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This game is about a character whose goal is to evolve into the dominant life form on Earth and live in Eden where Gaia lives. After Ice Age has ended, rodents get diverser,but not the small mouse - rodents, especially rats, evolve into large carnivores. Rain World is an post-warming world that is going to great change.Rats and carnivorans got very peripheral niches. This age is an boiling blodiverse world that haves a tropical oddities such as a giant toraton or giant falconfly. When Africa collides with Eurasia ,it forms another Gondwana filled with unique amphibians and lizards.

De la lista he jugado a los Secrets (Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana 1 y 2) y al Tales of Phantasia (el mejor juego rpg que he jugado hasta ahora). Owls and Eagles have niches of parrots and flightless birds,Game birds became more unique,alligators evolved to be like the penguin,and frogs adapted to the desert and the shorelines of Laurasia 2. Squids replace mammals, fish replace birds, semi-aquatic amphibians and long lasting agamids and tegu. But mammals are impacted to death - most of them are small and not bigger than the kangaroo. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers.

Monotremes and marsupials are extinct in Rain World - Australia rushing with the large power into Asia.

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