety Sciencesa€™ interactive training techniques are designed to immerse your team members into the world of FLAG firefighting by utilizing its multi-prop FLAG simulator. Health and Safety Sciencesa€™ interactive training techniques are designed to immerse your team members into the world of hazmat response.
Health and Safety Sciences, LLCa€™s Talon Group Division has a reputation as the best of the best when it comes to emergency response teams and team training.
Feel free to contact HSS about your fire, police, security and rescue squada€™s diving certification needs. Talona€™s instructors come from high-risk contractor, law enforcement, emergency response, and military backgrounds.
For these dynamic events, your organization needs a fully prepared HazMat unit; meaning certified Hazardous Materials Technician Level trained responders.
Being recognized by the training cadre of Talon Group is one of the highest compliments that can be paid to an emergency response team or team member. Each student must not only pass a rigorous final exam, but also must successfully complete a series of skills verification stations before they can earn the distinction of Emergency Medical Responder. Talona€™s instructors employ comprehensive hands-on instructional methods and train your emergency response team members to combat a myriad of FLAG fire scenarios. For this, he received a Mention of Dispatch and the Oak Leaf Cluster, which hadn't been awarded since Korea. The picture of Leo on the tank was taken in Petawawa, Ontario for training before leaving for South Korea. 11, 1930-July 2, 2009Mel Nearing served in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (active force) in the Korean War from 1950-54. Veteran of the Second World War, RCASC Royal Canadian Army Service Corps., 11th Candian Field Ambulance 2nd division. Killed D-Day June 6 , 1944 , Varaville France Buried in Ranville War Cemetery, France .Son of Alex F. Adam Boutilier and his daughter Brielle Diab Boutilier named after fallen soldier Marc Diab (KIA Afghanistan 08-Mar-2009). Price, Little Lorraine, joined the army in 1940 and went overseas in 1941 with the Cape Breton Highlanders. Essential on almost any construction job site, the number of different machines for various applications is large enough that heavy equipment jobs are almost always available. Having a Class 3 license greatly increases employability with smaller companies who need employees who can multitask with driving and equipment operation. McKenzie College provides a modern learning environment that includes both in class and online educational resources. It is very common for employees with Oil Patch experience and Heavy Equipment training to be considered for open positions.
The same concepts and skills will be taught at various times across the multiple levels, but with increasing levels of complexity and sophistication as students progress. Health and Safety Sciencesa€™ interactive training techniques are designed to immerse students into the world of emergency medical response by utilizing ASHIa€™s world renowned learning programs. Global Rescue provides unparalleled emergency medical evacuation, security extraction, and intelligence services, with the unique capacity of field rescue worldwide.

LION is a world-renown manufacturer of personal protective equipment for police, fire fighters and other first responders. Our trainers come from fire service, law enforcement, emergency management and military backgrounds.
We currently manufacture body armor for the Department of Homeland Security, US Military, U.S. All of Talon Groupa€™s diving instructors are members of elite public safety diving teams and bring years of field experience to the classroom. Darrell went on to become a Drill Sergeant in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.He then trained in Colorado where he took the Bio-Med course and became a Physician's Assistant. All three fought together in the Liberation of Holland.Respectfully submitted,Brad Gillespieon behalf of my mother Lynn GillespieDaughter of Wm. Enlisted in 1940, served overseas with the Cape Breton Highlanders, Royal Infantry Corps.Sergeant MacLellan was killed in action on May 1, 1945 and is buried in Holland.
10, 19462nd Anit Tank Regiment RCAAssignments, Normandy, Southern France, Channel Ports, Scheldt, Nuemgen Salient, Rhineland, Groningen, Italy and peacekeeping in Poland. His first ship was the ‘Randore’ one of several ships he sailed on in the Southern States, China, British Isles and England during the Second World War.
Regiment: Cape Breton Highlanders 1st division when going to Sicily and Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, England and France. A mailman came to the door with a telegram and he asked the nextdoor neighbour if she would go with him because he didn’t want to go by himself to give them the bad news of his passing. Professional instructors with real world experience guide the class through their daily learning process. Health and Safety Sciences, LLC is pleased to announce in addition to the numerous training courses and curriculum that HSSa€™s Special Operations Rescue Team (SORT) offer to our customers, we are now offering Rescue 3 International Courses. This resource was part of AHRQ's Public Health Emergency Preparedness program, which was discontinued on June 30, 2011, in a realignment of Federal efforts. HSS partners with Proactive Safety to deliver workplace health and safety training, PPE assessments, emergency response and training, executive security, safety audits and EH&S program development to companies located throughout the Cincinnati metro area. This course involves strenuous physical activity under high-pressure demands a€“ HSS builds Emergency Medical Responders one skill set at a time.
Starting in England and ending in Italy where he was wounded on Sept 8 1944 by mortar fire, after spending 18 months in the front lines. An outstanding student and athlete, Murray was captain of his New Glasgow High School football and track teams and is in the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame.
He enlisted in January 1918 and served with the First Depot Batillion, British Columbia Regiment. He received the 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Defense Medal and the Canadian Volunteer Services Medal and clasp. All of HSSa€™s team members have real world, high speed experience, which they bring to your organizationsa€™ front door. Each team member dons personal protective equipment and functions under the Incident Management System to perform mission critical firefighting skills. He also received the Oak Leaf and by the King’s Order, his name was mentioned in dispatches for his bravery in saving the life of his buddy, Charlie Burke, Baleine, a fellow Cape Breton Highlander. By having the students hear, see and then do, HSS instructors ensure your team members can perform under pressure effectively, precisely and consistently. Each team member dons personal protective equipment and functions under the Incident Management System to perform mission critical skills. In the position of Bren Gunner in March of 1945, Mike was shot in the back of the head by a sniper’s bullet while crossing the Rhine River to Germany. Sidney Musgrave Jr., who is now home on furlough and Douglas, who was with the Canadian Army stationed at Hamilton, Ont. Charie walked on a mine and Jim, at his own risk, returned to where Charlie lay wounded and carried him to the nearest shelter. This course involves strenuous physical activity in a high-pressure environment a€“ HSS is proud to boast that we build responders one skill at a time.
Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for actions on April 13, 1945, near Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Charles Musgrave was in the Princess Louise Fusiliers and was a Fusiliel, wounded seriously in Italy.
Like most other veterans, Jim didn’t talk much about the war, and was reluctant to tell the story of his bravery. On Jim’s death, the Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledged the fact that his life long ill health was due largely in part to the damage to his lungs caused by the war. Sidney Musgrave was a Trooper and went overseas fighting in the battle in Belgium and was there until the war ended.Douglas Musgrave was a gunner, he went overseas to Holland in that battle and was there until the war ended. The department sent a cross to his widow with Jim’s name and number inscribed on it, which she proudly wears on Remembrance Day and other special occasions. The medal was approved by King George V in 1919 to record the bringing of the war to a successful conclusion and the services rendered by his Majesty’s Force.

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