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On average, researchers at the University of Californai, San Francisco found erectile function was twice as good after men had received the therapy, which is not yet approved to treat the condition.
London-based doctor Dr Lauretta Ihonor has started a petition to remove laxatives from detox teas.
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Forest fruits are rich in anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid that improves blood circulation.
A new study published this January 13th says that erectile dysfunction can be treated with fruits, more particular, fruits that are rich in flavonoids. It seems that there are 14% fewer chances to develop erectile dysfunction when adopting a flavonoid-rich diet. There are some doctors in the medical community that do not agree with the results of the study.
The doctors say that a man that consumes a lot of fruits is a man that cares about his health.
Apart from a very sad sex life, men that suffer from erectile dysfunction can be predisposed to heart failure, blood clots, and many other similar problems because apart from being a medical problem, it can also be a symptom of a faulty blood circulation. About the AuthorAbout June HarrisJune was born and raised in Ligonier, a small historic town in Pennsylvania. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I can be a very private person, but I think miscarriage and infertility have enough secrecy surrounding it that I do not want to perpetuate it.
My husband and I decided to start trying for a family and we actively began trying to conceive using basal body temping as a guide. My husband and I had always wanted to have our kids close in age so we starting TTC again relatively quickly. I was back on the progesterone and everything was seemingly going okay – baby was perfect.  We had made it past 8 weeks of pregnancy and thought everything was going to go smoothly. The new plan – because Factor V Leiden predisposes me to throwing blood clots normally and any pregnant woman’s risk of blood clots increase anyway – my chances were pretty high. I continued with the basal body temping and this time added low dose aspirin (it’s a blood thinner).
I injected myself with this needle every day – I was covered in bruises but everything was working. It has been a very difficult and extremely painful journey.  It has taken me a long time (and I am still working on it) to accept what has happened and to begin to digest it all.
I just had a miscarriage on Monday and have been scouring the internet for stories and comfort. Once we told people what had happened we started hearing other's stories of their own miscarriages.
Now we are in the process of trying again and the fear of miscarriage haunts me all the time.
Sometimes in our pain, or our fear of having others know our secrets, we hurt ourselves (who knows who has the answer if we could just open up?).
Hi, your story is really sad, but still ends with the happyend in a way – you have three beautiful children that for sure help you to get through this big pain every day.
I lost my first baby at 26 weeks and later was diagnosed with Protein S deficiency (similar to Factor V Leiden, it predisposes you to blood clots). It’s good to know there are people out there, who have been through it, that no my pain and that I am not in this alone!
I have a friend who was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden and I was there when she started bleeding, which led to that diagnosis. While our numbers (11 pregnancies, 3 living children for me) vary slightly and the cause of our clotting disorders vary, our paths have been so very similar. I am so happy you posted this information…I know that this is hard to talk about well I say that but I have had 11 miscarriages now and am now do not feel a thing until randomly in the bathtub out of nowhere. For all the brave ladies on this site my heart goes out to you all as I have not been successful and my story is extremely very heart breaking.
I have had 14 pregnancy’s and 1 of them was a healthy baby boy the rest miscarriages. I have recently been transferred to ST Mary’s hospital in London and they ran tests and I carry the Factor V Leiden gene. I am currently taking 2 baby aspirin and folic acid every day and when I become pregnant I have to inject myself daily with heparin.
I have been trying for a baby for 15 years and have had 16 miscarriages I have to go through specialist IVF treatment as my Husband is infertile. I have been to see countless miscarriage specialist over the years and have tried the asprin and heperin (blood thinning drugs) and progesterone. I have just had a missed miscarraige to which I had asked if the favor v lieden would be anything to do with this to which the Dr told me no! ED or erectile dysfunction is a common problem faced by men during their reproductive years. Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are scared and embarrassed to admit it, let alone treat it, as there are many personal as well as social repercussions associated with this condition.
Ladies finger is known to be a sexual tonic and has been in use since ancient times to treat varying sexual problems.
Ten grams of the ladies finger root powder must be taken along with a glass of warm milk and two tablespoons of powdered mishri.
A rhizome that is credited with the power to increase blood circulation in the body, it is only natural that ginger can cure ED. Take one tablespoon of ginger extract every day with a tablespoon of honey and one half boiled egg before bedtime.
Watermelon seeds have abundant health benefits and the nutrients that are found in the seed is known to be good for the heart and also for treating cancer and various other disorders of the body. For treating ED, watermelon seeds contain citrulline, which is an amino acid that is utilized by the body for the production of arginine, another amino acid, the importance of which we have discussed earlier in the article for treating ED. The seeds of pumpkin are known to strengthen veins and arteries and increase the circulation of blood in the body. They are also another rich source of arginine like the watermelon seeds and help in relaxing the blood vessels and improving circulation. Platelet aggregation is the medical term for microscopic clotting in your blood as it flows through your vessels. The substance, which is mainly responsible for the bright colors of the fruits, can also be found in red wine.
