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When you are within the confines of your home and you have your emergency preparedness kit on hand you likely feel very secure. There are many options to consider when building your portable emergency kit but the two simplest options are either buying a pre-made emergency kit or building your own kit out of new supplies.
Some of the basics that you should include in your kit are: a mini first aid kit, a multi-tool, matches, a flashlight, a compass, an emergency blanket, an energy bar, and water. This free two hour training provides learner objectives that include: defining a disaster, preparing a plan, and understanding evacuation procedures.
The Emergency Preparedness training for volunteers and first responders in an emergency is free to all training participants. This training addresses the unique needs of people with disabilities during disasters including but not limited to shelter access, communication, sign language, equipment, transportation, and reunification with family and caregivers. All training uses adult learner experiential learning strategies, as well as competency based activities to enhance the learning experience.
To request Emergency Preparedness Training for your group or organization, please complete and return the DDI Training Request Form. One aspect of the Emergency Preparedness training that trainees are informed about is the use of the Safe Place Check List.

Please contact Project Director, Elizabeth Janks, LMSW by email or phone at (313) 577-6368 for more information about this opportunity for you or your organization.
Emergency Preparedness is important for all Horse Owners – making sure your barn has a well-stocked First Aid Kit for horses (and humans). These days someone always has a cell phone handy – but to be safe, write down the location of the closest landline near the First Aid Kit.
Don’t forget to laminate the Checklist and attach it to your First Aid Kit, for easy inventory checks. This may sound like a lot but you can easily fit these into a compact knapsack and take it with you wherever you go. Special considerations are included in this emergency plan to provide for medical equipment, assistive technology, medications, helping animals, and direct care staff. This training is conducted by DDI staff and an individual with a disability who co-facilitates the training event. Depending on where you are located, you might also want to right down simple directions to your location, in the event you need to relay the information to the 911 operator. Disaster can strike at any time and it is important that you have at least a few elements of your home survival kit on hand.

But if you are going to be making your own kit you’ll have to buy separate items and compile your own kit. By creating a smaller and more portable survival kit to carry with you in your car or on your person you will be better prepared when you are away from home.
It is also a good idea to have your cell phone on you at all times so you can contact the authorities if something does happen or you can call a friend or family member to bring you extra supplies if you need them and they are not in your portable emergency supply kit.
The product includes a protected cover to store the plan in a safe place in the person’s home as well as a mini version to be carried in the purse or wallet.
You will not be able to carry everything with you so it is important that you decide which items are absolutely necessary and which may not be as useful when away from home.

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