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Get in a New York State of Mind with  these irresistible gift options (and hey, if you snag a little something for yourself, we promise not to tell!). Channel an urban cowgirl look with these lace-up, Italian leather, high top sneakers, featuring a hidden wedge heel, a fluorescent pink outsole, and a vertical row of cascading fringe along the side positioned next to a vertical strip of neon pink , domed round studs. Not only is he considered the poster child of the Pop Art movement that flourished in the 1960s, Andy Warhol is largely deemed as one of the most relevant and influential artists of the 20th century. Now based in Brooklyn, Brown University alumni and pals Shira Entis and Alex Bell, have made it their mission to reinvent found objects and vintage materials,  re-purpose fabrics and leathers, and breathe new life into discarded items, transforming them into sleek handbags.
This gunmetal-plated chain link necklace features five orb-shaped glass beads in a green shade reminiscent of  Maleficent’s staff (minus the raven which was typically propped atop the sphere at the tip of her cane in the Disney movie). Few brands do color quite like Urban Decay and that intrepid, risk-taking,  in-your-face, take-no-prisoners attitude is precisely what makes us associate the brand with New York City — even if, in an interesting twist, its roots are deeply entrenched in California.
Every stylish New York woman has a few choice weapons in her clothing arsenal: a little black dress, a pair of skinny jeans, biker boots,  and a leather jacket among them. Cruella De Vil herself would give up her dream of a dalmatian coat if she could just dip her feet into these gloriously spotted pumps by New York-based Puerto Rican footwear designer Edmundo Castillo. Lola may have been Marc Jacobs’ most bodacious scent thus far, but Dot is certainly his coyest. Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann’s nail lacquers are hot ticket items but, when she releases her limited edition holiday sets, the temperature level rises to sizzling heights , with beauty lovers trying to score their very own kits with the maniacal frenzy of Lady Gaga fans on the hunt for prime concert seats. Next, you have Moon Dance, an ethereal metallic lavender shade that looks a bit more purple in certain lighting and slightly more grayish and moody in other lighting.
Last, but not least, we have Phoenix Rising, an copper diva who rules the room whenever she appears. Since the launch of her now iconic Morning After Bag, New York-based designer Rebecca Minkoff’s name has become synonymous with downtown cool, fusing together a rocker edginess with an uptown sleekness.
Find yourself strolling through the baby product aisle looking for the gentlest of body washes and lotions so that your sensitive skin won’t become irritated, scratchy, or red? When designing her Fall 2012 collection, iconic New York designer Cynthia Rowley found inspiration in the work wear of auto  mechanics, cobblers, bricklayers,  leather workers, and laborers  — but, of course, she veered away from a literal interpretation and instead played with layering, splatter-paint motifs, touches of distressed leather and a kaleidoscopic tortoise shell print.
Whether ice skating at Bryant Park, strolling through Fifth Avenue, going on a horse carriage ride, or sipping some coffee or hot cocoa on the way to work, your ears will be protected from the chilly winter air  in these magenta-colored faux fur earmuffs. The hair care and skin care line that’s been trumpeted by such celebrities as Solange Knowles, Selita Ebanks, Mary J.
Upper East Side darling Michelle Smith has been on a color-blocking kick as of late, and her geometric kick has even bled into her line of handbags, much to the delight of  her preppy fashion-loving fans (think Blair Waldorf during her Constance days).
Think past wine glasses and bottle totes and gift some stylish bottle stoppers to the vino-loving vixens and master entertainers in your life.
Whether you’re shopping for a co-worker, relative, or friend, the LUSH Secret Santa Gift is sure to turn frowns upside down. Even those who can’t play the piano like Alicia Keys, Elton John, and Tori Amos  — to name a few pop icons — will appreciate the cleverness of this wooden  jewelry box, shaped like a baby grand. Paris may be known as the city of lights but, come Christmas time, New York City is quite the contender, as larger-than-life Christmas trees, wreaths, store windows, skyscrapers, and  awnings are covered with strings of twinkling lights. Spikes, ID bracelets, chunky chains, pyramid studs — does it get more New York than that? Look inside any New Yorker’s makeup bag and your bound to find a tube of lipgloss or lipstick and, of course, a tube of mascara. The basketball-inspired NEO Label Gold Shoes are so hot, they might just leave sneakerheads feeling feverish. New York City’s tastemakers look to vinyl toys as miniature pieces of art, artifacts as worthy of display as traditional oil paintings and silk screens. You can find First Aid Beauty products on the company’s website, at Sephora and Feel Unique, among other retailers. I’ve heard so much about first aid beauty, I think I need to bite the bullet and try it out!