The volunteers have filled out, on a regular basis, certain health surveys starting since 1986.
There are various types of flavonoids that can be found in nature, but the study focused on only three of them anthocyanins, flavones, and flavanones. They are saying that the healthy erectile function and the consumption of flavonoid fruits are not directly correlated, more like the problems did not occur in the patients that volunteered in the survey because they were already leading a healthy life. Such men do not abuse harmful substances as nicotine or alcohol, they are the type that go running, or exercise on a regular basis. She befriended TV cameras at an early age when she was selected to feature in a local TV series for children.
For so long I have just tried to sweep it under the rug –  once my number became larger then 3 I just became numb to it all. We were not trying to get pregnant and basically found out we were expecting the same time we realized we were miscarrying. With my basal body charts I had noticed that my luteal phase was under 10 days (according to research the shortest it should be for a successful pregnancy) so I began to take vitamins B6 and B12 to lengthen it. Thermometer in hand and a plan in mind we became pregnant again in June and I was on the progesterone medication. I was on the progesterone and we had an ultrasound that showed the heartbeat and the baby was growing. We had wondered if that underlying cause was also contributing to the miscarriages and we’re hopeful that was the answer. I went off birth control in the beginning December 2007 and we began TTC again.  I became pregnant the first month but lost miscarriage at just over 5 weeks (#8).

We had told extended family and friends and had begun taking daily photos of my growing belly – our kids were excited. When the pathology came back it showed blood clots caught in the umbilical cord cutting off the supply to Triton. I did become pregnant (some medical studies show you are most fertile after a loss) the next month but miscarried again (#10) likely because I was not healed up completely from the surgery. This is the reason for my miscarriages, my possible stroke at 8 months pregnant – but luckily there was something we could do. Once I got that positive pregnancy test – I went on the progesterone and was put on another medication called Fragmin. I was put back on the Fragmin blood thinners and had to continue giving myself the injections for 8 weeks postpartum. I want to let you all know that i have started a new GROUP SITE for survivors of perinatal grief (miscarriage, stillbirth & neonatal loss) so we can open this topic up and support each other. I have had two miscarriages and the only people who know are my husband and one family member.
I've only had one miscarriage, at 6 weeks, due to low progesterone but it has forever made me fear TTC again.
It is incredible how many women go through this and I was left wondering why no one ever talks about it.
Reading this has helped – if you can make it through 10 losses, hell, what am I complaining about? I have a friend who has gone through several losses and she is very open about her struggle to carry her children to term. Since not many women really talk about their miscarriages, I feel like I?m the only one in the world with this problem. They've occurred over 10 yrs, I average about 2-3 a year plus managed two live births in there somewhere. I used Fragmin for my 2 subsequent pregnancies and had two healthy babies that are now 10 and 7.
I want to let you all know that i have started a new GROUP SITE for survivors of perinatal grief (miscarriage, stillbirth & neonatal loss) so we can open this topic up and support each other. I had 2 miscarriages (1 at 12 weeks, baby had passed around 8 weeks apparently) and went on to have my son who is now 26-months. Luckily baby was ok, but it’s nerve wracking worrying about someone with such a tricky condition.
I think that it helps other women going through something similar to deal with the grief of losing an unborn baby. I can’t thank you enough for posting your comments because we are going to try again but I am starting to lose my faith, not faith but faith in pregnancy. I did’nt Know that I had a problem with my fertility when I first started trying for a baby. I have even tried donor eggs as the specialist thought there was something wrong with my own as I had had so many Miscarriages. I have been reading up on miscarraige and factor v and not found anything quite as helpful as reading your story. The condition causes sexual dysfunction when a man cannot attain an erection and retain it for long when he manages to attain it. If this is the case with your life partner, here are some ways by which you can treat the problem at home and stay away from frustration and disappointment. The allicin that is present in garlic has antioxidant powers that help in strengthening the blood flow to the sexual organs.
The cloves can be fried in cow’s ghee in a  low flame until it turns golden brown and the cloves consumed every day to get the same result. This is because honey too is a natural aphrodisiac and has the capacity to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood. A soup can be prepared by slicing one medium sized onion and adding this to a cup of water. Onions are natural blood thinners due to the presence of allicin and this helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the body. Arginine is credited with the power to relax blood vessels and boost nitric acid in the body, both of which are necessary for treating ED. Apart from this fact, pumpkin seeds are also rich sources of zinc, which is an essential mineral that is required for the sexual health of men.
Regular consumption of raisins are recommended for those who have frequent sexual problems like ED.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. At the microscopic level, it’s not dangerous but it does slow blood flow.If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know what I’m going to say next.
