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I’m not a primer gal, but I do like getting primer minis, so the Smashbox Iconic PhotoFinish Foundation Primer deluxe sample is a welcome addition. The advantage to getting my hair done twice a week is that I get to play around with product. CGR is a place to find tips for better living and product reviews to help you make clever choices!
Unlike everyone else I don’t think I am going to use the Wave Spray but I really like the First Aid cleanser so far!
We're suddenly searching for all of our favourite balms and creams to help us keep away dreaded dried-out flakeys!

It gives your skin a subtle glimmer that catches the light, but also keeps your skin supple and protected from the elements. Scroll for the best lip balm, and highlighting, candidates out there to suit any budget (ordered from less to luxe), then click-to-buy your favourite. I normally use the Oribe after my hair has been blown out and styled but decided to give this a try.
Every blogger gave the Blotterrazzi by BeautyBlender raves so I will love having a washable blotting device.
Another product my fave bloggers rave about is First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser so having a nice size of that to use at home or to travel with is awesome.

The rest were throwaways for me but my thought is that if I can discover one new product I love then it’s a win.

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