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We all know the drill: Watch the local weather forecast, listen for the warning sirens and take cover in the safest place we can find — a hallway, an office stairwell, an interior room away from windows. In June, Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas participated in a county-wide disaster drill called “Operation Thunderbolt.” It’s a Dallas County Emergency Management exercise that simulated a tornado touching down in the Dallas County area, creating a theoretical surge in capacity at all local hospitals. This is a very real scenario, given that North Texas is in the southern region of “Tornado Alley.” The disaster drill reenactment included local volunteers who acted as “mock” patients complete with “moulage,” prosthetic cinema-quality makeup, to simulate injuries.
We learned all too well how devastating a tornado can be to a hospital when an EF5 tornado hit Joplin, MO in May 2011. What they took away confirmed some of the disaster plans already in place at Baylor Scott & White hospitals. As National Preparedness Month comes to a close, we want to share with you some of the tips our emergency management team has learned through these drills and how you can apply an “All Hazards Approach” at your workplace or home. Sloan says to follow the three C’s of disaster planning: Coordinate, collaborate and communicate. Don’t change the channel: keep watching the news, and gather as much information as possible about the location of the storm in relation to where you are.
Decide, as the storm is approaching, where the most central room is on the ground floor of your home.
Ashley is the former Director of Digital Communications and Social Media for Baylor Scott & White Health. We huddled together under our dining room table and sang children’s songs until the signal ended. I gave myself a pat on the back for knowing what to do with my children for the initial earthquake, but then the reality of the aftermath set in. With September being National Preparedness month and all the flooding in Arizona and reports of the unprecedented respiratory virus – I am definitely working on preparing my family better. Nitro-Pak’s 72-hour kit was sited as Best Overall Kit for completeness and best design according to the Wall Street Journal. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Disney, Family Preparedness on September 9, 2014 by Taralyn. I have an emergency kit – just in case, but I think if we ever got an earthquake, I would panic. I especially thought the idea of using a sharpie to write your info on the arm was a great idea.

We have a first aid kit but I am sure all of the bandaids have disappeared onto my 3 year olds imaginary boo boos. While we may not experience earthquakes in Florida, we definitively can experience hurricanes and power outages. As rare as the situations might be, we’d be so grateful for the preparedness if a disaster struck. If we’re prepared, we have an emergency kit on hand with the essentials, including flashlights, non-perishable food items and first aid supplies.
Medical staff members in the Baylor Dallas emergency department responded as if they were real patients. The tornado leveled most of the town and killed 158 people, with thousands more injured. St.
John’s to understand how they mobilized patients while simultaneously responding to the thousands who were injured. Move boxes, clothes, coats or items that might cause further injury, such as scissors, mirrors, etc.
A real earthquake would not give me advance notice and then reschedule for a more convenient day. Since then we have converted our 72-hour kits to backpacks, including back packs that the children can wear.
Talk to your children about natural disasters and emergency preparedness in age-appropriate terms.
Also, I’ll be asking each of my kids to download the Disney Prep booklet for their children.
Living in Utah, we are WAY overdue for an earthquake and I hate to admit, my family is definitely not prepared.
There is so much you have to think about after a natural disaster and knowing this kit is already there is priceless.
I turned up the radio so we could hear the emergency signal and let the reality of the drill sink in. Three small children, two large dufflebag 72-hour kits, and one mom meant we wouldn’t be getting very far.
I have teamed up with my blogger pals and Nitro-Pak to giveaway a 2-person 72-hour kit, a 1-month food supply, and a six-month food supply.

Be sure to check out their new web-site and features just in time for National Preparedness Month. I have massive anxiety and one of my irrational fears (prior to seeking help) was that what happened if we (I live in Arizona) flooded. I think it’s great that there are resources out there for children lie the Disaster Preparedness Activity Book ! We always had to have a Ziploc baggie filled with non-perishable snacks, mini-first aid kit, medicines, etc.
Pushing away the uncomfortable guilt, I began planning family meetings about emergency meeting points when a single thought stopped me in my tracks.
Here are five emergency preparedness tips that I hope will help families with small children.
The Red Cross and Disney have put together a fun Disaster Preparedness Activity Book that you can print out and do with your children. They are so easy – click on the link to make your own! Be sure to make one for each member of your family! I had learned as a child what to do during an earthquake and now it was time to teach my little ones. Participate in your state’s Great Shake Out every April.  Have mini-drills with your children so that drop, cover, and hold on is ingrained in their minds! Have a sharpie in each of your 72-hour kits as well so that you can write your names and emergency contact info on your arm in case you are separated. I’d hate to be in the situation and wish I would have… Time to get some plans put into action! It was an irrational fear for a long time so having a preparedness kit hasn’t crossed my mind because I have moved past that irrational fear.
Yesterday, there was massive flooding but it didn’t bring back my fear, but reading your post definitely reminded me that things could happen.

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