In 2000, 2004 and then 2008, the men that volunteered to be monitored were asked to rate their performances, mainly the ability to maintain an erection for a sufficient amount of time. The first can be found in forest fruits like blackberries and blueberries, cherries, radishes and, most important, red wine. In order to obtain conclusive results, they must conduct a proper study with a broad sample of volunteers (from smokers to drinkers, to men prone to obesity). Her passion for entertainment grew bigger after June was named Miss Pennsylvania at 16 years old. I am not really an emotional person, but this topic always brings up emotions as if it all happened yesterday.
I went to the doctor and his thought was that my progesterone was low and that is why I was not able to hold on to the pregnancy past 6 weeks. When I got the positive I went to the doctor to get a prescription for the progesterone and started taking it again.
I was on bed rest again for the first 20 weeks and was weaned off the progesterone at 20 weeks. I was having some weigh issues – having only gained 10lbs and was 8 months pregnant they were checking to see if the baby was growing -which she was. I still had the constant vertigo that started in January 2007 and was seeing a neurologist for possible causes. We didn’t take any breaks between that loss and trying to conceive again and we became pregnant again the next cycle at the beginning of January. My OB had read over my chart, talked to me for a long time about my history and pegged that I had been diagnosed with Factor V Leiden, a blood disorder that predisposes me to making blood clots.
He had given me the answer and we had a new plan and a concrete diagnoses for all my losses – Factor V Leiden.
We were both ready to start the process of adding to our family and met up with my OB again. I was still going to be on the progesterone for 20 weeks because I did have an issue with low progesterone – it was just not the whole story.
This medication is a needle that I inject into my lower abdomen – it is a blood thinner that is safe to take while pregnant.
Since it is not safe to go into labor while on blood thinners I was placed on bed rest at 36 weeks because I had begun to dilate. If you have a story you want to share or grief you need to get off your chest please head over and help break the stigma of perinatal loss and perinatal grief. It's not something people openly talk about and it helps to hear there is hope and people who also go through it. I lived in fear during my pregnancy with Mason & it took daily affirmations just to get me by. She once made it to eight months before the baby was stillborn, and I still have nightmares about her horrible journey and she tried to become a mother. I was on Lovenox during my pregnancy and developed a blood clot in my leg 6 weeks postpartum and am now on a lifetime of warfarin. I had no idea I could love something instantly, and how much grief I would contniue to feel. I am 25 years old, have one happy healthy baby whos 3yrs 7 months, but I have miscarried 15 times.
I cannot begin to explain the personal and emotional trauma and grief all my losses has caused me and my husband over the years.

I have done some research into Natural Killer Cells (NKC) in the hope that I could give it 1 last go as being 46 now my age is very much against even with Donor Eggs.
I have previously had a blood clot and also have a blood disorder called haemophilia which makes me worried about trying again I am terrified of trying again but your story is making me stronger and I just hope the Dr’s will monitor me more closely!
Stress, lifestyle and certain medications and conditions are responsible for this condition. Honey is also rich in vitamins B,E and zinc, which are required for sexual health and performance. Since ghee too has the power to enhance sexual performance, another way to take onions is to slice them and fry them in ghee until it turns brown. However, if you are on prescription medications or have diabetes and other conditions like asthma, it may not be suitable for you.
This has to be done every day night and slowly the intake of raisins must also be increased until your reach 50 grams, added along with milk. Then the researchers compared their answers with the amount of foods rich in flavonoids that the men were consuming.
The second and third ones are more similar in structure and both can be found in oranges, tangerines, lemons, almost all citrus fruits. She was co-opted in various projects ever since and is now a strong promoter of fitness and health activities. They were still very painful and devastating to me but I thought once we were actively trying everything would be ok – that no one would have more then 2.
When 12 weeks came along we lowered the dose of progesterone but I began to bleed so we quickly went back onto the medication. This medication was designed to thin my blood enough to stop me from making clots and putting me and baby at risk for miscarriage or still birth.
The plan was to induce me again just over 2weeks early – I had to be off the blood thinner to deliver but could not go over 12 hours without the medication or I would risk another stroke.
You are lucky that you managed to have three healthy children, but that does not diminish the pain of the others. I had a baby at 16 (not proud of that one), who has born at 6 months gestation, and had severe heart and lung issues. As we begin trying for another baby, I can’t help but wonder if I have an underlying issue and will lose more. Just as with the platelet aggregation I mentioned just before, vasodilation is part of healthy erections.
I would stay on the vitamins and go on a progesterone supplement the moment I found out I was pregnant.
My doctor and I both thought i twas because the progesterone was not started soon enough so I was given a prescription for the next time to begin the day I had a positive test. She was a private person, but I sometimes wonder if she had spoken to other women about it, or gotten a second opinion (she stayed with her one doc, who put her on bedrest at 4 months, and she never went seeking for possible alternatives, such as hormone meds) things would have been different. When it is put in the open not only does it create awareness but it becomes the tie that connects us all whether through loss or through the desire for a child.