I’ve long been curious about this brand but never did too the plunge and purchase any. I love the sound of all of these and have been dying to try First Aid Beauty – I will definitely see if this is going to be stocked anywhere in the UK!
I would really like to have a try onto the skin rescue purifying mask which I have been eyeing for quite long and this product is one of the wish lists too. This is the second positive review of the Ultra Repair Cream that I’ve read this week so I need it in my life! We sold FAB Ultra cream at work and I wasn’t particularly impressed but I keep reading so many good reviews, that I think It may be just me who didn’t give it chance! At this point, I'm pretty much a broken record telling you how absolutely incredible all the products by First Aid Beauty are. Vitamin Hydrating Mist: A face mist that fixes weary, dehydrated skin and protects against environmental aggressors.
Ultra Repair Pure Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 40: A nourishing, lightweight complexion protector that combines the hydrating and nourishing power of Ultra Repair with high level UVA and UVB protection.

Thus far, we’ve shown you gift options inspired by Athens, London, Stockholm, Berlin, and Paris . While living in New York in the 1960s, Warhol gained recognition for his ability to transform everyday miscellany — soup cans, bananas, and dollar bills among them — into objects of desire , all through his usage of color, his deliberate ink blotting, his purposeful smudges and smears, and his penchant for repeating images. His most stunning pieces, then, titillate by catering to our inner daredevils, by toying with the pleasures of lusting after the dangerous and forbidden.
She’s warm, effusive, funny, charismatic, talkative and just all-around lovable — I mean, this is a woman, whose makeup studio in the Upper East Side is typically stocked with cookies and treats for kids and visitors alike. In addition to upcycling materials, Fleabags prioritizes eco-friendly practices by using only water-based inks in all its silkscreens and hand-sewing every handbag. Just like the orb on Maleficent’s staff, these spheres are spellbinding — but, of course, they use their powers for good, not evil.
This two-toned leather jacket raises the style stakes by incorporating an edgy diagonal zipper, a figure-flattering peplum waistline, and black panels along the sleeves and the sides of the bodice for a slimming visual effect.
Designed as part of a collaboration with Chadwick Bell (the shoes made their debut in Bell’s Fall 2012 runway show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City), the  snakeskin pumps feature an imposing black platform along the front, a straight stiletto heel, and a suede bow in a blue lagoon shade that sits right along the top arch of the foot. Packaged inside a cheeky, mischievous yet adorable, ladybug-inspired bottle covered in polka dots and featuring winged details, the Dot by Marc Jacobs fragrance is as exuberant and coquettish as its packaging insinuates.
This season, Lippmann treated nail lovers to several different sets including this trio of warm, shimmering, mysterious shades, aptly dubbed Rock This Town.
The tortoise shell print is visible in this futuristic, bold, confident dress, which features a rounded neckline and long sleeves.
Perk up your winter wardrobe with some eye-popping baubles like this oxidized silver plated necklace from New York-based brand Dannijo, featuring multiple rows of clear- and neon-coated Swarovski crystal. Blige, and Jada Pinkett started out as a one-woman operation with its headquarters consisting of founder Lisa Prices’ Brooklyn kitchen.
The Tats Cru team — Bio, Nicer, BG 183, HOW, and NOSM — created this intricate design to represent the vibrant aerosol art murals still seen throughout the Boogie Down. Not only does 180 Limited offer funky, ’80s-flavored, square-faced watches in more colors than a bag of Skittles, it also offers customers the ability to change their watch straps as often as their sneaker laces.
