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The incapability to reach or maintain an erection to perform sexual intercourse is known as impotency or erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction may occur right after surgery to remove the prostate, regardless of the fact that the surgical technique is performed that by sparing the nerve that controls erection.
Erectile dysfunction may attain its severity depending upon the type of surgical technique, stage of cancer, or skill of the surgeon. Recovery from erectile dysfunction may occur within the first year following the nerve-sparing technique. Reported data revealed 66% erectile dysfunction rate in case of nerve-sparing prostatectomy as compared to 75% for non-nerve sparing surgery within a year of surgery. Erectile dysfunction usually begins gradually following radiation therapy within about six months of the treatment.
Radiation therapy has some common complications associated with it, including Erectile dysfunction, however, its occurrence may decrease with the application of more sophisticated treatments, such as intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), radioactive seed implants (brachytherapy), or 3-D conformal radiotherapy.
Erectile dysfunction desire may occur approximately two to four weeks following hormone therapy, which is due to the testosterone-reducing action of the drugs.
Although the mechanism of action is similar, oral drugs such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis has little differences in the chemical makeup. Testosterone replacement raises man's sexual desire, thereby improving erectile dysfunction. Injections into the penis can be an effective treatment procedure in case drugs for oral erectile dysfunction fail for patients who underwent surgery or have received radiation therapy for prostate cancer.
Erection can be regained in approximately 60% to 80% men with the application of injection treatments.
A penis pump or a vacuum pump is a device with a hollow tube that can be kept over the penis. In this treatment procedure, a suppository is placed into the urethra (urinary tube) with the help of a plastic applicator. This technique is applicable if the patient did not recover A fromA  erectile dysfunction within a year of cancer treatment and at the same time nonsurgical techniques have failed or was unacceptable.
I am talking about sexual dysfunction, impotency, etc., whatever you want to call it caused by no physical reason. Several human studies have also shown that ginseng may lower blood sugar levels, which could benefit people with type 2 diabetes.
Men with prostate cancer or elevated PSA should probably avoid testosterone treatment, according to WebMD.
23rd January 2013 - A vaccine against meningitis B - one of the deadliest forms of the disease - has become the first to be licenced for use in Europe.
Testicular Implants Restore natural appearance with saline-filled testicular implants. Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) Symptoms and Signs Could you have erectile dysfunction ? Adding Testosterone to Viagra May Not Help Erectile Dysfunction WebMD Symptom Checker.
Some men however find that taking a different perspective on the problem goes a long way to being able to completely ignore the lack of an erection during sexual activity.

The vast majority of men consider that an erect penis is absolutely essential if both they and their partners are to be satisfied with sex. In fact the erect penis contributes very little to a satisfying sexual encounter unless the aim is to make babies and even then there are very successful alternatives. Therefore a frank discussion with ones partner or perhaps even seeking help from a sexual counselor may bring a man to the conclusion that erectile dysfunction is not such a big deal after all.
So therefore I was able to go into treatment for prostate cancer without any real concerns about the possibility of erectile dysfunction. Loss of libido due to chemo-therapy or other causes is entirely another matter of course, which can certainly cause erectile dysfunction and may require a different management approach. Though unlikely, still Erectile function recovery after a non-nerve-sparing surgery is possible. Application of erectile dysfunction drug or vacuum devices after the healing of the body from surgery may improve the quality of erections and rapid return of normal sexual function.
This may result in infertility, although most men are diagnosed with prostate cancer at old ages. These minor variations affect the way of function of the medications, such as how quickly it may start its effect and wears off.
This therapy is generally not recommended for patients having testosterone levels at the lower of the normal range. The procedure may have fewer side effects, including the development of scar tissue or occasional pain from any of the drugs applied for injection therapy.
The drug alprostadil that relaxes muscle of the erection chamber, thereby permitting blood flow into the penis is present in the suppository that travels to the erection chamber. Penile implant, or prosthesis, is quite an effective therapy to treat erectile dysfunction in many men, butA  does require surgery to place the implant into the penis. A closer look at the reasons behind this belief however starts to raise some serious doubts as to whether the claim would stand up in court.
The nerve endings that excite pleasure during sexual activity in both the male and female are not efficiently stimulated by the penis during sexual intercourse. This means that having penetrated the vagina the penis is about as much value as a sword in a scabbard. Certainly using only the penis, in any condition, is a fairly clumsy and ineffective method of stimulating the female erogenous nerves. I have limited erectile capability returning after chemical castration and radiation therapy but in my case that is quite irrelevant.
But it didn’t take me long to learn that I can have just as much fun with an equally excited partner and continue for a lot longer, without wrecking my bed. Even so the body has amazing recuperative ability and the return of libido usually occurs as testosterone levels return to normal.
This is a hand- or battery-powered device which quite easy to operate and associated with low risk of problems. Semirigid or expansive penile implants are safe and effective treatment technique for many men with erectile dysfunction. By age 20, the prostate has reached its normal size and remains unchanged until approximately age 50.

Prostate surgery is the preferred treatment option for many prostatic problems, in particular cancer.There is a major downside of the surgical option, however, and that is the reduced sexual ability you are likely to suffer from after undergoing the procedure. Over 95% of the female nervous system, the erogenous zones, which play such an important part in sexual excitement and gratification, are external to the vagina.
If this device is a suitable treatment for the sufferer then his doctor may recommend a specific model by which the patient can make sure that it A is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), suits the need, A and manufactured by a reputable organization. It has some disadvantages since surgical procedures can cause infection or mechanical failure, which may requireA  re-operation and removal of the prosthesis. Vacuum-constriction devices that are available in some magazines and sex ads may not be safe or effective for use. However, some men and their partners are quite satisfied with these techniques and the rate of success is almost 95%. Including your partner in the discussion or at the very least keeping her informed about what you and your doctor have come up with is important, because your new situation affects her as well.
In men after age 50, the enlarged prostate may press on the urethra, interfering with urination. It is also important to remember that the erectile dysfunction may not be permanent depending on the type of surgery you had. Even in cases when the nerve cannot be spared, some men do regain the ability to achieve an erection after some time. In most cases, dealing with ED is something that you can expect for the first year following the surgery.What You Can Do About ItAlong with talking to your doctor and your partner, there are things that you can do to treat the erectile dysfunction while your body is healing from the surgery.
Prescription MedicationsMedications such as Viagra and Cialis are made to treat erectile dysfunction and help a man achieve an erection. While these drugs do have a high success rate when it comes to improving erectile function and rigidity, they are also known to have their fair share of side effects, particularly for patients who have heart problems. Penis PumpsThese are relatively inexpensive devices that work by creating a vacuum seal around the penis and pumping blood into erectile tissue using a hand or electric pump, which results is an instant erect penis.
See study summary at PubMed.Penis pumps are generally safe and easy to use and are easily found at drugstores, adult toy retailers and wherever male enhancement products are sold.
You should be careful not to overuse the pump to avoid causing serious injury to your sex organ. Each product should come with a user manual and safety instructions that you need to follow.3.
Herbal RemediesThe use of herbs to treat erectile dysfunction is something that has been practiced for centuries in traditional medicine.
There are some herbs known to enhance male potency by increasing blood flow to the penis as well as improving stamina and desire. Some of the best known herbs for combating erectile dysfunction include Korean Ginseng, Damiana, Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), and others.Although many men use these natural sexual remedies every day, there is no concrete scientific proof of their effectiveness and none of them has been approved by the FDA so far.
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