Even though I have my family arroud me, I feel like abandoned on the lonely island with all my pain.. I refuse to sweep it under the rug and feel compelled to share what I've learned, just as you are doing here. I am always apprehensive and scared on the 10, or 11 or 12 week scan as that is the times that the sonioligst cannot find the babys heart beat.
Nitric oxide helps in the dilation of blood vessels and more blood flows to the sexual organs, thereby treating ED. When you get aroused, the blood vessels near your penis dilate to allow more blood flow.This fills the tissues in and around your penis until it becomes rigid. I got pregnant again and started the progesterone but miscarried at 6 weeks 5 days (#5) and I was starting to loose hope. I was taken to the hospital and without going into too much detail I was diagnosed with possible stroke and they ran a large amount of test sand I was hospitalized.
Some forms of erectile dysfunction are tied directly to some kind of problem with that dilation mechanism. We eventually got pregnant and I have three beautiful children, but it was an extremely stressful and uncertain process.
Thinking back it probably would have been better to give myself a few months to heal physically and emotionally but I was determined and had the ok from my doctor.
No blood flow, no stiffy.Capsaicin-containing herbs, including cayenne pepper, have been an active ingredient in pain-relief salves for centuries. We have not succeeded in having anymore and due to conditions with my uterus among many other things, have had to stop trying for more.
Even when applied to the skin, it dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow, which in the case of pain relief accelerates healing and relaxes tense muscles.According to famed herbalist Dr. John Carpenter, the same process happens when capsaicin is taken internally, to the degree that it could stop a heart attack if taken at the right time.You can see where this is going. Vasodilation fights erectile dysfunction by supporting the physical processes that produce an erection.
I really might stop now and enjoy my son instead of going through the same pain over and over again.. Cayenne pepper is a powerful vasodilator, whether taken internally or topically (source).Cayenne Pepper and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)I’m going to get technical for a moment. PDE5m produced naturally by your body, prevents the breakdown of nitric oxide.SOD inhibits production of PDE5, thus preventing this chain reaction toward erectile dysfunction. Again, I?m so glad (please don?t get me wrong) there is someone in the world with the simillar problem like me. Cayenne pepper doesn’t contain SOD, but helps your body produce more than it would without it.Cayenne Side EffectsToo much cayenne in your chili causes a red face (see vasodilation, above) and a desire for more beer. Similarly, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling even pill forms of cayenne as it’s easy to accidentally brush your eyes or nose afterward.Cayenne Pepper and Erectile Dysfunction-SynergyI mentioned in the side effects section how cayenne works and plays so well with blood thinners that it can be a problem. You can buy tablets of garlic and cayenne combined.Arginine – can improve vascular health, which helps with sexual health. Minus the sinus, the same mechanism creates synergistic vasodilation.Ginkgo Biloba – famed for aiding memory (because of improved oxygen flow to the brain), the same process improves blood flow to the penis. If you do this regularly, be aware that you might want to reduce doses of both supplements to achieve the best results. They’re packed full of antioxidants to clear your system […]Anxiety EDHow Fear Causes Erection Problems (By Jason Brick) A fear based erection problem is called “Anxiety ED,” otherwise know as anxiety erectile dysfunction and it can affect men as strongly as circulatory issues do. Not only that, but in many men there’s also a link between back pain and erectile dysfunction. As a matter of fact, several sources of back pain can cause ED, including… Tight hip flexors Pinched nerves Herniated discsBeet Juice For ErectionsI’ve been testing raw beet juice for erections for the last several weeks and the test has gone extremely well, to say the least. I had been using dry beet root juice powder from Amazon that you mix up with water and drink.
This provided some erection benefits, but the raw beet juice has outclassed […]Causes Of ED In Your 20’s and 30’sWhen I started my first site back in 2009 I was surprised how often I was contacted by twenty and thirty somethings complaining of ED. We spend a lot of time on this blog telling you about obscure herbal treatments and supplements that can help increase your libido and virility. They’re proven techniques, and many have been known for their effects for […]Celery And Erectile DysfunctionThis is a guest post about celery and erectile dysfunction written by David Janes. Boosts nitric oxide Elevates sex drive Reduces platelet aggression Increases testosterone production And even makes you smell better to women Now here’s David….Dietary Fat and ErectionsI’ve been jacking around with my diet lately, especially my final meal of the day, to test its impact on morning erections.
And while I’m not much of a fan of tasteless low fat eating, I am becoming a fan for this particular meal. Hi Mark, I have difficulty getting an erection. I have a new girlfriend and am having sex for the first time in a while.
I’m 32, I […]Advertisement Recent CommentsSUBSCRIBESign up for my newsletter get a free copy of my e-Book along with notification when new articles are uploaded to the site!

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