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Founded in 1979, Canoe Safaris offers fun filled river holidays for folks with little or no paddling experience.
After more than three decades in operation and thousands of happy customers, we are confident that our guided canoe and rafting trips have the right balance of fun, relaxation and exploration.
Canoe Safaris has a river holiday for all ages, from families with young children to those over 70 years young.
Canoe Safaris is also member’s of the NZ Rafting Association, and hold guiding Concessions for the Whanganui National Park and Kaweka Forest Park. Canoe Safaris also operate ski lodge accommodation at the base of Turoa ski resort on the southern slopes of Mt.
Triple One Care can supply a varied range of specialist resuscitation, airway management, immobilisation and extrication equipment. First Aid has traditionally been taught in a classroom style but at Triple One Care we know that people learn in different ways and at different speeds.
Triple One Care will ensure your business, organisation, company, school, club or home has the first aid skills and supplies on hand, to respond to incidents fast and effectively. From defibrillators and first aid courses to bandaids or replacement stock in your home cabinet. Quality, service, reliability, flexibility and competiveness are our trade mark to success. We don't expect accidents and disasters to happen to us, but they do, and the simple truth is being prepared is the only way to face the future with confidence. Pictures from today’s cross-county phase of the NZPCA Eventing Championships, a two-day-event run in conjunction with the Manawatu West Coast Area Pony Club. The Franklin Thames Valley team lead after two phases, with Canterbury second and Taranaki third. The cross-country course was designed by World Equestrian Games champion Andrew Scott, who also lectures at Massey University as part of the school’s equine programme.
The course was developed through a partnership between Massey University and the Manawatu Pony Club. Renee Faulkner leads the AI Cup, with Elleysha Eastell leading the DC champs and Sky Notte the MT Championship.

It is now the fastest growing water sport in New Zealand, and certainly it’s making fishing far more accessible to Kiwis. There are several really important questions you need to ask when setting up for kayak fishing, and some fundamental traps to try and avoid. There are many good brands and styles of kayaks on the market suitable for fishing, ranging from around $800 to $2500 or more. It is possible to get a kayak that handles well, suits your intentions and fits your capabilities, so visit a store with a large selection and good knowledge to ensure you are matched to the most suitable model.
Everything about purchasing a kayak for fishing comes back to your fishing intentions and comfort.
Next month, in part two, we will look at some of the potential pitfalls to look for when purchasing a kayak, as well as useful additional features, recommended clothing and the safety issues to keep in mind. We have a range of different canoes and rafts suitable to the various requirements of the Whanganui, Mohaka and Rangitikei rivers. If you have pre conceived notions of basic eating on camping trips then we’ll guarantee your in for an interesting surprise! Triple One Care, is both an innovative and award winning New Zealand company, with an unrelenting focus on being the best. The course was well received by riders, and organiser Chris Rogers declared the day a success.
Here’s some advice based on the questions asked every day in our store and from our personal experience. All of these kayaks have different features and benefits, so checking them out is important if you want one that matches your requirements.
It will be lighter, and easier to lift and carry on shorter trips, a rudder will be unnecessary, and as you’ll probably carry less gear, not as much storage area is needed. It’s no good purchasing a kayak with a load capacity of ninety kilos if your weight is eighty to ninety kilos. Specialists will also advise you on lifting and loading technique and offer a range of trolleys suitable for wheeling your kayak to the water’s edge. Our tents, barrels and camping equipment are designed for durability, comfort and water-proofness.

With the essential equipment, buoyancy aid and paddle, this could be an investment of well under $1000 – and after that your ongoing costs effectively end.
You look at many makes and models, you talk with a car sales department that will be able to answer your questions about performance, handling, efficiency etc, and you test-drive your potential purchase. The key to height is that the taller the trunk of your body, the higher the gravitational pull, so a wide and stable boat may actually be the best option. However, strength will be a factor when it comes to loading your kayak onto your roof rack, carrying it to the beach, or paddling any distance with a lot of equipment, so being realistic about your strength is advisable. If already an experienced fisher, you’ll have some firm ideas about what you want accessible and what can be stored further away. Our guides are well versed in local flora and fauna as well as the rich history of the Whanganui River. Compare that to the dollars required to purchase a boat, and afterwards there are the fuel and maintenance costs, perhaps mooring fees or trailer maintenance, warrant or registration, boat-ramp fees and so on. A kayak specialist will be able to answer all these questions, encourage you to test-drive a selection, and offer you kayaking instruction and knowledge. If it becomes too much of a burden to get the kayak onto the car, then the likelihood is you’ll flag going out, and that would be a shame.
You will need to reach your storage areas easily and safely, so feeling stable on your kayak when moving about is important, too.
Paddle clips fold out from the side of the kayak for you to lock your paddle in whilst fishing. Estimate your combined gear weight with your personal weight and the weight of the fish, and that’s where you need to start.
These hold your paddle rigid along the kayak, ready to grab as needed, but sitting firmly when stowed.

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