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Patients can be ready for minor emergencies by compiling a first aid kit that meets their specific needs. It is prudent to always have the necessary medical supplies on hand in case of an unexpected injury, accident, or illness. The American Red Cross suggests that everyone should have a first aid kit in the home and in the car. First aid kits should be stored in sturdy, water-resistant containers whenever possible and should always be kept out of young children’s reach. Patients should be reminded to always call 911 in case of a medical emergency, but having a first aid kit on hand may help to treat injuries promptly and minimize further complications. Home first aid kits generally contain basic supplies, such as bandages and topical antibiotics to treat common minor problems such as cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions, sprains, stings, and strains.2 Some home kits also contain analgesics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory agents, and antipyretics. It is important to routinely check the expiration dates of first aid kit contents and replenish supplies as needed.

During counseling, patients should be encouraged to have a first aid kit available at all times and to enroll in a first aid class in order to learn how to properly respond in emergency situations.
These items are readily available at many drugs stores and kits should be tailored for specific patients after considering medical history and needs.
The two things about the box in question are the Army medical stock numbers, and the fact that the US Marine Corps didn't have a medical department. I've even had Richard Grace comment on my first aid kit not having the USMC on it at the Portland Convention judging last year.
If the kit is for both adults and children, medications in the first aid kit should include both adult formulations and pediatric formulations to ensure appropriate dosing. Patients should also be advised to use only reputable sources of first aid information and to educate themselves regarding common first aid myths (Table).
I agree with Robin on the facts about the Navy having their own system for medical supplies.

It is also important to have the number to the Poison Control Center (800-222-1222) readily available in case of emergency. I'm not saying that the box is or isn't Marine Corps, but I do think it needs more research.
However, none of the Navy medical supply documentation I have looked at really pertains to vehicles.Now, I know the MZ jeeps had first aid kits.So, what did these jeeps use?
They used something for those MZ Radio jeeps, contract NOM jeeps and all those Army jeeps they aquired. I think they represent the early kits based on graphics, piano hinge and paint finish and were probably replaced by another style for the remainder of the war.

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