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Portland residents may be lulled by talk of taking emergency precautions to prepare themselves for a large, destructive earthquake.
While there are many great resources that document various emergency preparedness steps, this story is going to focus on preparing an adequate food supply in case of an emergency—and not just for yourself, but for your neighborhood as well.
There’s a joke among emergency planners that the first step to developing a preparedness plan is to make a close Mormon friend. For those who are able, a 72-hour kit of canned food, dry goods, and clean bottled water is a step in the right direction.
But for instances such as the Big One, there could be major, long-lasting disruptions to our food system (among other things). Food buying clubs are an excellent option for customers to pool resources, making large-scale food purchases economical.
However, for emergency preparedness purposes, the purchasing of bulk food is just the first step.
In other words, a bulk order of fruit will spoil, while a batch of preserves can extend a fruit’s shelf life.
There’s an inherent danger in hearing how unprepared, as a community, we are for the Big One, but Karen Wolfgang from Independence Gardens suggests that we focus be on developing skills and developing soil. While constraints like the size of neighborhood lots, homeowner associations, and lack of bulk storage and processing limit the amount of food you can grow, Wolfgang points out the importance of creating good growing conditions as a long-term investment that can serve you in case of an emergency. North Portland Preserve and Serve loans a variety of food preservation equipment and durable dishes to community members for a small donation of $5-30.
Portland neighbors can work together to address the food needs of neighbors who face food emergencies on a regular basis.
It is my fervent hope that these suggested emergency food preparedness steps won’t be needed for decades to come, if ever.
By taking the necessary steps, Portland neighbors can work together to address the food needs of different kinds of emergencies, both big and small. Kyle Curtis received his MPA in sustainable food policy from Portland State University's Hatfield School of Government in 2010. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. North Portland resident Ali Ryan demystifies packing an emergency survival kit, drawing on her experience working for Oregon's geology agency.
Earth Science Information Officer at the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, Ali Ryan, shows us inside her emergency kit and gives tips on what to pack. The day's important news, including local and national headlines, delivered every morning.

Not only is Northwest Health and Safety a leading provider of CPR and First Aid training programs, but we are also a leading first aid supplies distributor serving the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas. Plan for possible isolation in your home by having sufficient alternate heating fuel; regular fuel sources may be cut off. Extend the life of your heat supply by insulating walls and attics, caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows, and installing storm windows or covering windows with plastic. Winterize any other structure that may provide shelter for you or your family, neighbors, livestock or equipment. Clear rain gutters; repair roof leaks and cut away tree branches that could fall on your house or other structure during a storm. Insulate pipes with insulation or newspapers and plastic and allow faucets to drip a little during cold weather to avoid freezing. Keep fire extinguishers on hand, and make sure everyone in your house knows how to use them. Know ahead of time what you should do to help elderly or disabled friends, neighbors or employees.
Close off unneeded rooms and stuff towels or rags in cracks under doors and cover windows at night. About the Portland DistrictThe dedicated people of the Portland District provide vital public engineering services to the Pacific Northwest and Nation during peace and war to strengthen our security, promote a strong economy, and enhance environmental sustainability. Indeed, for instances where power is lost due to downed lines, three days worth of food should be enough to last until the power is restored.
Roads may be destroyed and bridges may be impassable, meaning our just-in-time food delivery network may not be restored for weeks or months. The next step is to prepare the food so that it is ready to be consumed in case of an emergency. Jonathan Brandt from Portland Earth Care underscores the benefits of talking to your neighbors and property managers to find allies and prepare for emergency food planning while also sharing resources and skills throughout the neighborhood. The Big One is already way overdue, so hopefully it won’t mind waiting a little longer before it eventually strikes. Kyle has helped manage the Montavilla Farmers Market in southeast Portland, served on the steering committee of the Multnomah Food Initiative, and was recently appointed to the Portland-Multnomah Food Policy council.
With a standard bicycle, Willie managed to navigate through 30+ mile route with over 100lbs of disaster supplies.
They say the time to store it is now, before a Cascadia subduction-zone earthquake or other disaster closes stores or panicked shoppers clean out supplies.
Northwest Health and Safety features a retail store in Vancouver, Washington where customers can shop for first aid kits and first aid supplies.

House fires are an additional risk as people use alternate heating sources — without observing safety precautions. If you decide to use a back-up power generator be sure that it is properly ventilated outdoors. So while it is certainly a good idea to have a 72-hour emergency supply of food, any preparation for a cataclysmic earthquake should include planning for weeks, if not months. To find a kitchen space near you, Kitchen Commons is a local group devoted to taking inventory of underutilized kitchen space, plus it also offers suggestions on how you can become a community kitchen organizer. And in exchange for security provided by community residents, stores should agree to ration dry goods in response to an emergency. At the same time, remember that the victims of Hurricane Sandy or survivors of Joplin never thought such intense disasters would ever happen to them. We offer first aid kits in all sizes from small home first aid kits to large industrial first aid stations and professional first responder kits, we have what your looking for at low prices. Ensure that each member of your household has a warm coat, gloves or mittens, hat, and water-resistant boots. The Pacific Northwest is overdue for a cataclysmic earthquake, one that will measure at the upper end of the Richter scale. Although there are some neighborhood-specific buying clubs, more areas may look to start their own buying clubs as a recent Food Zoning Code update relaxed the regulations on food buying club drop-off locations. Let us show you how you can maintain your own first aid kit by purchasing refill first aid supplies. Our experienced training team can provide CPR and First Aid training classes that will exceed your expectations at an affordable price. Of course, nobody knows when the Big One will actually occur, or just how destructive it will be. Dogs have appetites; at the moment, Ryan's kit has no dog food, because she raided her emergency supply recently when she ran out. We have been providing quality CPR and First Aid training classes to the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas for over 13 years.
To find out more about our training classes contact us or visit our training calendar for upcoming CPR and First Aid classes.

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