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Kew Gardens, formally called the Royal Botanical Gardens, is a 300 acre garden in Richmond Upon Thames in the southwest of London. The Gardens are, among other things, a testimony to the great wealth of the United Kingdom that began just before the Victorian era. The true story of Kew gardens began in the 17th century with Sir Richard Bennett, who owned the Kew Park Estate. This tiny, half-timbered cottage was a wedding present to Queen Charlotte when she married George III. Temperate House is even bigger than Palm House and, as its name implies, the building houses plants from temperate zones. This charming glass greenhouse looks cool and airy from the outside, but it is hot and humid inside. Other must-sees at Kew Gardens are the cacti near the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the fascinating carnivorous plants and beautiful orchids, which can be found in the conservatory itself. While traveling, he was also exposed to a wide variety of garden settings, including Horticultural Hall at the 1876 Centennial, England's Sydenham Crystal Palace, the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and the flora of South America, the Caribbean, Florida, California and Hawaii. In addition to his travels, Pierre also built an impressive record of success in corporate America.
At the age of 36, Pierre bought the Peirce farm and soon began creating what would become Longwood Gardens. Many generations helped create Longwood Gardens, but Pierre du Pont – industrialist, conservationist, farmer, designer, impresario, and philanthropist – was to make the most enduring contribution.
The small, heavily streaked Pine Siskin is often irruptive in winter, and can be seen over large parts of the U.S.

Pine Siskins usually breed in small colonies, although each pair still defends a small area around their nest.
The Victorians were fascinated by the exotic plants that began to come back from their colonies in Africa, the Far East and India. The estate was passed down to his daughter Dorothy, who married Sir Henry Capel who was a passionate gardener.
This 4,499 square meter greenhouse is a modern, more angular update of the Palm and the Temperate Houses.
This is because its interior is dominated by a great pool full of beautiful water lilies, including the huge Victoria Amazonica.
He attended several world’s fairs and expositions, where he was astounded by grand architecture and the latest technology, including the huge display of water pumps at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia and illuminated fountains at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
Visits to Italian villas and French chateaux focused on the architectural qualities and water effects of those gardens. He followed no grand plan; rather, he built the gardens piecemeal, beginning with the “old-fashioned” Flower Garden Walk. Most of their breeding range is outside that of the Brown-headed Cowbird, so there is little opportunity for nest parasitism, although where the two species do overlap, significant parasitism has been observed. The botanical garden boasts over 30,000 varieties of plants and a library that contains close to a million books. They needed to build structures that would duplicate the plants’ native habitats as much as possible.
Kew Park Estate at last fell into the hands of Princess Augusta, the widow of Frederick, Prince of Wales.

Since the building is administered by Historic Royal Palaces, a tourist needs to pay extra to visit it. Though the Palm House took about four years to build, Temperate House took ten times longer. There’s also an Aquatic Garden with even more plants that grow in and on the edges of bodies of water, including phragmites and bulrushes.
Made out of flexible metal, it sways when it is windy, something that no doubt thrills and scares some visitors.
His early years were influenced by the area’s natural beauty and by the du Pont family’s long tradition of gardening. Some of these traveling Pine Siskins can remain to breed, even in areas far from the normal breeding range of the species.
Therefore, architects and designers began to build greenhouses that were large enough to house palm trees. But not even Pierre himself could have predicted that he would someday become one of the country’s most influential gardeners.
Many of the buildings that are still found at Kew were begun under the stewardship of Princess Augusta. Decimus Burton and Richard Turner’s Palm House and Temperate House are famous examples of this.

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