This quaint set  from the Martha Stewart collection features three metal-and-rubber wine stoppers, each measuring 4″ in length, topped off with a metallic red bow accent. Put this theory to the test by investing in a hardcore, stud- and spike-covered piggy bank. This  five-piece mascara set from Clinique gives women the ability to flutter their eyelids and bat their eyelashes coquettishly in order to bend people to their will.
From their pronounced tongue to the bling-y molten gold color of the metallic leather uppers and  the snake-embossed  inserts accentuating the high ankle collar and tucked between the three signature stripes along the sides, these limited-edition sneakers might start their own Gold Rush. The Manhattan skyline, for instance, is whimsically represented, visible behind a rendition of the Brooklyn Bridge, while the theater masks positioned above it reference Broadway productions  and the Big Apple’s prominent role in the realm of stage plays. These top-of-the-line eye pencils glide onto skin easily, deliver rich and saturated pigments, and they stay in place all day without losing their luster. Well, if her Pink Friday fragrance is any indication, she has a love jones for fruity, mouth-watering notes like starfruit, Italian mandarin and blackberry, combined with watery florals like lotus and jasmine, and finished with sugary caramel and vanilla base notes. But when I snagged the First Aid Beauty Spring Skin Savers Kit at Sephora, I thought it was such an incredible value, I had to share it as soon as possible.
If you don’t know much about the brand,  First Aid Beauty designs its products to be appropriate for even the most sensitive skin. It contains the FAB Antioxidant Booster (white tea, licorice root, and feverfew) which promises to block damaging free radicals while the formula is pH-balanced to maintain the natural acidity of the skin.  It has a light, whipped texture and develops a moderate foam when making contact with water. The Ultra Repair Cream has been so transformative, I haven’t needed anything extra (more on that in a second). The OZ Naturals serum that I was using (reviewed here) and still use, helped considerably with the situation. There are even smaller (and cheaper) kits on Sephora which look great to trial some of FAB’s products.
I think it used to be available at Boots but that no longer seems to be the case…I could be wrong. Throughout the month of August, I will be giving away an array of unbelievable beauty prizes from some of my all-time favorite brands. This is one of my all-time favorite skincare brands and if you haven't already tried their products, you simply have to -- your skin is really missing out. But, of course, the hidden wedge propels the style into the future, as does the juxtaposition of urban and Southwestern trimmings.
And, most importantly, she knows how to simplify a woman’s makeup routine while keeping her looking her very best. For a softer effect, you can simply use the enclosed Eye Rimz brush, sweep it atop the rounded surface of the desired Eye Rimz shade and then glide it along your upper lash line (and lower lash line, if you so desire). A decade later, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and the Curious Five, Afrika Bambaata, the Sugarhill Gang, the Cold Crush Brothers, and DJ Disco Wiz were among the youngsters pioneering the sound that would later be dubbed hip-hop and which would definite not only a musical style but also an entire cultural movement. The Lexington Artemis Satchel pictured here, for instance, is made out of  red wool artillery blankets  typically used in Civil War reenactments and features an alpine brown leather bottom and top handle, a detachable black leather shoulder strap, a black slip pocket and flap pocket along the front panel of the bag, and two slim yellow strap along either side of the bag’s top surface.

And, while we can’t imagine life without the Naked and Naked 2 palettes, their 20-shade Vice Palette, with its brand new  electrifying bright shades and sultry metallic hues, sends us into a state of euphoria. The fragrance includes succulent red berry and dragonfruit notes, along with a coconut water note, for a bit of tropical flamboyance, but these flashy fruity scents are married with very feminine notes of jasmine and orange blossom, then tempered with more sensual vanilla, musk and driftwood notes. Each lacquer is so cleverly nuanced that it seems to transform constantly, its tonality changing depending on the number of coats applied, the lighting, and even the angle at which they’re regarded. All of the products the brand releases are formulated under the supervision of dermatologist Dr. And, while it has grown and evolved into a household brand, Carol’s Daughter has retained many of the recipes that first put the brand on the map, continuing to release the products that helped to amass its first group of loyalists. Since each silicone bland is interchangeable, the  color  combinations (not to mention the resulting photo ops) are practically endless. Each product in the collection, then, is a true collector’s item, a way in which everyone can own a piece of art history. The black-and-cream combination is absolutely classic, but the addition of a honeysuckle pink stripe along either side adds a youthful twist, as do the angular lines on either side of the bag. The stoppers will keep the wine inside open bottles from becoming stale while also adding a stylish touch to any dinner table.
