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Knowing how to prepare and best respond to an emergency situation is key for proper collections care.
Water damage due to flooding and severe weather, fire, and earthquakes all pose potential risk to buildings and collections. Below is a list of organizations that provide valuable assistance and on-line resources for disaster planning and response. The American Institute for Conservation (AIC), the national association of conservation professionals, offers emergency response assistance to cultural organizations. CCAHA also maintains a list of over 100 vendors and associations for whom to call to assist with your recovery needs.

Knowing who to call saves time and allows staff to respond as quickly as possible in an emergency. This new app makes the Wheel's invaluable guidance accessible to anyone who is in need of practical advice for saving collections in the first 48 hours after disaster strikes.
When agency records are believed to constitute a hazard to human safety or health, or to property, the agency records management officer may request authorization from the State Archives to destroy or dispose of such records immediately.
Local governments may be eligible for up to $20,000 in disaster recovery funding for damaged records. Contact the State Library at (518) 486-4864 or the State Archives at (518) 474-6926 or (518) 473-4254.The State Office of Emergency Management also provides assistance, including advisories and access to resources and recovery services.

The website includes resources for homeowners, current events and news, recovery success stories, anda blog devoted to New Orleans.

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