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My seven-year old and I drove my twins and my husband to Boy Scout Camp this week at Camp Meriwether near Tillamoook, Oregon on the coast.
Boy Scouts are all about adventure and community service and teaching youth  skills that stay with them for a life time. In honor of Women’s History Month, Carol Starre-Kmiecik visited the Mentor Library to talk about the life of Clara Barton, battlefield nurse and founder of the American Red Cross, while in character as Clara. Clara was first introduced to the International Red Cross when she visited Switzerland while recovering from a nervous breakdown after the war. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged American Red Cross, Civil War, Clara Barton, Women's History Month.
The boys were a little more tired and a little more dirty than when I dropped them off a week ago, but still filled with energy while singing and chanting and clapping and enjoying the camp fire program.

Newt then took you into his arms and started to carry you over to the homestead as Jeff and Clint led the way. She was named after a character from the novel Clarissa or the History of a Young Lady, which her aunt was reading when Clara was born in 1821. Later, when she was 30, she opened a free school in Bordentown, New Jersey, where there had only been subscription schools before. They spent a week there on an adventure of hiking, shooting bows and arrows, earning merit badges, swimming, walking along the beach, and camping. The merit badges they earned were environmental science, life saving, and first aid. In fact, she may well have been the first full-time female employee of the federal government. The other boys just stood and watched as Newt pounded the wall, hoping you’d make it through the whole night.

He looked down, angry and mad at himself for letting you go into the maze in the first place.
As you may have guessed, some of her male coworkers treated her poorly—even going so far as to spit tobacco in her skirt. However, when she suggested starting an American Red Cross to his antecessor, President Chester Arthur, he loved it.

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