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Did you know that Arizona vets are required to attend at least 20 hours of continuing professional education every two years? This straight, stainless steel 18 gauge feeding needle or gavage tube with a ball tip can be used to tube feed or medicate exotic animal patients that require critical care. It might sound like a lot, but we try to get at least that much every year so we can stay on top of our game. Since it’s back to school season and things tend to be quiet around here for a couple weeks, we decided to give the team a well-deserved three-day weekend as well.

If you have a medical emergency while we’re gone, you can put your trust in our colleagues at the Emergency Animal Clinic. My cat is pooping outside the litterbox!Q: My cat has started pooping right next to his litterbox.
Refer to Tube Feeding Birds and Nutritional Support in Reptiles for additional information. We recently had to change the type of litter because I’m pregnant and can’t be exposed to regular cat litter.

This size is recommended for very small patients including birds the size of a canary or finch. Needles are available in three sizes or as an assortment.

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