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This document is the Business Continuity Plan for Sample located at 911 Recovery Drive, Any Town, USA 99999.
This plan was specifically designed to guide Sample through a recovery effort of specifically identified organization functions. Plan recipients who cease to be an active member of a disaster recovery team or an employee of Sample must surrender both copies of their disaster recovery manual to the Disaster Recovery Manager.
The latest manual revision date appears in the lower right hand corner of the footer.  This date indicates the most published date of the plan section. A disaster is defined as a disruption of normal organization functions where the expected time for returning to normalcy would seriously impact Sample’s ability to maintain customer commitments and regulatory compliance. To reestablish the essential organization related services provided by Sample within their required recovery window as identified in the recovery portfolio in Section 2 at the declaration of disaster.
To suspend all non-essential activities until normal and full organization functions have been restored. To mitigate the impact to Sample’s customers through the rapid implementation of effective recovery strategies as defined herein.
To reduce confusion and misinformation by providing a clearly defined command and control structure.
Sample’s recovery efforts are based on the premise that any resources required for the restoration of critical organization functions will reside outside of the primary facility. Any vital records required for recovery can be either retrieved or recreated from an off-site location and moved to the recovery facility within 24 hours. After all reasonable efforts have failed to restore the primary facility, and using manual procedures severely degrades client support, Sample would invoke a recovery strategy that requires the relocation of personnel and resources to an alternate recovery facility. If the outage will clearly extended past the acceptable period of time identified in the Recovery Portfolio, (Section 2) a declaration of disaster will immediately be made. A long-term outage is defined, as the period of time that Sample will exceed the allowed occupancy time of its primary recovery strategy.  During this phase of recovery Sample will initiate a physical move of personnel and resources. During an emergency each team member contributes the skills that they use in their everyday work to the overall response. Crisis Management Team – The CMT is comprised of senior Sample management and is responsible for authorizing declarations of disaster, emergency investment strategy, approving public release of information, and ensuring donors and constituents are informed.
Business Restoration Team – The BRT’S consist of personnel from each Sample area deemed critical to the continuation of Sample. Even though Sample’s County is not considered a coastal area, hurricanes do affect our area.  Hurricane Hugo (1989) devastated most of theCarolinas, as it marched inland some 200 miles. In metropolitan areas, urban fires can, and do, cause hundreds of deaths each year and Sample’s County is no exception. If the emergency requires an evacuation of employees, execute evacuation plans contained in the Emergency Procedures section.
Review written and verbal damage assessment reports from facilities and civil authorities and then estimate the amount of time the facility will be uninhabitable.

Based on the estimated duration of the outage, declare the disaster event as either a L1 (Less than 48hrs.), L2 (48hrs. Contact alternate facilities identified in the Facilities section.  Confirm their availability and alert them of estimated arrival time.
Once the disaster level has been selected, release all personnel from the staging area to their assigned recovery location. At the command center, establish a dedicated line with operator to field all incoming calls.  Announce command center phone number to all recovery participants.
Review the Recovery Matrix Section on a department by department basis to determine who is most effected by the disaster.  Group departments by recovery resource requirements, time frames, and co-location requirements. Once the technology requirements of the effected department(s) are known, create a requirements list for the IT support staff. Using the vendor quick-ship contacts or local sources located in the LAN Restoration section order replacement technology indicated on requirements list. Retrieve vital records fromIronMountainor other locations as indicated in the Vital Records section.  Have vital records shipped and staged at the alternate facility. The following presents the Sample plan participants and their associated recovery function.  At the time of a disaster, these individuals will be among the first to be contacted. Once the alternate site has been secured, the RST’s will work with the event staff to configure appropriate command enter and recovery space.
The following provides Sample configurations for general work areas and the command center.
The Code Black response plan outlines what you should do should you receive a call or discover a suspicious package.
A bomb threat is generally defined as a threat, usually verbal or written, to detonate an explosive or incendiary device to cause property damage, death or injuries. If you open an item that contains a suspicious substance, evacuate the area and immediately wash your hands with soap and water. For more information on emergency procedures please visit the Health Emergency Management BC intranet page on VCH Connect or the Emergency Preparedness Program page on PHC Connect.
In the event of an emergency, you need to know that your Wardens or Emergency Officers are trained to confidently and responsibly assume control of their area and direct staff to safety. Complete the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
Please note that this plan is provided to generate ideas only on the creation of an organization’s plan.
It has been developed in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1600. At the onset of an emergency condition, Sample employees and resources will respond quickly to any condition, which could impact Sample’s ability to perform its critical organization functions.  The procedures contained within have been designed to provide clear, concise and essential directions to recover from varying degrees of organization interruptions and disasters. Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained herein, this manual is available only to those persons who have been designated as plan participants, assigned membership to one of the Sample recovery teams, or who otherwise play a direct role in the recovery process.

Sample’s recovery and restoration program is designed to support a recovery effort where Sample would not have access to its facilities and data at the onset of the emergency condition. The RST will be the first at a meeting point or alternate site in order to register arriving personnel. The captains of the BRT get updated status from the ERT and the RST to pass on to their team members to ensure prompt recovery of each department.
Local shelters can be opened in areas where power is not affected but transportation to a shelter may be difficult. This includes maintaining the plan currency, activating the command center and providing logistics and employee assistance support during the recovery effort. The AOC, security and police will determine the credibility of the threat and the proper course of action.
Replacement manuals and additional copies may be obtained from Sample’s Disaster Recovery Manager. Luckily it was overnight, but nonetheless, I was in the dark without electricity and wasn’t prepared. Police will take a leadership role in investigating the threat and advising the affected site(s) on actions. Additionally, not every recovery function is represented and not every plan component is presented. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of their role and responsibilities as part of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO). With real-life scenarios to suit your site, they will learn the actions to be taken in the event of any type of emergency.DurationThese training sessions run for 1 hour. If you store extra medication in your emergency kit, be sure to refill it before it expires.-First aid kit-Contact and meeting place information for your household, and a small regional map-Childcare supplies or other special care items-Lightweight raingear and Mylar blanketThis list isn’t all-inclusive but will get you started with a good emergency kit if needed. The items you include will vary with the region you live in and what natural disaster(s) your area is prone to.
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