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An erection is the hydraulic effect of blood entering and being retained in spongy bodies within the penis. Erectile dysfunction occurs when the brain that sends the signal and the heart that pumps blood to the penis do not work properly resulting to inability in erection maintenance.
As substance abuse can make it hard for the heart to pump blood, other than rub off the libido, drinking and drugs, taken together, can cause temporary, if not, permanent erectile dysfunction.
Extra girth, in the wrong places, lead to erectile dysfunction, not only because of the resulting low self esteem, but also because of high cholesterol levels, leading to clogged arteries, preventing efficiency in blood flow. Other obesity related issues which do not bond well with the penis include heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and higher stress levels. Around 50% of men with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction, which, in turn, is one of the most common diabetes symptoms. The elevation of blood glucose levels and the consequent nerve damage leads to inadequate penis blood flow and eventual penis nerve damage. High blood pressure, nerve damage or disease, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis and heart disease account for a major number of erectile dysfunction cases. Add spinal cord & brain injuries, nerve disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease to the list. Surgery can also cause erectile dysfunction particularly radical prostate and bladder surgery. When actual sex doesn’t happen exactly as seen onscreen, it can affect the mind, leading to performance anxiety, snowballing to a major self-esteem issue, translating to erectile dysfunction. Simple lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise, sleep sufficiency and leisure activity can help getting over stress related erectile dysfunction. Natural Gain Plus improves blood circulation to the penis, which is a major factor in the defense against erectile dysfunction. For more noticeable and effective results, Natural Gain Plus intake must be coupled with a healthy lifestyle and an efficient male enhancement exercise program. Leading to quite notable improvements in the male enhancement realm, is the regular intake of Virility Ex pills. Virility Ex contributes to firmer erections, an all natural solution to sexual performance issues and woes of a substantial number of men, without the need to pay a visit to the doctor, an alternative shied away by many. Virility Ex consists of a unique herbal stack of ingredients that drive significant blood amounts into the penis chambers, translating to an erection to the fullest. It is the most viable solution to erectile dysfunction in line with the avoidance of taking pharmaceutical prescription drugs. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my ebook - The Beginner's Guide to Fitness in a Busy Life (worth $147) here. There are certain diseases which we prefer concealing within the parameters of our subconsciousness.
Many astounding causes, you may not have even thought of, can be a cause for the ever gloomy erectile dysfunction. Drugs such as antidepressants or nicotine or hell even the ones ingested for solving hair loss issues in men, may lead to Erectile dysfunction. As mentioned in the causes, diabetes, heart disease or other psychological condition might be a big cause of erectile dysfunction. Inculcating a healthy lifestyle is another good treatment your doctor may advise you to follow. If your doctor prescribes some medicines for combating erectile dysfunction, you may keep a follow up of the same. The arteries and blood vessels of penis are a lot more sensitive and smaller compared to the arteries of other organs leading to the heart. Siddharth SainiI'm Siddharth, the senior writer at Workout Trends Blog, and I mainly cover new trends in health, fitness and nutrition. Erectile dysfunction is a nightmare for any man as it restricts his bed life, causes stress and embarrassment, breaks his valuable relationships and may also leave him childless.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. There was more and more evidences that vitamin D deficiency is associated with prevalent myocardial dysfunction, death due to hear failure, and sudden cardiac death. When the link between vitamin D deficiency and heart diseases was proved, further studies would determine whether correction of vitamin D deficiency could prevent cardiovascular diseases. The Ludwigshafen Risk and Cardiovascular Health (LURIC) study, which just published in March 2012, stated that vitamin D3 (or 25[OH] D) can reduce cardiovascular mortality.
Base on these categories, a follow-up procedure (median 7.7 years) was performed in order to know whether vitamin D levels may associate with cardiovascular mortality or not. Scientists concluded that 25(OH) D levels were dose-dependently associated with a robust reduction in cardiovascular mortality in subjects with the metabolic syndrome. American Heart Association, Vitamin D Deficiency and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Jan 2008.
European Journal of Heart Failure,Vitamin D status and outcomes in heart failure patients, May 2011. Calcification is a normal process of calcium accumulation for bone and cartilage formation.
Through signals transmitted from the brain to penis nerves, an erection occurs when males are sexually aroused. Antihistamines, antidepressants, tranquilizers and appetite suppressants carry erectile dysfunction as a side effect. It is the better strategy to naturally becoming virile, which requires a lot of will power. Feebly regulated blood sugar can damage the small blood vessels and nerves responsible for erection of penis. However reduced sexual desire and a diminished libido is counted as another symptom for erectile dysfunction.