Hey, this little piggy earned some serious street cred so you know  he’ll guard your money fiercely. First, there’s the Sea Spa Mineral Bath Salts, formulated with pain-reducing sea salt, mood uplifting grapefruit oil, soothing and anti-inflammatory lavender oil, invigorating spearmint oil, and cooling and calming cucumber extract. This holiday season, fans of the pink-haired rapper can purchase the Pink Friday Holiday Gift Set, available exclusively at Macy’s. Available in teal, black, orange, or black, each Lovebirds by Kronk figure stands on their tail, its heart-shaped feet in the air.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough as the kit appears to be sold out online (you can keep checking this link in case the kit comes back in stock).
Check your local Sephora to see if this kit is still in stock OR consider the products individually, the Ultra Repair Cream is worth its weight in gold, if you ask me. They're perfect for all skin types (even super sensitive like mine) and just make your skin look and feel fantastic. This collectible coffret is shaped like an oversize tin can — perhaps a nod to the Campbell’s Soup can Andy Warhol immortalized in his painting — and features repeated images of glossy lips for a distinctly Pop Art feel. This adorable three-piece gift set, inspired by the magical quality of New York City during the holiday season, comes in a small, stocking-appropriate box bearing a black-and-white image of the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center and, of course, the enormous Christmas tree next to it, with embossed silver-toned star accents making the tree come to life on the box. For a stronger, more geometric look and more intense color, you can use the enclosed Shadow Shifter, a water-like liquid that comes in a tiny squeeze tube akin to a miniature Visine bottle. Celebrate the soundtrack of New York City with this limited edition, handmade tank top from Brooklyn-based brand Junkprints, which features graffiti-style bubble letters and an illustration of an old school, Radio Raheem-like  boom box . For those who bounce for brights, the palette offers such beauties as Chaos, a near-matte cobalt blue with just a touch of shimmer, and Noise, a deep magenta with scattered specks of gold glitter. The result is a bubbly, upbeat, playful aroma that will bring out anyone’s inner child.
This, of course, lends these metallic shades an ephemeral quality that makes them reminiscent of a Stevie Nicks song, while the glimmer packed into each formula adds a rocker-like defiance.
Robert Buka, and they contain no allergens, harsh chemicals, artificial dyes or fragrances, parabens, sulfates, or alcohols, so that the primary ingredients are soothing grain and plant extracts. One of these products was the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, a leave-in moisturizer designed for curly-haired gals that not only hydrated their tresses but gave them definition without weighing them down or leaving hair greasy. For complete stress reduction, the kit also includes the Repechage Eye Rescue Pads, which reduce puffiness and inflammation via a mix of black tea, cucumber, chamomile, and seaweed. Packaged inside a cube-shaped box with multi-colored studding details along the sides and a golden illustration of Nicki along the front, this set  includes the Pink Friday Eau de Parfum Spray, along with a Scented Body Lotion and Hair Mist. When you squeeze a drop of the Shadow Shifter unto the bristles of the Eye Rimz brush and then sweep the brush atop the desired Eye Rimz shade, the color will adhere better to the bristles, allowing yo to achieve the desired intensity and depth. Those aching for aquatic shades, meanwhile, will appreciate such offerings as Unhinged, a turquoise-tinged teal with a lovely satin sheen, and Junkie, a hunter green with bluish undertones and gold shimmer.
The Smooth Operator Kit contains three of the editor-approved, customer-beloved All-Stars of the FAB brand: a 2 oz. I’ve also gotten in the habit of using it as an eye cream substitute without any sensitivity or irritation. Best of all, although it is highly effective moisturizer, it has a beautiful whipped texture that is light and airy. Then introduce her to the joys of  the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk collection with this starter kit, which includes 2 fl.

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