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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It is a fact of life that accidents happen!  Are you prepared to be a first responder?  To provide emergency first aid until professional help arrives or until you can take the victim to the hospital? Learn how to help and comfort people suffering from slips and falls, car accidents, cuts and bruises, head trauma, cardiac arrest, blocked airways, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, allergic reactions, broken bones, neck and spinal injuries and a whole lot more with this Basic First Aid DVD.
We talked earlier in the year about how critical First Aid training is, especially in Australia.

Around 40 of Rigforce’s offshore crew have completed First Aid training over the past year, and the St John First Aid trainers have been fantastic to work with.
Rigforce communications are intended to provide general information and commentary and should not be taken as professional or legal advice.
We wanted to take the opportunity to encourage everyone – whether you work in the oil industry or not – to complete a little practical upskilling with a St John Ambulance First Aid course.
Less than 5% of Australians have a First Aid certificate, and we have the highest rates of asthma and allergies in the world – both potentially life-threatening conditions, especially for children.

St John offer an exceptional service which literally saves lives and they do it year-round in every major city in Australia.
They also offer a range of vital information and medical essentials – like First Aid kits and supplies – and have a huge suite of nationally accredited and non-accredited courses for the home and the workplace.

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