Some may require therapies to cure ED whereas some might just get relieved by following some medications or an alteration in diet. This may demand your indulgence in weight loss, performing more exercises and abandoning alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. These include communication of the patient with some psychologist or an expert doctor holding his forte in dealing cases of erectile dysfunction.
Diagnosing erectile dysfunction has chances of shattering a man’s self confidence and dwindle his ego to ashes. This forms a dominating reason for the arteries of the penis to be blocked with plaque first.
When I'm not hanging out at Workout Trends HQ, I'm reading a magazine or hanging out with my friends. It all starts with the inability to maintain an erection!If it happens once in a blue moon, it isn't an issue but if it happens daily then it is considered as a chronic problem which needs attention.12 Foods That Cause ImpotenceThe arousal of a man involves the co-operation of his muscles, blood vessels, nerves, emotions, hormones and his brain too. Furthermore, low levels of vitamin D are known to nearly double the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes.
This study also investigated the optimal vitamin D3 level is protective in subjects with metabolic syndrome.
During follow-up procedure, 462 deaths were recorded, 267 (57.8%) of which had cardiovascular diseases in origin. Many people can make all they need by getting outside for 5 to 10 minutes a day without sunscreen. We build walls of misleading, ignored assumptions that something as disastrous as ED will never happen to us. Studies suggest that gum problems are cultivated from poor blood flow [1] and therefore it can be concluded that the person may as well have problems of poor blood flow in other parts of the body as well. If your partner is seemingly not reflecting the same emotions for you or is befriending your male buddies, then there may erupt psychological factors leading not to get an erection.

The elasticity of the nerves is loosened and thereby making them incapable of carrying blood through the veins. But conversing it with reliable and obvious bodies will treat and reduce the problem to half. Out of these, age plays the most vital role. Erectile dysfunctioning is likely to appear in men reaching age of 50. Therefore the underlying message asks you to stay fit, not only physically but also mentally. Even if one of the above factors fails to fall in place, the erection may fail too.Sometimes, stimulating touch, smells or imagery can also trigger certain centres in the brain. A numerous recent studies suggested that if you do not get enough vitamin D, it will affect your heart health. Low vitamin D inhibits cholesterol processing in diabetics- building up too much cholesterol in blood vessel, hence increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. The result shows a 75% reduction of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in those with optimal 25(OH) D levels, compared with severe deficiency all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. However, you should keep the exposure short because the rays that stimulate vitamin D production may also cause sunburn and skin cancer. If the signals sent from the brain or the blood pumped from the heart or both do not work effectively, there arises a condition of erectile dysfunction.
An immensely disastrous cause connected to high blood pressure is that the medicines gulped in for controlling it may as well contribute their bit in causing ED to occur. Therefore a blockage in the penis arteries (Erectile dysfunctioning) is talked of as a bridge that has many possibilities to reach a heart attack. But when the flow of blood to the private parts is obstructed due to any reason, the erection may not be strong enough.Also, in some people, the problem could be psychological. Scientists also observed a 85% reduction of sudden death in those with optimal 25(OH) D levels contrasted with severe deficiency.
Food is the best way to get vitamins, but for vitamin D, just only a few foods - salmon, tuna, sardines, milk, and fortified cereals- can give you more vitamin D. Due to obvious reasons, men with erectile dysfunction are not capable to perform an intercourse.
Therefore something as unnatural as loss of libido or an inability to get your penis erected are signals for you to go get your doctor consulted for treating erectile dysfunction. Well, anxiety, stress, depression or mood swings may also cause the problem.In some people, even the age factor can also contribute to the problem. Some exercises may as well be incorporated in the lifestyle for lowering of blood pressure.
There are a lot many things a doctor will be able to answer than any of your friends or you too for that matter. In some, several medical conditions like diabetes or heart problems result in weaker erections. However, vitamin D status was not significantly associated with fatal myocardial infarction. An Australian study recently suggested that men in the age frame of 20-30 with Erectile dysfunction are more likely to face a heart attack or heart stroke later in life, compared to men in the same age frame without erectile dysfunction.Emily Banks from National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health in Australia explained that men in the same target group, but with severe erectile dysfunction are prone to ischemic heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and other heart conditions. Excess fat can impact the blood circulation to the private parts and it may also affect the production of testosterone.

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