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Singapore, 30 June 2014 Monday - KBA Training Centre (KBAT) is pleased to announce a new diving training – Dive Technician Course that aims to develop the all-round competence of the dive technician in support of the diving system maintenance and equipment. A total of three modules can be completed in a three-week period or in blocks of one week depending on delegate’s availability. Note: New entrants to the industry should be treated as trainees until deemed competent to work unsupervised. Delegates, who have attended and successfully completed each module, will be awarded with individual certification as they progress through the course. In just 3 days, the ACLS Package covers 4 major certifications – Basic Life Support, Airway Management, ECG and Pharmacology and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Now you can take your American Heart Association (AHA) certification right here in the heart of KL.

AHA certifications are accepted internationally and recognised by leading healthcare and non-healthcare institutions around the world.
1) Transfer: The candidate is still working in Singapore, is available for interviewand is allowed by her current employer to transfer to a new employer. 2)End contract: The candidate will end contract soon in Singapore, is available for interview but has to leave Singapore fist to re-apply her work permit. 3)Ex Singapore: The candidate has previously worked in Singapore and is currently not in Singapore. Equipment used to support and conduct diving operations requires technicians for its installation, maintenance, inspection, testing and repair. The ACLS Package is your absolute training pathway to a full American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification.

AHA is recognised as the world leader in ECC (Emergency Cardiovascular Care), CPR and first aid education.
The correct function or maintenance of the equipment is essential to the well-being of the divers and other members of the dive team. This course encompasses the knowledge and skills required for technicians to competently perform daily operational tasks.

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