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Hom nay minh s? hu?ng d?n cac b?n kh?c ph?c l?i khong kh?i d?ng du?c cac ?ng d?ng sau khi cai Office 2013 (don’t startup Office). Ever had the experience of working in Internet Explorer and suddenly a message appears indicating Internet Explorer has stopped working and is shutting down? This irritating problem is most likely caused by an "add-on," (this is sometimes written as "addon") also called "plugin." These appear when another unrelated program is installed on the computer and it creates an add-on, or plugin, which attaches itself to Internet Explorer. This can be very helpful, for instance in coordinating an anti-virus program with the browser or adding a desired toolbar. Look over the list to see if there is a recently added item or one that you suspect may be causing the problem. To disable an item right-click on it to bring up a menu with a disable option and click it.
Though a little tedious, this process will most likely help you discover which add-on is causing the problem. L?i nay khong ph?i la l?i do b? cai d?t vi v?y cac b?n co g? ra va cai l?i hang tram hang ngan l?n nhu tren m?t s? di?n dan hu?ng d?n thi cung khong hi?u qu?.

Nguyen nhan chung c?a l?i nay la do cac Add-ins (cac thanh ph?n m? r?ng) da du?c cai s?n ho?c du?c cai them vao khong tuong thich v?i phien b?n Office 2013.
However, the shutdown problem can occur when Internet Explorer is updated (as through Windows automatic updates) which conflicts with the add-on, or there is a programming problem with the add-on.
However, it may take some detective work to figure out which add-on is causing the problem.
If you take this approach, we suggest you start enabling the ones you want one-by-one starting with your active anti-virus program and test the browser after enabling each one. In some cases a window may popup to confirm the action and possibly offering various options.

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